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Absolutism VS Democracy

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In past years, a democratic nation where autocracy has been recently on the rise is Turkey. The reason for this is the fact that the Justice and Development Party (now the AKP) and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have worked together to implement various laws and innovative strategies in order to gain power. Erdogan rose to power in 2002, when he became president of the newly formed AKP party, and after winning the general elections, slowly he became more and more powerful until being elected as prime minister, replacing Abdullah Gül. Soon after in 2014, he became the 12th president of Turkey, and that is when his rule of absolutism began, where he created many laws in favor of his political party (AKP). These laws have been used to subdue democratic oppositions and to centralize the supreme power of the newly elected president. As well as slowly removing checks and balances on the president's power, and separation of powers.

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Because of Erdogan’s authority over time, the country has become more conservative and less tolerant of diversity, feeling as if liberty and democracy are not as important anymore. The government of Turkey, now overrun by the AKP has banished and expelled thousands of political opponents opposing Erdogan, to ensure that he stays in office. Journalists, writers, activists, civil society groups have all been removed from their jobs, freeing up over one hundred thousand jobs in Turkey. After an attempt for a coup d’etat and a overthrow of the government to protect democracy from the president in 2016, it only resulted in Erdogan to enhance his powers and to justify law and order based on his own beliefs, creating unprecedented powers during a state of emergency. These examples convey that the Turkish government only continues to follow a trend of absolutism, where one ruler has full control over the government. This is a problem and a continuing trend, but not only seen in Turkey.

Romania’s government is also showing signs of a rising autocrat. One major reason as to why the Romanian government is in shambles is because it is under the influence of the Social Democratic Party, or otherwise known as PSD. The PSD rules the government in an absolutist manner, by constantly attacking the European Union, a political and economic union located primarily in Europe, and altering the rule of law. This political party is strongly against democrats and are very closed off to the public, as journalists and writers have often reported being attacked for investigating the government and the PSD. Party leader, Liviu Dragnea, has led his political party to corrupt, reform, and create new laws in order to favor the PSD. One example of this is how Dragnea and the PSD have been trying to change the law to offer greater protection for party members sentenced to jail or who were being investigated for corruption.

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