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Abuse of Racial Diversity to Maintain White Supremacy

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Racial diversity refers to the variety of different races that differ from one another based on their characteristics and ethnicity. It is prevalent when a group of different races occupy the same space or area. For example, a racially diverse community contains citizens who are of different races and have different values. Currently, Papa New Guinea, Tanzania and Uganda are the most racially diverse countries in the world, and communities within those countries pride themselves on having a variety of languages and being home to many ethnicities. However, not all countries appreciate racial diversity – my item shows the discrimination and segregation between two races: African Americans and White Americans where racial diversity is abused in order to maintain white supremacy.

Discrimination often occurs in the presence of different races, where one is given ‘second-class’ treatment because of their race. In 20th century America, racial discrimmination was common in regards to racism, segregation, and unethical treatment to the African American race, consequently leading to stereotypes that were inclined to disadvantaged African Americans. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) mainly composed of White members, became a terrorist group that aimed to keep ‘White Power’ through violence, which included torturing African Americans who they considered inferior to them. Around this time, the Jim Crows Lawsweres established which included a collection of state and local that legalized racial segregation of the Black people against the White. African Americans were the most disadvantaged during this period especially during 1877 when they lost political power after President Rutherford B. Hayes withdrew Union troops from the South. When Democrats took control of Tennessee in 1888, many of the blacks were prohibited from voting. The Jim Crows Laws caused racism to become a legal process in the South as it limited Black peoples’ access to transportation and public facilities. For decades, most Southern Blacks continued to struggle in poverty as agricultural labourers.

Eventually, discrimination based on race, colour, religion, sex, or national origin in employment was banned by the civil rights act of 1964, which also ended unequal rights in voting; and prohibited racial segregation in schools and in public accommodations. As a result, Blacks were able to be treated in a more humane way.

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However, even now, African Americans are still being treated poorly compared to the White in regards to making a large portion of people in jail, as well as being the majority of the population in poverty. According to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, African Americans are imprisoned more than 5 times the rate of white Americans, the imprisonment rate for African American women being double that of White women. Furthermore, the incarceration of citizens is contained within a criminal record which affects job applications by 50%, however the criminal record would negatively impact the African American’s, twice as much as it would disadvantage White Americans. In certain American states, there have also been scenarios of police brutality.

Spreading awareness of racial diversity and the disadvantages of racial discrimmination will aid in communities being more accepting and empathetic towards different races.

For example, the Black Lives Matter campaign promotes that Black people be treated the same as the Whites. “Many Blacks are skeptical that the country will eventually make the changes necessary for racial equality” – the campaign aims to bridge the separation between the two races through their research which shows information based on the statistics and data that represent how different Black people are treated compared to the White people through the different regions in America.

To prove their point, the campaign article provided an outline of an event that happened in 2014, Ferguson. A White police officer shot an unarmed Black boy, Michael Brown. The alleged killer, Darren Wilson was later criticized for his actions, resulting in protests and other acts of violence. Following the unrest caused by Michael’s death, the grand jury’s decision was to not charge Darren Wilson. The article also mentioned Trayvon Martin 17-year-old Black boy, who was shot by neighbourhood watch coordinator, George Zimmerman. So far, the campaign has had a significant impact on the political and legal landscape of treatment of Black Americans.

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