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Achievements of the Neolithic Age

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When analysing the differences between the Neolithic era and the Paleolithic era the first thing we notice is the duration of each period. The Paleolithic age ranged from about 2 million BC to 10,000 BC. The Neolithic age on the other hand lasted for a much shorter duration, from 9,000 BC to 3,500 BC. In correlation with the time periods these eras took place they were given nick-names. The Paleoloithic age is known as the Old Stone Age and the Neolithic age is known as the New Stone Age.

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There was a lot of innovation in the Neolithic Age such as in daily life, tools, and farming. In the Paleolithic Age people were hunters and gatherers, they would hunt, fish, and forage for their food. While the coming of the Neolithic Age changed all of that, agriculture and farming became very popular, people started to store their foods, and this could open up opportunities to sell, and trade. The farmers of the Neolithic age started systems of networks in order to trade or sell crops, and food for other goods. This was called the barter system, and money was not involved, and the trade would be immediate. Another big innovation that the Neolithic age saw was the development of pottery, “The development of pottery products made it easier to cook and transport food” (Kaushik, Nimisha). Living situations in the Paleolithic age were crowded to say the least. They lived in caves with up to 30 people at a time, this was a ‘family’. From this came the cave drawings we know so well today. In the Neolithic Age they lived in a more of a community setting, comprised of villages of up to 300 people. Housing was much different, “During this time man lived in houses made up of mud and stone”(Kaushik, Nimisha). The Neolithic age also created a ‘government system’, and this would follow into the future societies. The higher people of this ‘government system’ would live near the rivers. The lives of men and women changed in the Neolithic age due to the advancement of agriculture. Women would be able to tend to the crops, make cloth and pottery. Then after the Neolithic revolution the women stayed home, and the men took on the role of the farmers. This caused the women’s status to become lowered.

The accomplishments in the Neolithic age definitely set the stage for the rise of complex societies. The major accomplishment of the Neolithic age was the rise of agriculture. This made it easier for people to grow and store crops. The upcoming societies would be able to grow off that and develop further advancements in agriculture. The domestication of animals played hand and hand in this as they were able to keep animals and use all parts of the animal, from the fur to the bones. All of this resulted in people in these societies to be able to live longer, since there was always a supply of food, whether it was crops or domesticated animals. There was an advancement in tools, technology, and record keeping. All of these will be able to assist future societies as they would most likely build off of these new ideas and technologies.

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