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Achieving My Career Goals with Your Scholarship Program

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I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy(PharmD) program at University of Health and Allied Sciences Ho, Ghana. My educational goal is to acquire a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy which will enable me pursue a career as a pharmacist and pharmacotherapy practitioner. After becoming a pharmacist, I plan to specialize in pharmacotherapy, the use of medicines in the treatment of diseases, conditions, and symptoms.

My interest in the pharmacy profession is rooted in my desire to be involved in the improvement of others’ health, to be knowledgeable in the various topics pertaining to health care, and to possess the means to explore my fullest potential through a meaningful career. I therefore think pursuing a career in pharmacy will provide me with the opportunity to help improve patient health on a larger scale. After graduation, I plan to practice pharmaceutical care in our local healthcare system especially in rural communities where there is lack of access to pharmaceutical care.

After graduation, I want to undertake various projects to improve the standard of living and quality of health of underserved populations in my country. The first project I want to undertake as a pharmacist is to partner with physician colleagues to establish a free alcohol and drug addiction treatment clinic around the country to provide free medical assistance to drug addicts regardless of the patient's race, gender or sexual orientation. The diverse health services would include free consultations, free medication, and nutritional classes to curb the menace of alcohol and drug addiction in the country. This project is necessary because millions of chronic alcohol and drugs addicts in my country particularly my community are left without proper addiction treatment due to low funding and support given to it by the government.

The second project I would like to undertake is to establish in my country Ghana is to pioneer the establishment of medication adherence clinics within our healthcare system for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Patient noncompliance and non-adherence to medication is one of the important reasons for the failure of therapies and treatments. I believe improving medication adherence would have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments. Together with other colleagues I would like to use my expertise in medication reviews, medication therapy management and enhanced patient counselling skills to improve medication adherence among patients with chronic disease conditions.

Another project I want to accomplish is to establish a non-profit organization which will seek to create avenue for medical and pharmacy students to go on medical outreach in isolated communities around the country to provide free medical services. I believe this initiative will greatly help to bridge the healthcare disparity gap and provide the needed healthcare intervention to marginalized communities, especially indigenous groups from poverty stricken part of the country.

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However, these beautiful plans will only remain a dream if am not able to get the needed financial assistance to able to complete my pharmacy degree. As a matter of fact, I would not be at this level in my education without my mother’s support. Without having my father's economical assistance, she has single handedly financed my education till now. But sadly, due to unexpected financial crisis, I am at risk of dropping out of pharmacy school if I don’t get sponsorship. This situation has arisen because my mother is battling with stroke resulting in financial difficulty. She works as a petty trader in our hometown, but the money she earns is not enough to pay for my pharmacy school, her medical bills and also cater for my younger siblings. As a result, I have resorted to doing odd jobs during vacations to help contribute to the achievement of my university education and help buy basic needs like textbooks.

I believe I deserve to be selected as a recipient of your foundation’s scholarship because despite the financial hardships, I have remained committed to making the most of my studies and have always done what is necessary to further my education. Besides, I am a student that does not only persistently work hard academically, but I constantly try to improve my own community's quality of life by volunteering with our community clinic during vacations.

I believe education is the key to success, and I try to connect my passion for education with my desire of helping others. As a result, I decided to join a non-profit organization named HeartyLove Foundation, which provides free healthcare services such as health screening and donation of medicines to clinics in remote areas of the country. We also provide free educational resources to deprived schools and try to educate students from deprived communities about the steps they need to take in order to attain a higher education. As a member of the organization, my responsibilities consist of planning and organizing educational discussions about career occupations in the various fields of study. I believe that education should be a right not a privilege, and when I see that students are being denied the right of acquiring education, I feel the need to take action. Consequently, this is the major reason why I decided to be an active member of HeartyLove Foundation.

On the other hand, there are other leadership roles that I play on campus and in my community. From 2018 till now, I have been the treasurer for TEDx Talk club on campus where I help organize and seek for sponsorship for our TED talk to educate students on host of topics such as entrepreneurship and career choices. In addition, I am the Vice President of my community youth association where I help organize social, cultural and community service events for the youth in community. I lead group discussions on drug safety where I educate the youth on the effect of drug and alcohol misuse and the proper use of medicines.

I am grateful to find opportunities like the one your foundation is providing to students like myself who are constantly fighting for the right to receive education.

This scholarship represents to me an opportunity to fully focus my attention on the main objective of achieving the best I can in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. I will strive to be a representative and ambassador of Ascendant New York throughout my future career. I thank you for taking the time to evaluate this application and look forward to being selected as an Addiction Treatment Education scholar.

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