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Achilles As One of the Best Warriors from the Greeks: Character Analysis

ILiad isn’t something that can give out an amount of things in some facts and some places that a person are able to protagonists by its own behaviors and values. Achilles is someone who values the behaviors and values loyalty, plus honor. It can be able to be motivated with some situations throughout life in the story. Achilles is someone who suffers from some scrutiny for his role in Homer’s the ILiad. Achilles is one of the best warriors from...
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Achilles Vs Gilgamesh: Comparative Essay

Gilgamesh and Achilles both share many common grounds in the beginning and are seen as very strong, handsome, and fearless, and not so much great of a person overall. They both have some God and humans mixed in them. At the beginning of the story while Gilgamesh seems to have the town tired and annoyed that they go to the Gods and complain about him. They later send down Enkidu who will later be a close friend of his and...
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Achilles as the Greek Hero Pushed Off Course from His Own Ideals

The Iliad is a testament to the Greek ideals of war and glory, as it fantasizes the glorious triumphs of Achilles and the Trojans. Famous for his rage made apparent in the opening of the poem, Achilles is the greatest warrior in all of Greece, and his competence and skill are a main driver of the story portrayed and the decisions of the protagonist. While the importance of honor and glory through war is the most important part of Greek...
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Achilles' Desire for Immortality

The passage in book eighteen of the ‘Iliad’ takes readers to a scene of the Trojan War, fought between the Achaeans, led by Achilles, and Trojans, led by Hector. At a particular point during the war, Achilles chose to stop fighting, which took a negative toll on the Achaean army. Achilles did not choose to fight again until his comrade, Patroclus, was killed in battle by Hector. Achilles claimed, “I’ve lost the will to live…unless, before all else, Hector’s battered...
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Comparative Analysis of Beowulf and Achilles

‘Beowulf’ and ‘Iliad’ are two popular literary works written in Old English and Ancient Greek. Both poems illustrates the fights between main characters and the stronger one is the winner. While Beowulf in ‘Beowulf’ won against Grendel – a disgusting cold-blooded monster- to protect Danes and show his respect to his cousin, the king. Achilles in ’Iliad’ killed Hector to revenge his beloved cousins death. Both of the characters owned outstanding traits to be an epic hero, including bravery, strength...
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Respect to Achilles: Arguments For and Against

The Iliad isn’t a piece that gives a simple record of memorable actualities and occasions yet one where people are the heroes by temperance of their practices, qualities, thought processes and choices which influence the stream of the story. Achilles is one of these people that assume an essential job in the plot of Iliad; as Homer places it in the principal lines of this work, the resentment of Achilles, his withdrawal from the fights and the staggering impacts this...
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Gender Stereotypes in The Iliad: Analysis of Thetis and Achilles

The Iliad is famous for its stories of great heroes who clash against each other, sometimes victorious and other times doomed to failure. One thing these heroes all have in common is their gender. Homer’s works are filled with stories of great men doing great things, often at the expense of women and animals. Since the Iliad was written thousands of years ago the modern-day values of gender equality and capability didn’t yet exist. In fact, women were used as...
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The Rebirth of an Infectiously Bright Star: Homer’s Representation of Achilles

‘‘Achilleus the lion-hearted who breaks men in battle’’(192). As the strongest and most important character in the poem, Achilles’ return to the Trojan war towards the last books of Homer’s Iliad symbolizes the reappearance of his heroic greatness. Book 21 ends with Apollo distracting Achilles from killing more Trojans, while book 22 begins with Achilles chasing the God of light for preventing him from acquiring more honor on the battlefield. The hero then runs towards the walls of Troy, while...
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The Wrath of Achilles: Critical Analysis of the Iliad

The Iliad is an epic poem created by Homer a legendary Greek author from the period of 800 BCE. This magnificent poem is considered to be one of the earliest pieces of literature. Although Homer receives all the credit for his creation, it is still not clear whether only one person was involved in making this epic poem. The Iliad tells a story which is centred around the last year of the Trojan War which was between the Greeks and...
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Leaders Faced with Crisis

When beset with grief during times of great crisis, a leader must adopt change or risk becoming powerless to the changing world. In the novel ‘Ransom’, David Malouf expresses the many facets of leaders who are faced with tragic loss, demonstrating how grief may overcome them, and ultimately disempower them. Similarly, Stephen Frears likewise presents leaders faced with crisis in his movie ‘The Queen’, who consequently become helpless when they are incapable of adopting the change in the society they...
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