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Actions by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Regulate the US Economy

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who took office in 1933, was forced to act quickly to regulate the economy and relieve the nation that was suffering. During the years he was in power he tried to change people’s minds despite the difficulties, since a person at that period and the poverty was in that kind of level, the only thing that could think was if there were jobs to work or bread to eat and does everything for that so, the belief that people created was his ability to tell them that he was thinking only for their own good and not to exploit them. He came to power in a very difficult period of time for the people of America, at the height of poverty and unemployment but the question was he ready to help the population pass this phase? Will the laws be strong enough to continue after she leaves power?

He and the government created many experimental programs, one of which was the New Deal. This was intended to radically change the federal government and its role in the economy. He promised the people who would act as soon as possible to cope with the Great Depression, instructing people to withdraw their money four days from the shaky banks and shut down the non-paying ones. It has redirected government expenditure towards big public work projects to military contracts. In economics, the belief which war grows the economy is related to as the ‘broken window fallacy’.

Deflation was the main problem with the economy, because while prices fell, no one could afford to buy commodities because manufacturers laid off workers and their products were worth less. This was caused mainly by banks calling back loans, which reduced the money supply (deflation). By maintaining the banking holiday, Roosevelt helped reduce bank closures, suspending financial institutions to prevent them from shutting down and calling back loans. He also advised people to stop saving money below their mattresses and redeposit the money into deposits, contributing to secure and stable inflation.

Making more available jobs wasn’t easy when the nation’s losing money. The companies wouldn’t be able to afford to pay them if they create more jobs, and no one wants to work for free. Stocks had to go up to an acceptable amount before employers had money to hire staff and pay them. After he reorganized the banks, he called on people to reinstate their money in the banks. This was the first time most of the population had come together to stand by his decision. The first step to overcoming depression.

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The priority was to recover the economy starting from the relief of the people who needed it. By not lowering prices and wages, people will spend more on products for industries to work harder and work harder. This led the government to sabotage businesses using consumers, as a result of which small businesses were adversely affected by large businesses. In agriculture he instructed farmers not to produce more so that prices could be lowered in order to earn as much as before the world war. In this way the prices of agricultural products went up, but many locals did not understand its concept. Consuming, consuming or not producing so much was born out of employment and production. People always found something to complain about, but it was clear that the Franklin D. Roosevelt was trying to deliver on what he had promised.

All this was not enough to overcome the Great Depression and this seemingly endless unemployment, to the farmers who were still struggling, to the desperate people and the economy that remained unchanged. So, he created a Second New Deal starting with the Works Progress Administration program and started building schools, offices, highways by hiring people, and he also started educating children, giving artists a chance for their careers. Problems continued to come as people were always complaining about their labor rights by making strikes and forcing the president to support them by creating the law to impose on them the right not to be fired, to work overtime and the opportunity not to work. paid and working conditions. This is also known as the nation lab relations board. The goal behind them was for the government to play an important role in the lives of Americans from all over the world, giving them the right to regulate their lives by 35% of the population participating in various federal government programs. These programs changed the relation of the population to the politics of the people were more active and did not think about the personal good but the collective good.

These new decisions changed from American west to the south, ranging from economics, employment to spending, water and electricity. But these did not help much because the children were separated from their parents but the poverty in those countries peaked. Therefore, the Great Depression dragged on, corporations were shaken, and workers were demanding their rights while the new agreement was hampered by politics. Roosevelt to defend his program sought to add enough courts to neutralize conservatives. This goal was understood by the judges and began to support a new deal project. This was the year that the economy fell by cutting its government spending, and people began to oppose Roosevelt, and this made it difficult to adopt a new program.

December 7 was marked as the date that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the USA and enters World War II. Through it was stimulated and the American industry even ended the Great Depression. After the Second World War, despite social tension, injustice and the fight against fascism, the America learned to be united in the same way as Roosevelt taught them, after 16 years of depression learned from their mistakes. Government decisions were now confirmed by the people. The government is interested in educating people by bringing them to university through the GI Bill returned, but people through toast war and economically gainable being ready to invest by buying cars. Roosevelt’s projects may have been difficult and created many problems, but the people had realized his priority was to improve people’s lives and government regulation, and so Eisenhower was asked to deliver programs such as the New Deal and the Fair Deal. He understood that this was impossible without damaging the population.

In conclusion, as stated above, it is easy to see that Roosevelt was a capable man and that his main purpose was fulfilled regardless of whether all his decisions were correct and how long it took him to achieve those goals. There are a lot of people who still believe in his ability as they think that if it wasn’t the Second World War had not ended depression, the war could have been a help, but we could not get the merits and tribulations of such a man, that he made the population a part of the government in some point. He also achieved to reduce unemployment rate underneath the rate that was before the Depression. The main action in my opinion was the interest he showed to the people, and without any doubt the people’s confidence in Roosevelt of social security and work of minors.

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