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Activism VS Slacktivism

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Activism is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. The pros of activism are that it helps spread awareness about a cause or event, helps students engage and participate in educational activities, assists with networking and fundraising. The cons of activism are that nobody does anything about it although awareness has been raised these people do not donate to the cause.

Slacktivism is the practice of supporting a political or social cause by means such as social media or online petitions, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment. The pros of slacktivism are that you are able to reach people of companies faster, the people who aren’t able to financially support can share posts and get involved online. The cons of slacktivism are that there is no privacy, it is unreliable and false information is easily accessible, liking/commenting/sharing posts doesn’t change the situation and systemic issues also arise from hashtags.

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Using social media to create awareness and encourage support benefits the organisation due to increasing awareness; the organisation is being shared and more people find out about it due to social sharing. Another way social media benefits social issues is by allowing organisations/people to speak out and tell their story to all the people who follow their account, thus defining themselves to the public, get the word out and receive assistance from people, major companies and schools.

A drawback of using social media is that false and unreliable information is spread which has a major negative effect on the person or organisation, another drawback is people who are against your organization can bad mouth your organization if you retaliate you could end up with a law case and end up spending more money in court rather than on the organization.

One major social issue in South Africa is unemployment; the unemployment rate is at its highest and the unemployment rate at the end of the second quarter of 2018 was 27.7%. Unemployment increases the crime in South Africa and leaves many citizens without their basic needs such as food.

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