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The Expulsion of Adam And Eve

This is the story of Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden. They’ve eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and God has discovered that transgression and has banished them from Eden and we see a foreshortened armed Angel [that was cropped out of the page] chasing them out of the Garden of Eden. Their being evicted. What follows from this is what mankind knows. This is the moment from which everything else comes in...
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Adam And Eve In Paradise Lost

In John Milton’s 17th century epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton aims to explain the fall of man while incorporating many themes that influenced English society then, and that still pertain to culture today. Paradise Lost is considered Milton’s greatest work as the themes that are presented are both an accurate reflection of the environment during the time it was written, and stood the test of time. These themes include but are not limited to: monarchy as a symbol of power,...
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Review of the Third Chapter of ‘Genesis'

‘Genesis’ is the first book of the Hebrew and Christian canon, and as it sets the scene for the rest of Scripture, its theological importance cannot be overstated. Every Biblical book that follows is to be read through the theological and historical lens offered in its foundational narrative. The subject of this exegetical tract is the third chapter of ‘Genesis’; with significant focus on verse 3:6. Within this text the Biblical author is telling of the temptation of the Woman...
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The Difference Between The Bible And Greco-Roman Mythology Of Creation Of Man

If we carefully and impartially study the Bible, the Holy book of Christianity, and the Greco-Roman myths, we can see that both Ancient Greeks and Ancient Christians may have held similar beliefs about the world they were living in. However, there are also quite a few differences between them. The first and most obvious difference is number of gods participated in the creation of man. Thus, in Greco-Roman mythology Prometheus created man out of mud, then the goddess Athena breathed...
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Eve’s Culpability And The Question Of Free Will In Paradise Lost

At the heart of Paradise Lost lies Milton’s attempt to wrestle between two key ideals of the poem: the all-powerful Eternal Father and the notion of Free Will. In setting out to ‘justify the ways of God to men’ (I. 26) whilst maintaining his own anti-deterministic beliefs, Milton must ensure neither is compromised throughout his epic poem. Whilst the form of anti-Calvinism Milton chooses to extol appears to exonerate God from responsibility for the fall, there are still issues surrounding...
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The Issue Of Gender In Paradise Lost

John Milton’s Paradise Lost provides a historical-fiction narrative of the creation and fall of human beings in the biblical book of Genesis. Dianne K. McColley, who wrote about Mr. Milton and his use of gender throughout his work, said: “Milton believed that the Bible was divinely inspired but open to interpretation by the individual conscience guided by the Holy Spirit and the rule of charity. He believed also that next to the relation between each person and God, the relation...
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