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Admission to North South University as a Step Forward to My Cherished Dream

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Every human has some dreams, he or she wants to lead life by fulfilling his or her dreams. But somebody’s dreams come true, but some dreams never come true. Of course, all the dreams of all are not fulfilled. Some dreams become nightmares in human life. I had a dream to enroll in medical college. My aim in life was to become a doctor. But after taking part in the medical college admission test and failing to get the marks to enroll in a public medical college, I was broken down. Then I decided on the words of my father that I would enroll in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at North South University. Now I have one of the dreams that I want to be a pharmacist. The main reason for being admitted here is that the university is in the world ranking and it is in the first position of all private universities. There are many reputations of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at North South University. Moreover, there are many reasons to choose to enroll in North South University and also have some effects on getting admission here. But overall, I am very glad to enroll here.

Before applying for the admission test of North South University, I collected some information about North South University. One of my teachers had suggested that I have chosen North South University as my future. His logic was that this university is the best for the Department Of Pharmaceutical Science. He has said to me that the university is in the world ranking and it is in the first position of all private universities. Studying pharmacy here is better than to enroll in a private medical college. It was the main reason to enroll in North South University. Now I can feel that it is the best decision to choose this university as my future. Because the technology, lab facilities, software, IT systems are more upgraded than I thought. That is why we can easily learn our courses so professionally. In fact, after Dhaka University anyone can choose this university to get admission to the Department of Pharmaceutical Science because for some issue this university is more upgraded than Dhaka University. The education system and lab facilities are almost the same. That is why I had chosen to enroll at North South University.

The faculty members of North South University are very professional and knowledgeable. It is also a reason to enroll in this university. I heard that most of the faculties have done their Ph.D. on their particular subjects and they are so much friendly, helpful, and well behaved. The faculty members consist of both foreign and local instructors. They are very much committed to developing the intellectual skills of the students. Moreover, I collected information that NSU also provides various scholarships and waivers to the meritorious students for their wonderful performance in the semester of final examinations. It encourages the students to perform better in different tests to avail of the financial aids. This facility is so much exclusive for a student who suffers a lot for wanting money. It is also a reason to enroll in North South University so that I feel a kind of challenge to do well in my examinations and able to get a high CGPA.

Before deciding to apply for the admission test of NSU I collected information that credit completed from North South University is widely accepted in many reputed universities of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. The subjects in the school of business, school of health and life science are so much disciplined and upgraded. This information makes me so much influenced to enroll in this university. Again, I had heard that the students of NSU get the opportunity to participate in various clubs, such as- pharmaceutical club, art and literature club, cine and drama club, debating club, earth club, social service club, and so on. By participating in these clubs, students can develop their intellectual abilities. This was another reason to feel interested in enrolling at North South University.

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After enrolling in North South University, I am passing the most glorious times of my life. Now I can feel a particular place where all my dreams will come true one day. I have gotten a lot of friends. I have a big friend circle. They are very helpful and loyal to me. Moreover, all of the information I got before admitting here is true. The environment, hospitality, buildings, library building are well designed and very gorgeous. Not only my friends but also my faculty members are friendly and helpful. The way of their teaching is so professional and that is why I can easily improve my intellectual abilities.

I have joined here at Pharmaceutical Club and worked here as an active member. Thus, I am developing my skills, knowledge, working ability, managing method, and intellectual abilities. Moreover, I can do my studies in the quiet zone of my library building at North South University. I love the study hall, library, IT section of my university because I can easily do my study here by spending a lot of hours. I can take my breakfast and lunch from the cafeteria and I like the management systems of serving foods and the food quality. At North South, I can participate in various kinds of concerts, programs like Bashanta Uthshob, Falgun, Pohela Boishakh, 21st February, and so on, various kinds of competitions, camping, tours, etc. Now I am enjoying my university life so much. The washrooms, the prayer room facilities, the library facilities, the lab facilities, IT facilities attract me so deeply. That is why I am feeling lucky to become a student of North South University.

Not only the facilities, but I also have faced several problems too. Specially the environment of North South University is like the universities of western countries. Like a Muslim girl, I wear burkha and hijab but here most of the girls wear western dresses. The boys and girls are so open to maintain their friendship or relationship. Sometimes I felt insecurities here as a Muslim girl. At first, I felt so nervous to survive here in this type of situation but now I am okay. Actually, I was a little bit wrong because NSU assures us 100% of securities for both girls and boys. Again, another problem I had faced and that was about the seniors of my department. Some seniors disturbed me to build a relationship with them. Also, I have faced problems while working for the club. But now I have no problem and I have adapted to the environment of North South University.

Whatever the problems I have faced, I do not think that the decision to enroll in NSU is wrong, rather I feel very lucky to be myself that I am the student of this university. Because I am just not the problem here, I have taken many types of advantages and opportunities too. NSU has taught me to go ahead with my dream. Now my aim in life is to be a certified pharmacist. I hope that one day my dream will come true by accepting the advice of my faculty members and by accepting the disciplines of NSU.

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