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Adoption: Is It Really That Bad Or Is It Not Really That Bad?

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There are 20,000 adoptions from Russia yearly and over 1.6 million from the world a year, coming from an adoptive child myself from Russia, I Believe strongly in adoption and believe that it is hard to adopt children in this day and age. It is a very controversial topic in the world today. ‘A total of approximately 125,000 children have been adopted annually in the United States in recent years, a sharp drop since the century-long high point of 175,000 adoptions in 1970.’ (Herman,,Para.4). I am in favor with adoption and value the importance of it now. Adoption makes way for so called 2nd chances for children and opportunities. Some people argue that adoption is not right due to certain Faiths and unstable outcomes. Some points that i am covering is the costs of adoption, the legal actions, behavioral issues, and Ethics.

Many people today have concerns of adoption internationally due to the costs of adoption. people for adoption argue that the costs of adoption are set at a marginal level so that most parents who want to adopt a child can, an example is to ‘file with the adoption agency it is about $5,800 dollars on average, plus 2 travel trips, one 4-7 days and the second trip 9-14 days which can rage to 3,000 dollars’. (, Pg. 1). Overall, the trip costing about 13,000 dollars by the end. And people arguing against adoption believe that costs for a newborn isn’t as pricey. ‘Between 9,000 to 25,000 dollars as an average cost to deliver a newborn which is significantly higher.’ (Parker/Media, Pg. 1&2). Many people adopt, when medically cannot have children and the option to adopt opens up it is a cost-efficient way to save a life and or change one. Adoption is also a way to open your arms to someone who is not from where you are it is someone from china or Russia, many children are put into adoption due to overly large families such as 9 or more children and cannot afford them they then put them up for adoption and adoptees have the option to choose what child they want and give them a home and place to learn new cultures.

The Dave Thomas foundation stated that ‘adoption for single parents is nearly impossible due to the costs’ (Debra,, pg. 1) but due to now and the economy today its harder to raise a newborn with costs, but adoptive children ages range from 2 to 6 and the older the child the lower the costs to raise due to maternal costs of newborn. yes i do agree that it is easier to adopt a child with 2 parents a double income, ‘in 2014 vs 1999 cost of raising a newborn is a difference of $8,000 in the year 2000 vs $25,000 today’ (, Para.3) while adoption costs in 2000 vs today has only been a range of only a couple thousand.

When talking to my mother about adoption costs she stated that she was a single mother and adopted me when I was 5 years old and paid around roughly 15,000 which is still under if you gave birth to your child. My mom also said that legal Laws for adoption area lot more heinous vs the cost. The cost can vary due to where you adopt and the time and also the governments and what costs they put on adoption. I was adopted in 1994 and it was 15,000 today it’s a little more like 18,000 but still is below maternal costs. Overall price for adoption is low and many adoptee parent’s art fixed on the price more so of the legal parts to adoption.

There are Many Legal Binding when talking about adoption, well it has to be you are keeping the child, there are various adoption laws enlace for both the adoptees and the child’s birth parents many people are confused on these legal issues such as ‘(TPR) which is termination of parental rights which a judge decrees that permanently ends all legal involvement of birth parents to child.'(, PGI) many people against adoption find this stuff annoying and things they don’t want to go through. Many researchers on international and domestic Adoption find that the so called ‘Legal Checklist’ is the toughest part of adoption and argue that there are no such thing for newborns, It is rigorous but are necessary to ensure a smooth transition into the area this list gives a generic list reviewing the courts of adoption to finalize everything, Such as periodic review of a child’s case, the termination of the birthparents’ parental rights, setting a goal for a child’s future, reviewing that goal periodically, changing the goal, if necessary, from reunification with the birth family to adoption, finalizing the child’s adoption’ (, PG 1).

Every Country and state have their own laws ad guidelines on adoption which can make it difficult to go through the process of adoption but all guidelines must be met and agree with both governments, i can also argue that it only takes 2 days to clear up all the legal issues that adoption brings along with it and after 2 days were over that was it the adoption process was over. most people don’t understand what adoption takes up it may be cheaper but its also a promise that the child u get you will car for it like it was your own and that it is your and you as the adoptee must agree to that.

Behavioral issues are probably the biggest controversy on the subject of adoption, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry stated that Approximately 120,000 children are adopted each year in the United States. Children with physical, developmental, or emotional handicaps who were once considered unacceptable are now being adopted (‘special needs adoptions’). but questions arise such as when should the adoptive parents tell the child there adopted and how do you know if they’re going to have behavioral issues? almost all adoptive children who get adopted at 5 or older have or are going to have behavioral problems.

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Most kids that are 5 or older have their culture tied into them enough and then after taking them out of that place the child is confused in reverts to a premature stage. Where the child needs to learn from the beginning for that culture how to act, the values in the rules and the guidelines to live in that society without any problems.

Not only is their behavior problems but there are also emotional problems, some children can’t remember what their parents would like so older kids that get adopted have a harder time detaching themselves from their biological parents and have a hard time integrating themselves with their adoptive parents. This is common among adoption. But before a child is adopted parents usually go through a whole emotional and behavioral workshop with a learn how to interact a child how to cope with child so the child can be better suited for what is to come. I asked my mother she went to any classes and she said she did she went to three action and they told her what to expect from me when I got there and they said that one very simple thing to pretend that you are the mother, not so much is to pretend but you are the mother. Because the closer that you can become with the child the easier the transition will be the adoptive child. There’re many spectrums have to wear emotional and behavioral problems have a clear line gone right down the middle. It’s not really clearly stated. It depends on the child what the child has been through. To determine the extent of the problems. But for children that are three or four or two or one. There are no issues because the child is too young to develop any emotional problems. The child to be raised just as a baby, and the child look just like everyone else around him.

When I was adopted, I was adopted at 5 in Russia and yes I did have behavioral issues, living in Russia for 5 years I became integrated with the society and what they viewed was totally different and the values that Americans have I have never been to the United States. Most kids in the US that are 5 at this time know what’s right from wrong. Moved into United States little couple weeks to know the difference between right and wrong. For most kids have five years under their belt, while I had to learn from scratch, what behavior were proper and accepted.

And I had people around me to help me understand, but after that’s stage of the behavior problems which only lasts for a Week for a couple months the child is fully integrated into society start acting like a normal six or seven-year-old boy. It’s Interesting to research a topic that is about me, and every other adoptive Child out there. It gives me clarification on what adoption really is, gives life to people who don’t have it

And it could be anyone old, or new, or young, adoptive person out there that one day their life changed forever, they got a new beginning. Yes, there are arguments out there that adoption is bad, there are some topics that we didn’t covered like religion and other criteria but the main focus is on the cost, and issues that have to do with legal and ethical problems with the adoption.

This may not be the most interesting topic you can research out there, but it’s fascinating to see how the adaption process really works and if it’s really that bad it’s really not bad at all. Ethics play a big part in the adoption process ‘Adoption is an emotional, social, And legal process to which children who will not be raised by the birthmothers become full, permanent, and legal members of another family, because of this adoption involves the rights of three distinct members: the birth parents, the child that’s going to the process of the adoption,'(Jenaus, Pg. 5) And the adoptive parents. Adoption lasts forever, many of the children changed over time when adults they may choose to claim their right to know they’re genetic and historical identity. The adoption agency and other programs need to act ethically to ensure that every party understands all of the points being laid out. Adoption is not just when your child, it goes all the way through your adult Hood.

There are also many beliefs that adoption has problems with ethics due to the parent ivy returning the child back to its place of origin, due to behavioral problems and/or other issues that arise when dealing with the child, most people don’t have an incident to why should the child back to whether I can think just because they have a behavioral issue. I find this troubling because Child had a way out, button return small detail that the parents didn’t like. I don’t think we should judge people and also I don’t think people should judge other people for deciding the fate of a child, Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when it comes to adoption on one thing is very clear that children adoptive or not should have a home that they can live in grow up and be separated from that ethical problem of adoption. I agree that Adoption can benefit if I understood correctly and not judge upon due to minor fluctuations.

In conclusion, adoption greatly beneficial to the public and to the world. It helps kids get off the street, and also helps could stay out of foster homes, and also brings happiness to new families and new couples can’t have a baby or just choose not to but wasn’t one. Is a controversial topic my phone a lot of people are for just as many against, but we need to have people out there to tell their story to research this so forth called adoption, to let people know where they stand on this topic. All children should get a second chance at life if available. Sofa check out down about adoption and look at the bigger picture children pave the roads for the future and if we can give them a helping hand that could mean a stone or a heart.

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