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Child Adoption vs. Abortion

This overall question gives many people hope of what can be, while others consider it a nightmare. Both are a choice that affects the child and the mother. Child adoption is better than abortion because it is safer, less stressful, and sometimes easier on the mindset of the parent, or parents, of the soon to be child, while also saving the future of the youth to come. While on the other hand abortion is a “shortcut” many mothers take as...
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Why Are Adoption Rates In The U.S Decreasing?

There are many factors to why this is happening and it was interesting to uncover why there is a difference of thousands of children not being adopted compared to the early 2000’s. I learned that the main reasons have to do with modern acceptance and not having negative stigma around what women choose to do with their children, and also prices have changed the chances of children being adopted internationally. New Fees Make Intercountry Adoption More Expensive. (2018, February 6)....
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The Movie 'The Blind Side’ and the Theme of Adoption

Wandering the barren streets and scouring for a place to shield himself from the evil of this world, the boy longs for something else. He has no one to turn to for assistance throughout the nightmares of his chilling past. Life can be intimidating for every person in society, but the tests relinquished onto homeless, fostered, or adopted children are discouraging. As a result of certain factors, personal or financial, children can endure life without a home or with adoptive...
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Australian Federalism and Its Role in Adoption and Family Support

‘Adoption’ means the act or method of adopting a ‘child adoption’ person implies the legal act or idea of making the child of another person member of your family, such that he or she is one of your own children. Family members want their children to get the best, to support their development and growth. Family support for families with children allows families navigate a wide variety of resources and programs, including structured assistance (such as paid respite care) and...
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The Peculiarities of Care, Adoption, and Surrogacy

“I’ve seen you cringe just a little when someone says your child is lucky to have you. Because you know with all your being that it is the other way around” (Harris). This elucidates that when someone has the opportunity of becoming a caregiver they feel as if they’re the ones who are blessed rather than the child who is able to have a chance in the world. Caregiving is a very significant act of love that is shown all...
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Challenges Facing LGBTQ Families: Adoption, Foster Care, Surrogacy, and Donor Insemination

Abstract With the evolution of predominant values and mainstream culture, the definition of ‘family’ is constantly changing in the United States. Due to social transformations brought by the decline in heterosexual marriage and the growth of working females, the nuclear family, the family formed by heterosexual parents with their biological child or children, lost its dominant status in family forms. Moreover, the chosen family, which covers a wide range, from the adoptive family to same-sex parents with their surrogate children,...
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An Analytical Study Of Adoption In Islamic Religion

ABSTRACT Adoption is a sense of act where a child is taken in and promised to be loved by the adopted parents. Adoption is complicated phenomenon followed by people right from the ancient times. Adoption rights varies according to the religious belief of a person. In this paper we will explain about adoption under Islam and its application under Muslim Law. Indian Muslim Law doesn’t permit adoption and only guardianship is allowed. In their culture it is considered to be...
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What Is The Role Of Adoption Of Parents In Society?

Adoption is not just the call to have a seamless glowing family. Rather, it is a call to share and give love, kindness, and patience…! The adoption triangle comprises of the kids who are adopted, birth mothers/fathers, and the adoptive parents. Regardless of whether these three groups never get together, their lives are bound to each other through selection. Children are associated with the two arrangements of guardians, and the birth parents and adoptive parents are associated with one another...
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Adoption: Is It Really That Bad Or Is It Not Really That Bad?

There are 20,000 adoptions from Russia yearly and over 1.6 million from the world a year, coming from an adoptive child myself from Russia, I Believe strongly in adoption and believe that it is hard to adopt children in this day and age. It is a very controversial topic in the world today. ‘A total of approximately 125,000 children have been adopted annually in the United States in recent years, a sharp drop since the century-long high point of 175,000...
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The Peculiarities Of Ethnic Adoption

Living in a country in the western part of Africa, for over 12 years, has had its impact on my personality and the way I view the world. In Nigeria, 50% of the citizens live in poverty (Yomi Kazeem), and at least a third of those are children. Growing up, I encountered numerous children living on the streets, orphaned with nowhere to go, and barely surviving the hardships of life. As a child myself, these encounters made me wonder, how...
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Similarities And Differences Of Independent And An Agency Adoption

In my research I discovered that in Fairfax County Virginia, “the Probate Court operates independently and handles the following: wills for safekeeping, probates wills, grants administration for decedent’s estates (testate and intestate) and testamentary trusts, and qualifies guardians and/or conservators over incapacitated adults and guardians over the person and property of minors. Appointments to probate an estate or qualify as a fiduciary are required.” (Government, 2020). However, the Domestic and Juvenile Courts are linked together and handled by the Circuit...
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The Truth About Inter Racial Adoption

It seems to be that in so many other ways we say colour doesn’t matter anymore, so why should it matter in bringing up a child? It’s not as though white parents can’t tell children about their background and culture, and make them aware of that. There are two ways of looking at the debate triggered by the children’s minister Tim Loughton, after he said there should be no barrier to minority children being adopted by white parents. If there...
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‘Instant Family’: Film Analysis Paper

The movie directed by Sean Anders ‘Instant Family’ is about a married couple – Pete and Ellie. At the beginning of this movie one of Ellie’s sister’s mentions the fact that Pete and Ellie had no children. Pete and Ellie never over thought that, they have never even tried to have kids yet. The same day Ellie went on an adoption website and began to get emotional when she saw the children and how in need they were for a...
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Why Adopt a Rescue Dog? Essay

As we know, people often wonder what makes a better decision to rescue and adopt a dog from a shelter or purchase a puppy from a pet store? While both animals can give unconditional love, adopters have to consider that a puppy from a pet store come from puppy mills and that are usually using inhumane breeding operations to only make a profit out it versus rescuing a dog or a puppy that is waiting for love at a shelter...
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Second Language Acquisition In Adopted Child

In recent years, adopting a child is becoming a widespread situation. However, sometimes couples do not adopt kids from their own country; they adopt kids from other countries. This situation can be confusing for older children since everything changes for them such as culture, society, social environment, and the most important one; language. Children are exposed to a new language, and probably their native language will eventually be forgotten. For instance, a six-year-old Turkish child was adopted by a Canadian...
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