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In this essay I am going to explain and analyze the benefits and drawbacks of returning to education as an adult. I propose that there are more positives than negatives. Starting with the negatives, listed in order of significance: stress time, social differences in thinking (due to age, maturity, etc.), and finances. The positives (also listed in order of significance) include: more life experience, employment outlook and skin in the game. Beginning with the dilemma of stress and juggling responsibilities....
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The way a teacher interacts with a student is important in every child’s life. Teachers have to be willing to be fair and to show equality, not just one kid should get something over another student. It’s either all or none of the students. Having a respectful tone of voice allows the child to be able to trust you as their teacher. Building a bond helps communicate with a child that the teacher is there to teach them and to...
2 Pages 978 Words
One century ago, obesity was scarce. Today people all around the world are gaining weight, in America, over 35 percent of adults are currently suffering from obesity or overweight, it has become a serious problem in many countries. Obesity is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive consumption of food and lack of physical activity. Obese people consume more energy than the usual consumption of energy that what we really need. You can prevent obesity by changing your diet...
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Evidence from a rising number of epidemiological and neurobiological studies show that adverse childhood experience (ACE) such as abuse, neglect and related adverse experiences show long lasting impacts on brain function and physical health, resulting in a predisposition to physical and mental health disorders throughout their lives. Community surveys from Europe and worldwide show the great prevalence of physical (22.9%), mental (29.1%) and sexual (9.6%) abuse in addition to physical (16.4%) and emotional neglect (18.3%) (Sethi et al., 2013) within...
6 Pages 2950 Words
We live in a society where people, especially young adults, are constantly striving to be original. Many go so far as to denounce the original, classifying it as ‘mainstream’, while those perpetrating unoriginal acts are deemed as ‘posers’. Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a society where almost every aspect of our lives is somehow influenced by mass media. One area that is particularly affected by media is self-image. Many people form their own standard...
3 Pages 1449 Words
Convicting the Youth: Making a Worse Future The United States is one of the few countries where minors can be transferred from the juvenile court system to the adult court system. When working with juveniles, the question tends to revolve around knowing right from wrong. The legal system wants to know at what age can they assume children have fully developed their moral compasses. However, the problem is that there isn’t a definite answer to this question. Children learn at...
5 Pages 2250 Words
Introduction The term affordance was introduced by the ecological psychologist James Gibson (1979) to describe the interactions between an actor and an object as action possibilities with respect to the actor. Nowadays, affordance-based design (ABD) is widely utilized to improve usability, minimize human errors and decrease their associated risks (Maier & Faded, 2009). The applications are in the fields of forensic science (Hartman, Whetsel Borzendowski, & Campbell, 2019), user interface design, artificial intelligence (Mi, Tang, Deng, Görner, & Zhang, 2019),...
4 Pages 1855 Words
Obesity among adults is a rampant problem worldwide. Being obese means a person has an excessive accumulation of body fat. It can be very dangerous and even life threatening to some. It’s not just being fat. Obesity is a major contributor to preventable, fatal diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more. All of these diseases could have more than likely been prevented if said person took better care of himself or herself. People are consuming too...
2 Pages 1051 Words
Age is just a number. This is a saying that has transpired through time, taking on new meanings every time it is used. It has gone from describing an age difference in a relationship to justifying actions where age is involved. But for some things, age is not just a number. In fact, age may be the biggest ally someone has against the death penalty. But how does one decide how age is used within our systems? In the juvenile...
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