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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Food Additives

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In the food and beverage sector, food additives are commonly used in foods to add more savory, as well as to improve it texture and appearance. Some additives can be natural or artificial in another term used of food preservation. Popular flavor enhancer which is MSG regulatory added in Asian cuisine, where as an oxidant is used to keep foods fresh. Although, it is often put in food it can also affect consumers’ health while as at the same time it can be an advantage too. Tasty foods that people consume nowadays results from a mixture of additives and preservation added for a better taste and look. Not all people would think twice before intake the amount which could lead them to face some effects. Nonetheless, with the benefits of food preservatives extension of expiration will be schedules, especially for medium size to large size food manufacturers.

Food additives are widely known as an element put in food intentionally or unintentionally which affect the quality of food. Examples of additives include artificial colorings, monosodium glutamate (MSG), antioxidants and preservations. The purpose of these different types of food additives are used to make food taste better as well as keep it fresh. One of the most common additives is MSG, used to intensify and enhance the flavor of tasty dishes. It is listed in nature identical synthetic substances which function is to add flavor to processed food. According to Food Standards (2017), MSG is considered safe but can still results consumer with some side effects. This means the amount of usage should be limited depend on the different purposes.

For some people, consuming too much MSG can result in facing with several side effects, especially for sensitive people that has reaction. FSANZ states in Health Engine that most like it will occur on some individual that are responsive to certain food additive types verily. Based on a study, people who intake a meal that consist of 3 grams of MSG are likely leads to dealing with symptoms such as tingling sensation, drowsiness, muscle tightness and numbness, and hyperactivity. Moreover, if the amount exceeds a daily dose of consumption, the chances of experience high blood pressure can occur. On account of this, MSG intake should be considerably to avoid any severe symptoms and unnecessarily illness cause by it.

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Preservations in foods can be huge advantages for hospitality sector, since it’ll help to keep most garments fresh. In general, food preservation plays a useful role to obtain the quality and lifespan of food in a longer period of time. It is use to assure that food is edible and safe (Food Additives World, 2010). There are two categories of preservation which are chemical and physical. Foods are frequently stored in a way that performs as a physical preservative to assure that we have safe foods to remain for a longer time. Usually, physical preservation method means using cool refrigerator to store and dry foods while chemical means using elements to a food in order to control any undesirable expiration causes by fungus or bacteria growth, oxidation and unpleasant rancidity (Zelman, 2017).

The positive benefits of food preservation have significantly help food waste reduction in food and beverages field. Martindale (2014) states in NCBI that lessen out food waste results in better food system, especially for both restaurants and households. As food preservation have the ability to control the amount of cutting out waste, because it advances the food progression of food. The safety of food preservation has been asked consistently by people, which results it in being one of the major advantages. Since microorganisms responsible for producing toxins in foods that can cause risky illness such as botulinum poisoning, antioxidants are use as one of food preservation chemical method toxin to slow down toxins spread (Food Insight, 2017). More importantly, food preservation has maintained a safety food regulation in hospitality field because as a dining and meal provider, all companies and restaurants should ensure good food hygiene and quality are well prepared and safe for customers to eat. Furthermore, it will help to keep track of ingredients storage on budget and evenly. As consequences of these reasons mentioned, it is verified by FDA as generally confirmed safe with a proper evaluation. On account of this, preservation in foods aimed to assist the way that restaurants or food businesses of meal preparation in a hygienic form and unthreatened by illness.

In conclusion, food additives in general consist of both advantages and disadvantages that are responsible for consumers’ health, safety and act as useful process of keeping food lifespan in a longer time. Food additives may contain adverse side effects to consumer, but if it is meant to use with proper understanding of what causes arise when overdose and limit the amount of consuming, no harm happens. Unless, people keep consuming relatively, they will have to face side effects such as headache, muscle tightness and hyperactivity feelings. Whereas, preservatives are way more decent to use in foods due to the fact that the contexts are irreverently safe, advantageous in food and beverage businesses. Because as example used which is antioxidants use to slow down toxins in processed meats from growing microorganism, it is reasonably essential for consumer health while saving gourmets budget on track. Overall, food additives and preservatives may earn further benefits such as food efficiency, improved food quality in order to resist any health problems cause by those elements.

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