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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Team

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Advantage of virtual team

  • Flexibility: First of all, the flexible time for working can let the team members, whom can have autonomy applied to their time management and let the time members in charge of their own time, and lets them choose their work schedules. The team members can work at home or wherever the members choose their own working place. Virtual work offers the member to have good balance between their work lives and personal lives.
  • Economic use of resources: The traditional working team have a fixed organisational structure, it is slow to respond to the changing of market environmental or unexpected incident, in which easy to cause resources to be wasted. In contrast, virtual team can quickly transform and utilise resources through team member to seize new opportunities and have a competitive advantage over traditional working team. Also, there is no psychical distance on virtual team, they can use the IT technologies for meeting to avoid the expenditure of travel cost. The multinational corporation, which formed the virtual team could save the resource of travelling and facilities for physical workplace. Another feature of virtual team is that it can overcome the limitations of time and geography and use resources from all over the world. The team can work in different locations, and the management can coordinate, so that it can quickly respond customer needs and complete task quickly.
  • Interdisciplinary co-operation: In recent years, the society becomes more complex that a single discipline often fails to solve the complex problems which faced by the cooperation. The interdisciplinary cooperation bring workforce from different professional fields to jointly conduct a project. The professional knowledge from different fields can analyze the same problem from different view. For example, a land development project, civil engineers, urban designers, lawyers and environmentalists can participate in the project with their different expertise.

The challenge it provides to people as it develops their skill:

Motivation: Let the team members of virtual team to know that the management trust them can reach the objective. Giving them the right tools for the tasks. Create a development plan that put the member on successful path. Providing a well development plan can support the team to success. Let the team members know that their value and opportunities in the team. Moreover, provide the regular training and education for the team members to top up their ability. Set up a casual meeting or conversation between the management and the team members, including non-work related chat that build up the sense of belonging of the member. Furthermore, team building exercises are an excellent way to let the member, in which not only see each other via internet. An actual face time is the crucial moment for building of team spirit. It could consider to form the exercise quarterly or bi-yearly.

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The challenge it provides to people as it develops their skill: We’ve seen top talent decline great job offers just because they are reluctant to move their family or don’t want to stray too far from home. With the technology that we have today, that particular talent can work from their home state without having to relocate. They can still take care of their kids while working on a project; and they can still check in on their parents and make sure their needs are being attended to.

Disadvantage of virtual team

  • Confusion of command: It can happen in any kind of organization but it is happen in virtual team usually because the management of virtual team, who are often communicate with team members virtually. The leader should ensure everyone clear understanding thier own role and also their colleagues. Furthermore, the leader should ensure the members understand the objective of the team. Clear command let the members toward the same aims and encouraging team spirit.
  • More discussion than action: Virtual team members can’t read body language of other members, so that they miss the important cues that cause the team unnecessarily prolong the meeting. It is because, some virtual teams use the audio connection and instance message for the meeting. To avoid the unnecessary discussion that try to use the visual connection,which let every team member able to see each others, it helps members stay focus on the meeting. When every team members are visible, then the team leader can spot when someone drifts off in which can bring he/she back in to focus on the meeting.
  • High interpersonal skills necessary: Without interpersonal skills in virtual team would be very difficult to run the business successful. Since almost all aspects of work involve communication. Every project involve collaboration and interaction with team members. So that, every team member’s interpersonal skill need to reach the degree specified, such as self-confidence, work ethic, relationship management, receptiveness to feedback and showing appreciation, etc.

The core element of successful virtual team is communication technologies. The corporation need to expense certain amount on the communication as well as the maintenance of computer hardware. Besides, the security also is the importance issue for virtual team, therefore, extract expenditure for security and monitoring are necessary to reduce the opportunity of leakage.

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