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Advantages of Digital Photography

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Executive Summary:

Photography is an art of taking the light with the help of a camera; before smartphones, it was done by conventional or digital photography but when smartphones have come into existence then it affects the photography business in a negative way so some photography field needs some advancement to come back into the existence. The photography industry has improved a lot from the previous years and requires more improvement so that it can save its identity.


Digital media may be defined as the media which depend upon the electronic devices for their making process, distribution process, and their vision and storing for example software, websites, digital video, video games, etc. Digital media is also known as the scratchy replacement of print media. But as per SPHMAGAZIN, print media will not go anywhere; they have their advantages. Digital Media is considered the complete replacement of the goods that are related to print media like magazines, newspapers, and published books on paper (Pius 2019). Thus in this way, we can see that Digital has an impact on all individual’s life whether they are from a developed region or a developing region. We can feel the impact of digital media on the lifestyle of the people because digital has done a lot of innovation in the field of education, entertainment, journalism, etc. we can feel this innovation in the field of photography also. In previous times, conventional photography is used while in today’s time digital photography is used. So in this report, we will explain the difference between conventional photography and Digital photography; the scope of photography, and what will be the future of the photography field.

Difference between conventional and Digital Photography

Photography was born about 200 years ago when the very 1st photographic record was captured by Niepce in 1826 from their window. From that day till now the photography field has become so much advanced in technology. As we already discussed In earlier years conventional photography was used in which light penetrating graphic paper was used which undergoes chemical procedures to produce a static image. While a digital photographer captures an image through the lens and sensors. A modern camera stores the captured image in the form of a digital file from where it goes under the next procedures of color mixing, resizing, compressing, displaying, and printing. So digital photography uses computer technology while conventional photography uses chemical processing for capturing, color correction, resizing, cropping, displaying, and printing the images (Miller 2020). We can divide the digital phase of photography into two periods one is from 1994 to 2009, in which the conversion of film-based equipment to digital foils had taken place and 2nd period is the period that changed the photography field into a completely different field like the field for social media marketing, cell phone cameras, etc. (Motta 2010).

Professional Photography, alive or not?

In Today’s time, everyone has smartphones whether they are of Apple or Samsung, or any other brand which can take a high-quality image so this is a very obvious question that comes into everyone’s mind that is Professional photography no more? According to the article which was published on the medium business titled “The end of Professional Photography?”, everybody can capture an image with their DSLR or smartphones, etc. but not all of them are the magicians like the professional photographers who can create such images that people can feel. So professional photography is very much far away from the dead. A person can learn how to use a Camera to capture the best quality image but only a professional photographer knows how to capture emotions or how to tell a story with a single image. So Professional photography will always be alive and will never die (Day 2019).

Future of the Photography:

We cannot assure you about the future of anything because that thing is not written anywhere and has not happened yet. But we can only predict the future that will happen in the upcoming years. As in this case of photography, we can only assume what innovations will take place in the field of photography.

DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) will expire:

In 1975, a Kodak Engineer name Steven Sasson introduced the 1st DSLR which uses the 100 x 100 pixel CCD(Charged Coupled Device) sensor. Then in 1981, Sony Introduced the Sony Mavica which was an SLR in which interchangeable lenses were used, and produced analog video with a resolution of 570 x 490 pixels. But in today’s time, the mirror fewer cameras have shown great improvement over the DSLR. Now every producer of the camera is producing mirrorless cameras the reason behind the popularity of these cameras is that they are light in weight and smaller in size so they are easier to carry as compared to DSLRs. But in Today’s time, DSLR cameras have better image quality and battery life than mirrorless cameras. The maximum resolution of the DSLR available in the world is of Canon EOS 5DS which is 50.6 megapixels while the max. The resolution of the Sony A7 RIII which is the mirrorless camera is 42.4 so the difference is not so big we are predicting that this will cover in upcoming years. And DSLR will expire in fore coming years.

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Artificial Intelligence will improve everything

In recent times, we can create the 3D world with the help of AI technology inside the cameras. In upcoming years we will see that a lot of tasks related to photography will be done by the AI automatically like the imagination of the scene, recognition of every object available in the scene, etc. we will not put any effort into searching for the perfect image from thousands of images AI will do this automatically. This is the advantage of Artificial Intelligence that it learns through your choices.

Antique will return

As in today’s time, all people prefer the DSLR, mirrorless cameras, etc. but some of the people prefer the antique camera which uses the analog technology there are many camera manufacturers like Nimslo, Polaroid Originals, and Lomography, etc. which provide such antique cameras to the users so as per our prediction if DSLR will expire in upcoming years then these antique cameras will return with new technology that will be the best for the professional photographers.

Connectivity will become limitless

In today’s time the biggest problem in the Photography field is the limited connectivity for example if we want to transfer the images from the camera to a computer then we need blue tooth, Wi-Fi, or Cable and we can transfer only jpg image and if we want to transfer the raw image then it will take more time to complete the transfer and secondly, a proper distance is required to transfer the image to computer from Camera and in today’s time the memory card is required in most of the cameras to store the images but if that images will store without the memory cards then it will reduce the cost of the manufacturers as the same problem is the camera’s battery charger that is a hassle to carry so in future we can assume the better options will be available to make the life easy of the photographer (Hull 2019).

Photography will become more engaged

The biggest thing about photography is that it represents the true world in front of us without any political limitations etc. the only limitation in photography is the 2D image. Why do the photographers not capture the 3d images while we have the 360-degree rotated images; Google also uses the 3D map and Google earth. so Virtual Reality is the need and will be the future of photography, as per our prediction.

Smartphones will destroy compact cameras:

In last we are predicting some negative for the future of photography that is from 2010, the sales of digital cameras have reduced to 80% while on the other hand, the sale of smartphones has increased. If anyone has a smartphone then this will be a hassle for them to carry extra weight for the same thing that can already be done by smartphones. There are so many apps available that can do the same things as DSLR or mirrorless cameras do. So as time will move further then technology will also improve so according to our prediction smartphones will kill the sale of cameras.

So these above are our predictions for the future, if that will become the reality then this will be very beneficial for society.


In today’s time, technology is becoming faster. Smartphones are wonderful creatures from human beings but as new invention takes place it affects the older inventions As the invention of Smartphones affects the businesses of the smartwatch, the radio, the camera, etc. but the art of photography never dies so there is the need of more improvement in the Photographic technologies so that the photography business can reach up to the same position as they previously had. So we hope that our predictions will take place and that will improve the photography business.


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