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Benefits of Online Learning Essay

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Distance learning is a method of education that is primarily characterized by the physical separation of students and their instructors. Traditionally distance learning was done through the use of the post. Today distance learning is realized seamlessly through technology. Advantages of distance learning through the use of technology are numerous. Learners make use of the internet to take online classes. They also use different electronic learning tools to relay their classwork and to facilitate student-student and student-teacher communication. A greater part of distance learning is composed of online live or recorded tutorial programs with extended classrooms comprising of tutors and students from all over the world.

Saves money

The learning institution does not incur the overhead costs of running administration offices, purchasing learning equipment and maintaining classrooms and lecture halls. A student taking online courses does not need to commute to class, rent a room next to campus premises or buy physical textbooks for reference in class. All you have to do is own a decent computer with enough disk space to save up all the learning materials that will be mailed to you at the comfort of your home. No pressure to buy expensive suits and ties, or keep up with the latest fashion trends, you can take a class in your pajamas as long as you are tuned in. This is one of the countless benefits of online college; it is affordable both for the learners and the institutions offering them.

Ease of access

Video conferencing software is made widely available for use by institutions practicing distance learning. As long as you settle your fees, you can access classes and lectures online by logging into an e-learning portal. You can interact with your teachers and other students as if they were on the other side of the table. This makes it possible for anybody anywhere to enjoy the fruits of knowledge, the excitement of idea sharing and good quality education.

Saves you time

All the time that students would otherwise have used to dress up, commute to class, and to wait for lectures to begin while they chat away is saved. Everything is available through your computer, and this is the great advantage of online learning. All you need is to wake up, wash your face, make a quick cup of coffee and turn on your laptop to start class. You also do not need to chase your tutors to submit assignments. You can send complete write-ups to your instructors simply by uploading files onto your student portal.

Offers broader networking

Students in distance learning programs come from all over the world. This is enabled by the ability to sign up for a course from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. On how to sign up for distance learning courses get more tips here. The many different types of students you will be exposed to give you a broader network of people you can interact and co-operate with on different initiatives. You have an enormous social capital to develop lasting professional networks once you graduate.

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Learn at your own pace

‘Self-paced learning’ is the catchphrase. In a traditional classroom set-up, all students go through course topics at the pace of their tutor. This is inconsiderate of fast learners and slow learners alike and the life circumstances of different students. Distance learning allows you to schedule your lessons with the frequency that you can keep up with. If you are free for most of the day, you can study all day long. If you have to work from 9 to 5, you can take your classes during the weekend or even at night. Students can complete entire degree programs in-between jobs, or while taking time to raise a family. With this possibility to multitask, there will be no more unexplainable gaps in your resume.

The benefits of online college can however only be realized with great self-discipline. Without someone supervising your whereabouts and timing, you have to fully commit to learning.

Flexible learning schedule

Distance learning allows students to model their schedule around other obligations. You have the flexibility to fix your course dates and classes. And you can watch recorded lectures at your own time. You would always find a group of learners to interact with at any time picking from the large pool of learners worldwide. The flexible schedule allows learners to prioritize their families and other things that matter most to them.

A stay at home mum taking an online course (

Variety of course offers to choose from

There are so many courses in online learning platforms, tailor-made for your goals and the current market needs in your field of study. You can learn about how to integrate a new approach in management or how to infuse new technology into your business practice. The courses are not only varied, but they are also specialized to ensure that you get value for your money. There is an option for almost everyone at every point in their career or life. If a program is not offered in your school, you can easily transfer credit to another distance learning school and take on from there.


Distance learning means that your fellow students are a rich diversity of cultures from different corners of the globe. Your ‘virtual classmates’ are also sorted out from different age groups. You will, therefore, be exposed to many novel ideas and ways of life. This exposure widens your perspective on things and increases your cross-cultural knowledge. It gives you so much material to necessitate creative thinking to solve real-life problems. If you are running a business or taking care of a family that needs your time, you can register an online learning course to reap distance learning advantages. You may take longer to graduate but you will have that diploma or degree hanging on your wall at the end of it all.

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