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Advantages of Education to Social Mobility

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Do you comply with your social status? Social mobility is the shifting of social status, It is a change of social status relative to one’s current social location within a particular society. Pitirim Sorokin shared this concept of social mobility with his book “Social and Cultural Mobility”, stating that there is no society that is either completely open or closed, examples he used being the class and caste systems. There are many types of social mobility including; Forms Of Vertical Social Mobility “individuals and groups may improve their position in the hierarchy by moving upwards or their position might worsen and they may fall down the hierarchy”, Intergenerational Social Mobility “It is a change in status from that which a child began within the parents, household to that of the child upon reaching adulthood”, Intra-Generational Mobility “it refers to the advancement in one’s social level during the course of one’s lifetime,”bStructural mobility “Structural mobility refers to mobility that is brought about by changes in stratification hierarchy itself”, Individual mobility “religion, level of education, skills, determination, occupation, place of residence and health determine individual mobility”, Absolute Mobility “measures whether and by how much living standards in a society have increased or decreased”, Relative Mobility “the fluidity of a society where if one person moves up in relative terms another by definition must have moved down i.e it is zero sum proposition”. A person can go from an intern to the manager, those different positions accommodate different pay salaries and when you go through that change, you show social mobility. Education has the biggest impact on people’s lives, deciding social status; lower class, middle class, and upper class. The different social statuses link with how much money you make. Having a record of any type of education always ends with benefits; a better perception, position, salary, and health. Education provides positive benefits to approve social mobility.

Education, education leads to many benefits from; economic growth, economic stability, a happier, healthier life “Women with post-primary education are five times more likely than illiterate women to be educated on the topic of HIV and AIDS”, and societal benefits like unity and trust. Having a record of education can reduce poverty “One extra year of schooling increases an individual’s earnings by up to 10%”. Even not having a high-school diploma will leave you with a job being a janitor, barely having you be stable, possibly leading to poverty. Though with any type of diploma or certificate like a GED, can earn you a spot in a job like construction, having higher pay and leading to at least a stable life. With not worrying about money or anything having to do with money.

Leading to the psychological standpoint of a happier life. Even a healthier life, stress can lead to depression and depression can only go downhill, from alcohol to drugs and just a negative mental state overall. Poverty webs from the projects (housing), foster care “If the enrollment rate for secondary schooling is 10 percentage points higher than the average, the risk of war is reduced by about 3 percentage points”, and being homeless in general. With Education as stated before will guarantee a stable life and definitely having you with a high paying job. With that type of salary the percentage of poverty will be decreased “420 million people would be lifted out of poverty with a secondary education, thus reducing the number of poor worldwide by more than half”. Child marriage is formly the force in young girls getting married to a man, precisely because she will be secure of money by being “taken care of by a man” and become a house wife “Each year of secondary education reduces the likelihood of marrying as a child by five percentage points or more”. But education will prohibit that because instead of living off a man and really anybody, independence will be gained which is what everyone strives for. When and if a women or even couple has a job that only suffices them but then if a new life had(s) been created, all these thoughts are running through the mind the main being “can i support this child?” And if no which is most, will lead to the decision of abortion and hopefully adoption. With having an education the stress of making money to support not only yourself but a child, will not lead to the decision of abortion but reduce maternal death “If all mothers completed primary education, maternal deaths would be reduced by twothirds, saving 189,000 lives”. Including not only maternity but children as well “A child whose mother can read is 50% more likely to live past the age of five.” As well as preventing disaster related deaths “The vicious confluence of poor educational opportunities, low skills and limited employment prospects can trap people in situations where they are also are far more likely to be exposed to environmental hazards and violence”. In education knowledge is gained with so much information being told and taught. Opening up the mind to many different things, and with that exercise promotes gender equality “One additional school year can increase a woman’s earnings by 10% to 20%”. In which will resolute to society unity eventually leading to societal trust as well.

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Achieving social mobility assist of ambition! With prioritizing stuff like; vouchers for housing, having public housing in all areas, especially the ones that are in need, fair housing rules by HUD, infrastructure investments, and definitely promoting school choice, effectively! To target all these components, have to have obtained qualities such as determination, confidence, hope. Social mobility is mostly important to lower class since the only decision for them is to move up in the social status. But changes need to be made! Social mobility is the transition of people from their social status, the best way to achieve social mobility is to understand what each placement of status is, determines, and needs. For example the lower class “the social group that has the lowest status; the working class”. The middle class “the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional and business workers and their families”. And the upper class “the social group that has the highest status in society, especially the aristocracy”. So what is determined? “The lower middle class is often made up of less educated people with lower incomes, such as managers, small business owners, teachers, and secretaries. The upper middle class is often made up of highly educated business and professional people with high incomes, such as doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and CEOs”. But what is needed for the lower and middle class to not have those labels, with the vouchers “Vouchers reduce rents for low-income families at a lower cost to the government than other forms of housing assistance”. The situation with vouchers is the landlord keeps a copy as well the resident but which is the right voucher when there is a rent issue? In which there has to be a more effective procedure to how rent and vouchers are handled, which also correlated with Better enforcement of fair housing rules by HUD. There is awareness when property is built in certain areas its a business method so to accumulate with social mobility public housing should be built in low-poverty areas, instead of highpoverty ones. The biggest and best way to achieve social mobility is to promote school choice!

Money is the most powerful thing in the world!it affects the actions and decisions made, depending on how much money is made determines everyone’s social status. Social mobility and social status interrelates, when either going up or down of social status, like moving from lower class to upper class or vise versa, demonstrates social mobility. The biggest factor to making money is education, education as well determines what placement in the social status everyone is placed in. If having a low level of education will place you in the lower class, but if having a high education will place in the upper class. Since education determines people’s placement, that defines how much money you make, with a history lacking education, that places you in the lower class affirming that a low wage of money is made. Imparting that education plays a role in social mobility. When education is “deciding” the placement of everyone social status that process is simply social selection. In which provides certainty of education ascendency to social mobility assessing social selection by grounded individuals obtained rather than assigned characteristics. Many think can be determined between the relationship of education and social mobility, for example if a person parents’ social status is in the lower class range, data determines the future of that person even if they do not have not even entered the world yet. Knowing that a child will be in the lower class range implies that their education record won’t be the best and unless they go through social mobility their income is low as well. Another thing that can be determined in areas with either high income status or low income status and the relation to social mobility “It is widely documented that places with higher levels of income inequality have lower rates of social mobility”.

To reiterate social mobility is a process that most people come across especially low class individuals. The best way to achieve social mobility is through education. Education declares your social status; low class, middle class and upper class. And if you are not compliant with your status which the low class would feel more. Then obtaining an educated background will definitely move you vertically up the scale, portraying social mobility!

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