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Advantages of Fourth Industrial Revolution Techniques: Analytical Essay

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The inexorable change from the easy digitization being the Third Industrial Revolution to the technologically based development the Fourth Industrial Revolution forces businesses to re-examine their ways of achieving cost efficiency and accuracy. Transportation and communications will decrease as technological innovations will also lead to a supply chain that will bring about long-term effectiveness and productivity gains (Herweijer, 2017). Technologies underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution have a major impact on businesses as many businesses are seeing the implementation of new technologies that generate completely new methods to meet the current requirements and substantially interfere with the current value chains in the industry (Schwab, 2016).

Customer expectations have altered with the evolution of technology. Online shopping has gained momentum as people are now buying products via mobile devices and starting to connect business to customer. Increasing transparency, customer engagement and new consumer behavior trends (progressively constructed on access to mobile networks and information) encourage businesses to adapt market and offer products and services in their design and delivery. One thing that Amazon does very well is to move closer to its clients by concentrating on convenience achieved by not being quick but fitting the best timing for clients, achieving competitive advantage by knowing client expectations and by nearer you get to the customer the far more personalized and predictive experience can be.( Schwab, 2016)

The Transportation & Logistics industry has introduced innovation and technology at a much slower pace than other industries, but this is changing now. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings progress in areas such as Artificial Intelligent, Internet of Things, Big Data, Block chains, Robotics and Advanced materials some sectors reacted rapidly, while others were able to continue without radical change. Artificially aided drones, sensors and big data stimulations can modify these operations and enhance involvement with people by taking advantage of innovative ways to generate and use information. Taking advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution techniques could not only transform the daily operations, but also the logistics of shipment (Campbell, 2017)

Taking advantage of Fourth Industrial Revolution techniques could not only transform the daily commute, but also the logistics of delivery and efficiency. In combination with big data and low-tech solutions including mobile phones and GPS navigation systems, Internet of things and Artificial intelligence can automate traffic surveillance and communicate congestions on the roads resulting in improved traffic flows and management. Optimized route planning, decreased delivery time. A start up (Where Is My Transport) in Cape Town has already begun aggregating official and informal public transport information into an open platform assisting in quicker routes, responsiveness to consumers. Real-time pattern recognition and block chains technology can assist city prices and create incentives for transportation network businesses to deliver off-peak. (Slater, 2018)

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Innovation and convergence in technology are driven by multiple stakeholders such as customer, with modifications in behavior playing a key role in technology adoption, IT firms such as Apple and Google engaging in autonomous vehicles, automotive manufacturers developing new car systems and governments encouraging technology adoption and adaptation.Technological advances have ledto the increase of electric vehicles, drones, additive manufacturing, independent cars and machinery and sensors working in real-time through ICT networks, allowing high price and time efficiencies. (Petje, 2019)

Rapid technological innovation and growth have led to severe factors regarding the sustainable motion of freighttransportation.With the capacity to travel 800 km between fees and integrate autonomous driving systems, Tesla’s all-electric semi-truck is likely to interrupt the commercial ICE trucking industry with real-world tests already underway in the United States(Mogg,2018).

The regulations stipulate that drones should be flown below from the ground and should not be permitted to float in close proximity to or above the crime scenes, prisons and police stations, courts of law and nuclear power plants or used to transport products and cargo (Wakefield, 2015). Drone techniques are capable of providing realtime footage, allowing respondents to respond and make timely choices.The Department of Transport and Public Works and the City of Cape Town enable the use of drone techniques to monitor rail tracks, thereby enhancing the safety and security of the system and the transportation system (Slater, 2018).

In the South African context, electric vehicles, drones, digitized and automated techniques have been introduced at rapid rates in latest years, along with modifications in commuter preferences.While the uptake of electric cars remains slow, techniques such as drones and sensors as well as automated and linked cars are integrated into the mobility of agricultural, industrial and freight, thus decreasing the need for standard cars and mobility machinery.

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