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Advertising Is A Major Method For Promoting Products: Coca-Cola Case

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Nowadays we see advertisements all around us without us noticing. They are all around us on phones, television, and even on newspapers. People do not realize that advertising influences their daily life and changes their way of thinking and buying a product. Advertisers use many different techniques to get the ad to function on different individuals depending on the product they are selling. One famous example of an advertisement is the Coca-Cola company, Coca-Cola is very well-known wide world due to the results of the large advertising they produce over so many decades that has change revolutionary over the world.

One of the most identified brands in the world; Coca-Cola has eminent the company as a huge symbol, a famous advertising that is very well known by everyone is the Coca-Cola Company’s Santa that has helped for many years to define the logo and the look of the brand. Coca-Cola has always kept the product in public eyes by creating a large amount o advertisements. The company promotes its product by marketing communication from print advertisements, promotions, coupons, media, and TV commercials.

Coca-Cola’s advertisements mostly target teenagers and young adults. Because Coca-cola aims their product represent with youth and high energy people. On the other hand, later, Coke’s advertising it’s changed their target market to ‘Coke for all’ or ‘Coke for everyone’ shows that not only the young generation are the target group of Coca-Cola but everyone also is its target.

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Signification is about how meanings are produced and circulated and the Coca-Cola Company has taken the history of Santa Claus, to help promote Coca-Cola as a brand during the Christmas season. The Coca-cola advert and publicize the Santa Claus appearance to a larger audience, old and young all around the world. Coca-Cola used the character of Santa as a selling target in order to expand the market towards a younger public and to help to increase sales of the drink throughout the cold season in Christmas.

Advertising is a major method for promoting products to the target audience. It can stimulate and convince customers to make purchasing decisions. There are many ways in marketing communication; especially advertising is a powerful marketing tool that can spread the message to the audience. Coca-cola who was the market leader in carbonated soft drinks successfully introduces their product in commercials to attract all audience. Effective advertising helps the Coca-Cola brand remain in consumer’s minds. Therefore, advertising is the secret key behind the scene of Coca-Cola’s success.

In conclusion brands like coca-cola want to get the attention of customers so they can buy their products We are surrounded by advertising. Whether you’re watching television, reading a magazine, going to the movies, or even browsing social media, you’re bound to see ads. Coca-cola ads are used to persuade people to buy their products and get a sense of how the marketing strategies of their advertisers really work in society and how it has changed in every aspect of our daily day life.

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