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Affinities Of Imagination Between Literature And Screen: Mrs. Dalloway And Oedipus

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Narration is the common element between image and text. Screen adaptation of novel and epic explores the emotions of peoples in form of moving or motion of images moreover now a day’s more information related to novel and academic work available on internet. Whereas, literature based upon a lengthy and complex text which evoke the critical thinking and other abilities of peoples. So, this paper concludes that how literature enhance our knowledge and critical abilities of a person. So, this research paper concludes that how literature enhance our knowledge because it based upon a deep reading of a text.


In this article we are going to discuss the nature of textual literature and screen literature. We will also discuss the addition, exclusion and complexities regardless changing nature of their medium of representation. Literature review contains the previous researches in the same era and the researcher just shares his knowledge. The aim of literature review is to show the reader that the researcher has read and has a good grasp of the aim published work.

English literature is a material that is written in English language, either in the form of poetry, drama, novel or a prose. Screen literature is a piece of literature that is filmed. Screen literature reveals on us significance and importance of written English literature. For example, Lords of Files. I enjoyed the book more than the movie because it went more in depth and written in detailed description. While on another hand by watching movie, I came to know about how all characters look alike by their faces and by their action.

The aim of the researcher is to highlight the affinities or relationship between textual literature and screen literature. Textual literature demands more time from the reader. If a reader is reading a play or a novel, he must put his focus on the written work and try to understand the language and grasp the deeper meaning of that piece of literature. It is because of having enough time from the reader side. Most of the people do not have enough time to read the full text of a play or a novel. There may be some people who are not able to understand the language of that specific piece of literature. So, they don’t prefer to read the text. They take more interest in watching that piece of literature because it takes a short time in understanding the main story of that piece of literature. On the other hand, screening literature doesn’t require any specific capability from the person who is watching it.

The researcher has observed minutely the affinities between textual literature and screen literature. By his/her research he collected information and data for defining the objectives of his research work. The researcher has observed the positive sides of textual and screen literature. The main objective of the researcher is to highlight the crucial difference between textual and screen literature.

The main purpose of this article is to put light on the connection between textual literature and screen literature. The main purpose of textual literature is to enhance the reading capability of a reader. By reading text, it helps a reader to improve his conceptual ability and he tries to make his concepts clear regarding the subject. Textual study helps a reader to share his views with others and it also helps him a lot in building a critical thinking. The critical approach of a reader does improve, and he goes into the profound and deeper side of the text and it helps him a lot in understanding and comprehending the things regarding that piece of literature. Textual literature helps a reader in understanding the different characters of a play or a novel. From these characters, a reader learns a lot and he try to understand them psychologically. The psychological insight of a character from a play or a novel helps a reader to understand the psychological aspect of any piece of literature. The reader tries to remember the good and conflicting male and female characters as conflict is an important aspect of any play. It is truly said that if there is no conflict, there is no drama.

The main purpose of screen literature is to amuse the viewers. Screen literature has played a very important role in the entertainment of people. People are enjoying their life by watching different plays and films on the screen. Screen literature is providing a healthy and fruitful entertainment to the people by sitting in their houses. Majority of the people are being entertained by the screen literature. The main purpose of screen literature is to entertain the people in a lighter mood. Majority of a people like to watch dramas or novel or any piece of literature on the screen because it demands less effort and capability in understanding. Screen literature helps in understanding the movements and gestures of different characters. The understanding of common people is greater in screen literature than textual literature. The lighter changes brought in screen literature while dramatizing it. The comedy is presented in lighter tone in such a way as to amuse and entertain the viewers fully. The tragic scenes of a drama or a novel are presented in such a way as to arouse a feeling of sorrow and sadness at a maximum level. Oedipus Rex is a best example of it. The tragic end of Oedipus arouses a feeling of sadness and sorrow in the audience. The self-punishment of Oedipus for blinding himself at his flouts gives us the viewpoint of writer Sophocles who thought that best punishment is the self-punishment. Screen literature leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. People remember a movie or a drama for a long time only because of its visual presentation. By watching screen literature, they are some people who keep in mind the important and famous dialogues of a screen play. Some people try to speak the famous dialogues of a play in their discussion as they have watched the characters delivering it. Screen literature also encourages a people to act in the same way in their daily life. Screen literature also inculcates the sense of acting in the common people.


Over the years many literary versions have come to big screen. It is something very special that some popular stories come from the pages of their books to screen that was seen by many peoples via different medium such as theatre and film. Watching a film adaptation of a book that you already read give you a further knowledge about it and develop an analytical thinking in a person.

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When you read a book in same way as a director draw a relationship between character and setting of a scene. If a person reads a book in that way so it can be easy for him to draw the differences and similarities between the structure of a book and a film. When you watch a literary adaptation of any novel in the form of film, actor meant to be a characters which portray a different personality or attitude on a screen help you to draw a picture in mind when you are reading a written story. Film based upon viewpoints of a written story allows you to consider different perspective s of others. Films give you a new viewpoint, through the eyes of director. Therefore, whatever novel you like, there is already a film, it will give you a different type of pleasure that how your favorite characters are presented on a screen. Novel drive an imagination and gives you a desire in life. Such as Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf published on 14 May 1925 and adapted in a film version in 1997 by Marleen Gorris.

Film presents story of hours into minutes. In film adaptation of Mrs. Dalloway opens with Septimus which was a main victim of world war 1. The shot of smoke in a film create sense of dream in a viewer mind although it was a flashback. While watching a film of Mrs. Dalloway we see reaction of Septimus towards his friend Evan who blown up by an explosion which fills the screen with white and softening focus. This soft white scene also becomes a part of bedroom of Mrs. Dalloway which show somehow connection between Septimus and Clarissa Dalloway.

Although, Mrs. Dalloway is a unique novel and take place in a single day. At the beginning of novel Clarissa Dalloway doing a preparation for a hosting a party at that evening. She was walking through the street of London to collect a flower for their party where she met with his old suitor Peter Walsh. In the novel author used a technique of flashback, which keep reminding Clarissa Dalloway about her youth. At the same time, we read that how Clarissa Dalloway and people around her was greatly affected by shell-shocked. By reading a novel we learn more about his experience in war and how war left a lasting impact on him and people around her. Moreover, screen literature is not as fine and soothing like a book. Book gives a more information and detailed description about characters and event happening in a novel. Now we will lead our discussion based on literature review, significance of our research, its aims, objectives and purposes in the form of analytical report.

Analytical Report

On the basis of data and information it is reported under the topic “Affinities of Imagination Between Literature and Screen” that textual literature and screen literature are different aspects of studying literature. Language plays an important role in studying and screening literature in both the cases a reader and a viewer must have the language proficiency. As a matter of adaptation of literature into film it is not as though a adaptation is a only of relationship that might exist between literature and screen, but it is the one that most persistency occupies the critic, the reviewer and the ordinary filmgoer alike. It is not necessary after several years of serious research into the processes of adaptation to insist the reliability to the original text. The director of a film may bring some changes in any piece of literature to fulfill its own requirement. It is not easy to make a case strong while screening any play or novel of cheap quality. The case would be strong in terms of the writing of great dramatist and novelist like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and William Golding. In the discussion of literature of the screen one should not concern with the large number of badly written films that have found their ways to the screens of the world. There arises a problem even to great directors of films while converting a piece of literature into films like in the work of Hemingway and Faulkner. The trouble with our screen literature is that they are not selective about that upon which they choose to base their case. A criticism done on the screen literature is that sometimes they take the story from a cheap material which is not liked by the educated people. The level of imagination of people is disturbed and hurt by watching the screen literature that belongs to a low category. The screen literature is providing information based on a scientific invention. Science fiction movies are best example of it because it has some exaggeration in it. The positive aspect of screen literature like science fiction films is that viewers can understand the scientific and technological development which has been taken place in future.

It is well said that they are no alternative of a book. As we all know that reading text literature demands a proficient knowledge in the specific language in which it is written. They are many written drama and novels available in the market and on the internet. A devoted reader can quench his thrust by textual literature as much as he likes. The literature of a text gives a deep understanding of a subject and it also enhance the imaginative faculty of a reader. Thou, it demands a lot of time from the reader to devote. A man can enhance and promote his ability to comprehend and grasp the things in a better way. Man gets to know about different words which enhances the level of vocabulary as well as it polishes his speaking ability. The enjoyment of reading textual literature awakes up all the senses of a man. He starts imagining the things which take place in a drama or a novel. The ability to understand the cues is improved by reading textual literature. It brings an improvement in the level of language and the usage of language. A good reader of literature enjoys a usage of coinage which the different qualitative writers use. The reading of textual effects the overall personality of a reader. He becomes more mature and understands the things in better way. Giving a reference of any piece of literature in the matters of day to day life enhances the level of ability and it becomes a cause of appreciation of that person. While reading the plays of Shakespeare a reader comes to know a lot about the characters of the play. The most surprising thing about the characters of Shakespeare plays is that we feel them like human being they are very close to the people of real world. A reader finds the same richness in the characters of tragedy and comedy of Shakespeare’s plays because he had an equal aptitude for writing tragedy and comedy. The most distinctive feature of Shakespeare’s play is that his plays are never alike, and a good textual reader enjoys it a lot because he finds a multiple variety in his plays.

The reading of novel gives a specific sense to the reader to go deep into the delineation of characters. As a good reader knows that success of a novel lies in its theme as well as in characters. The delineation of female characters in the novel is one of the hallmarks of the novelist and a good textual reader gets to know even the psychological aspect of female characters. The novels of George Eliot are best example of it as she goes into the psychological depth of her characters. “Adam Bede” is the best example of it. It is because of psychological depth of her characters that George Eliot’s novel “Adam Bede” is considered a modern novel. And a good reader of textual literature knows it very well. A good reader of textual literature is aware of most famous English novelist of 19th century Jane Austen. She was a quintessential pillar of 19th century English fiction. She was given a title “The mother of 19th century English novel”.

A textual reader of literature is well-aware of Jane Austen. She has written only six novels out of which most important are “Pride and Prejudice and “Emma”. The range of her novel was very limited as her novels deal with domestic issues and married life. Emma by Jane Austen is a novel about domestic issues from high landers and low landers. Novel relates to Georgian Vergency that we perceive it like earlier Victorian novel. Victorian novel link with artificial type of mannerism so this novel can also be called comedy of manners mean through manners how people are comic one and bit ridiculous one through their doings. It is hubris type of novel which shows the over-confidence and foolishness type of pride, so Jane Austen typically focuses in all his maximum novels like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility”. One and foremost thing about novel that is story of delicate. It is story of delicate females, novel of gentle woman like a fairy although we call it a fairytale, yet it is a story about fairies which is very delicate and innocent human but foolish.


By making the whole analysis of textual literature and screen literature, we came to know that both textual literature and screen literature are considered important and necessary for students. It is also noted that students still like to read textual literature. Research shows that student enthusiastic to engage with screen literature to improve their learning. But every student has no access to the screen literature, and it becomes a hindrance in the way of learning. However, textual literature requires a level of concentration quite different to screen literature. Reading complex and lengthy literature may help contextual analysis and a deeper sense of knowing. So, it is important that we don’t dismiss the textual literature from academic libraries particularly in universities that aim to equip their graduates with critical thinking and independent learning skills.


  1. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
  2. Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
  3. Lords of files by William Golding
  4. Emma by Jane Austen
  5. Narration in the fiction film by David Bordwell
  6. Sense of Film Narration
  7. Hidden Differences: New meanings in adaptations of literature to the screen by George Raitt (DEAKIN UNIVERSITY)
  8. Adam Bede by George Eliot
  9. Screen and paper reading research

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