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Why Is It Important to Study African American History: Persuasive Essay

The built environment experiences numerous influences throughout the designing and construction process, from political and economic statuses to social impact. Context plays a crucial part in grounding architecture into the environment, complementing and enriching the overall design experience. As described by David Adjaye “Architecture is always in conversation with the world around it” (2017), without these contextual challenges our buildings may lack purpose and meaning. By analyzing the design responses to the contextual influences faced when generating the Smithsonian National...
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Reflections on Slavery in African American History and the Struggle of Slaves for Freedom

Slavery is a topic in history that has been taught throughout the years. Slavery has been around since the 1600s. The year was to 1619 to be exact when the first shipment of African slave was brought and shipped to North America. The port was in Jamestown, Virginia was the African slaves were brought. African slaves were brought to North America by European slave owners for free labor and to make sure the production of tobacco and cotton was done....
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Reconstruction Era and New Freedom Struggle for Black Americans

Following the Civil War, the country still was divided as the Republicans, who fought to uphold civil liberties for the newly freed, and the Democrats, who opposed Reconstruction, continued to have escalating tensions of the topic of freedom for black Americans. President Andrew Johnson, a staunch Democrat from Tennessee, failed to create successful policies to help assimilate the black community with the white community in the war-torn nation. His Reconstruction plan created the Freedmen’s Bureau on March 3, 1965, but...
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Significance of Reconstruction for African Americans

The federal government is the most significant factor in improving the lives of African Americans not only politically but also socially. The long-term effects of Reconstruction before and after it played a huge role in advancing the civil rights of blacks and in part significant in improving the lives of African Americans. Reconstruction was described as the rebuild of the South, but it also gave African Americans political power in the South. one main reason while the Reconstruction period was...
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Reconstruction and the Freedmen’s Bureau

During the Reconstruction era, the rebuilding of the south proved to be a difficult task. Even after the abolition of slavery blacks still faced harsh discrimination. Due to the continuous unequal treatment of blacks, the government of United States created the Freedmen’s Bureau. This organization provided Americans across the South with a resource to seek advice with race related issues. The letters provide first-hand information about what the environment was like that existed in the post­war south. Specifically, the letters...
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Representation of Reconstruction Era in Howard Fast's Novel 'Freedom Road'

‘Freedom Road’ by Howard Fast is a historical fiction novel based on the Reconstruction era after the American Civil War. This novel emphasizes the racial impact on the African-American society transitioning from slavery to living a civil life. It elaborates on the superiority of racism during the 19th and 20th centuries. The events that occurred in the novel are fiction but they took place during a distinctly important and problematic time period in history. In the novel, Gideon Jackson was...
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African-American Experience in American West: Civil War and Reconstruction

Despite the unique social, economic and political progress that America has achieved over the years, it is yet to mitigate racism. Institutionalized racism is quite prevalent in modern society as blacks face discrimination in employment, social status, and healthcare services. The current events, however, reflect experiences of African-Americans since they entered America as slaves. In essence, the Civil War occurred as a result of conflict over the expansion of slavery to western states. Even though life was somehow better for...
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The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano': Critical Analysis Essay

Olaudah Equiano: His Story As He Remembered Olaudah Equiano, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, written by Himself (London: 1790), 51-54 The African American Historian Olaudah Equiano attempted to showcase the horrors and terror of the triangular trade. “The Triangular Trade was also known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade; it was a way of trading goods during the 16th-19th century between the regions of Europe, Africa, and the Americas.” The middle...
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Civil Rights Movement: Key Events and Importance to the African American Race

This essay is written to inform readers of the Civil Rights Movement, the Montgomery Bus Boycott as the key its event, the importance of the movement to the African American race, and the Civil Rights Act. On December 1, 1955, the life of our nation changed forever. The start of the Civil Rights Movement began with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the 1900s. December 1st, 1955, was a day many African Americans marked as the day to stand up for...
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Essay on Slavery in America

How did slavery affect the United States economically and politically? Slavery had great effects on the United States of America politically and economically throughout the 1800s. Some of these include the division of the United States being slave states or free states, elections being based on approval or abolishment of slavery, the economic stability of slavery in the South, and the agricultural effects of slavery leading to the stability of the South. Source 1: This article reads the opinion of...
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Fugitive Slave Narratives: An Analysis Of American Slavery And The Fight For Freedom

In order to better understand and analyze the narratives of different fugitive slaves and the impact their stories had on American society and the abolition movement, one must first gain a basic overview of the history of slavery in America. Slavery in America was a controversial issue from the very beginning, as it became a major topic of debate when drafting the constitution. Concessions were made on both sides and through the use of language such as “all other persons”,...
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Martin Luther King And The Non-Violent Social Activist Movement For African-Americans

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed” (Martin Luther King Jr) Martin Luther King Jr is the most well-known pioneer of the non-violent social activist movement for African-Americans. His movements were focused on ending racial discrimination against African-Americans by desegregating public transports, public parks and schools where non-whites were not allowed (Virtanen and Huddy 1998) His movement had such a strong impact on the people and the country that it led to...
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Martin Luther King Jr. And 1968: The Turning Point In American History

Introduction: The Pivotal Year of 1968 in American History America’s history is filled with many eventful years, but none are as eventful as the year 1968. 1968 was a presidential election year, a leap year, a year of violence, and the year that citizens found their freedom of speech. Some describe 1968 as “a year of triumphs and tragedies, social and political upheavals, that changed our country forever.” (1968: A Year of Turmoil and Change 2018). The year 1968 is...
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Malcolm X’s Role in the Black Community

Malcolm X was an African-American leader and a very prominent figure within the black community for things he accomplished during the civil rights movement. He pioneered the concepts of race pride and black nationalism in the 1960s.[footnoteRef:1] Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925, with his birth name of Malcolm Little. Even from a young age, Malcolm X went through hardships, which includes when his father died, and his mother was committed to a mental facility.[footnoteRef:2] Malcolm X’s parents...
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The Image of Modern Malcolm X

The infamous Malcolm X receives a tribute by a movie that came out in the year of 1992 admiring his achievements. The movie was named, of course, Malcolm X. He stated multiple speeches that was within this movie, but there was one speech that stood out and had a strong stand to it. The name of the speech was: Address to the People of Harlem on the ‘White Man’. Malcolm had this speech in Harlem during the Civil Rights era....
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The Analysis of Malcolm X and his Autobiography

By the end of the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm is made out to seem like a saint, when in reality that doesn’t seem to be the case. At the time that the book was being viewed as a bad guy, especially compared to Martin Luther King Jr, so maybe this book was written as an attempt to show him in a better light and this book being written by Alex Haley through interviews with Malcolm X. Through his change...
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Why Malcolm X was Assassinated?

Fifty-five years on, concerns about why Malcolm X was killed by the Nation of Islam are still causing mistrust and tensions between law enforcement agencies and the Black community (Felber 2015). Malcolm X was an American Islamic preacher and human rights activist, assassinated on 21 February 1965. When Malcolm was six years old, his house was burned down, and his father died after being hit by a streetcar. Many suspects that the accidents were caused by white supremacists. After that,...
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The Key Events in the Life of Malcolm X

The three key events in the autobiography of Malcolm x that help develop a central idea in the text is racial identity. The other key fact is separation and integration, and systematic and the last one is Oppression. IN this text you will see how in the autobiography of Malcolm x develop 3 key facts that help create 3 central ideas that all connect. To begin with, an example of racial identity in the text is white supremacy. The idea...
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The Importance of Malcolm X Ideas

What a coincidence that this weeks reading coincides with the anniversary of Malcom X’s death. Fifty-five years ago on February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated. The Autobiography of Malcom X is by far one of the most influential books that I’ve read in my life; I want to take some time to reflect on this great mans life. Malcom X is an example on so many levels; He is the example of triumph over adversity. He is an example...
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Malcolm X as a Muslim Leader for Civil Rights

As everyone knows, Malcolm X is a very important figure throughout history. He was apart of many different groups because he wanted to help and make changes for the better. Malcolm X used his involvement in the Nation of Islam as a platform to advance change. In this essay It will show Malcolm’s induction into the religion, and how he was able to use it to advance his message to African-American people during the Civil Rights Movement. Also what the...
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How does Malcolm X Learn to Read and Educate Others?

Throughout our United State history, there were many people that were significant in the rise of Black Power which created the foundation for the ideas of Black Power. When we talk Black Power let us talk about Malcolm X who was significant in the rise of Black Power in many ways. So who is Malcolm X? well Malcolm X was born in 1925, in Omaha, he is an African American leader in the civil rights movement, minister and supporter of...
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History of Malcolm X and his Activity

Malcolm X, a man who stands against the regular and normal civil rights act. He was an activist who fought for people of color. In the US, people of color were restricted and isolated by the Jim Crow Laws which was created to enforce segregation of dark-skinned race from white people.The dark-skinned race did not have the same or nearly close rights as the caucasians this generation (age). However, he was born Malcolm Little on May 19/1925 in Omaha city...
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The Portrayal of Malcom X as a Leader

Malcolm X is one of the most influential figures in the history of the United States of America (USA) who lived during a period when the American States experienced great racial tension. He assumed a unique political, social, or economic position that disturbed many Americans especially the whites. Being a black American, Malcolm X remains an influential voice in the quest for racial equality following the racial discrimination that the black Americans endured during that period. Malcolm X was committed...
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Malcolm X: The Ballot or the Bullet

On April 3rd, 1964 Malcolm X, a household name during the civil rights movement, delivered his speech in Cleveland, Ohio in order to discuss one important issue: the American values of democracy and freedom are not inclusive to African-American citizens. In his speech, Malcolm wanted to persuade fellow African-Americans to become more engaged politically and be more vocal. In the speech “The Ballot or the Bullet,” Malcolm X uses a variety of rhetorical devices such as pathos, the usage of...
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Malcolm X and Experiencing Education

Monique Rizer wrote, “in my experience, there is no better motivation to finish college and to appreciate the full experience than a child whose future depends on your decisions. I had to continue to give him a better life and to set an example for him to follow” (588). Similarly, Malcolm X claims, “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Both Rizer and Malcolm X had motivations to become educated,...
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The Portrayal of the United States in The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told by Alex Haley is the tale about a man who phenomenally impacted American history. Malcolm Little, or Malcolm X as he is considerably more broadly known, stimulated what he put stock with respect to separation, inclination, and division. Experiencing puberty in an expansive family with a dad Earl Little, a Baptist pastor, and his mom Louis Little who was a homemaker, Malcolm’s life at the time had every one of the reserves of...
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Civil Right Activist: Malcolm X

After the World Wars when minorities returned from serving their countries, they had realized that nothing change. Minorities veterans still received unequal discriminative treatment triggering a rise of civil rights movements during the time between 1950s – 1965s calling it “The Decade of Prosperity and Protest.” Many historical leaders arose during this decade such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Betty Friedman. Among those leaders was Malcom X who was a civil right activist that advocated black pride...
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Black Power of Malcolm X

The importance of this research paper is to compare and contrast the two speeches made by Malcolm X. The speaker, Malcolm X, constructs himself as a member of the movement. Malcolm X wanted equality among the two races, negroes and caucasians. In the history of the United States, we have had many years of segregation due to race. Unfortunately, we even see race issues in today’s world. For a long time our country has experienced racism and this has caused...
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The Truth about Malcolm X

Malcolm X is viewed as quite a questionable person. His followers see him as a fearless human rights activist who fought for the rights of African Americans, a righteous leader who showed white America how racist it was (YouTube). His enemies see him as a racist, anti-Semitic and savage person. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known as “Malcolm X” has been watched by the FBI for his whole life as a civil rights activist. Malcolm was born on May 19, 1925,...
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The Evolution of Freedom Throughout American History

Freedom, the foundation of American democracy, functions in various ways throughout American history in terms of its definition. The extent to which there has been an evolution in the concept of American freedom has been debated by historians with a variety of opinions. Some argue that the term’s definition has radically evolved while others believe there has only been a slight change since the founding period. This question induces the debate regarding the degree in which the definition of American...
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