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Agents of Socialization: Analytical Essay

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My name is Rafael Nevarez, and I was born in a small-town in Puerto Rico, Rio Piedra. I am one of three children, I have an older brother, a little brother. My role and status in my society includes being a husband, son, dad, Soldier, and student at American Military University.

Growing up in a family of five children, I was born to stand out and succeed to my full potential. Problems and disappointments in my youth were the building blocks and foundation for my strength and willpower to succeed and be a strong Soldier within society. My parents raised us Catholic, and family was of extreme importance. Any reason for a family get together, meant having our immediate family, aunts, uncles, cousins (everyone for that matter) over whether it be the holidays, birthday party, or a typical Saturday night family dinner. It was important for us all to get together, play, socialize, catch up, and most importantly bring the family together.

My mother is a chef, and as a child I dreamed of following her footsteps and becoming a chef myself. I have always had an ardent desire to help others, and a heart full of compassion. I am currently a father of four children, and am just beginning to pursue my dreams of becoming a Chef.

Growing up in a tight-knit family was an incredible experience; however, like many, we had our own downfalls. My father was a Soldier and made a doctor’s degree in education. He always worked hard to provide for us, and he never missed one of my sporting sports events. He is a wonderful grandfather to my kids call him Abu.

As a man, socialization has affected me on the grounds that my adolescents, and educated me on how to feature in my social world. This getting to know manner can arise through the sellers of socialization. The 4 retailers of socialization that practice to me encompass family, college, peer companies, and chef.

Agent of Socialization: Family

Family is the primary agent of socialization and was my first function within society as a toddler. My parents, my maternal grandparents, my siblings, and all my prolonged family have helped me developing up. They’ve taught me how to talk, how to walk, a way to dress, and the way to perceive friends from strangers. Via this agent of socialization, I was able to study and develop with the assistance of my own family. I discovered the expectancies and societal norms within society, and commenced to recognize my position within society.

Both of my dad and mom have more than one university degrees, and strived for my siblings and me to have a right schooling. We had been taught that a good education furnished power and achievement within society. Because the age of parent’s starts off evolved to become more youthful in our technology, they do now not have the right morals and moral values as my figure’s technology. My parents were very strict, and strongly supported the belief that they had been conforming to social norms, and teaching us recognize.

Symbolic Interactions’ was motivated by Max Weber, who believed that industrialization might significantly impact our society (OpenStax, 2017). Weber changed into able to pick out the structure of society as elegance, reputation and power, and this lead to the idea of explanation. Clarification is a society that is centered on effectiveness and motive, which Weber believed is the bottom of society. I suppose that the concept of rationalization can relate to my own family as a sociological agent. My parents believed that being logical and green have been balanced inside our circle of relative’s values. As an instance, being logical supposed following the rules, respecting our elders and using commonplace feel whilst in a difficult state of affairs. Additionally, being green intended being properly organized, cleansing our rooms, being on time, reliable and responsible. These key traits have interaction with my family, however additionally how individuals relate to society.

Agent of Socialization: Peer Groups

During my youngsters, up till cutting-edge, I have applied the agent of socialization known as peer organizations. A peer group is “made from individuals who are comparable in age and social status and who proportion pursuits” (OpenStax). As an infant, I began peer group socialization at my day care, and preschool mastering the societal norms of sharing and growing.

As an early teenager, I started out to recognize how extensive peer companies have been to my private photo. I used to be actively worried in my churches religious schooling program, and used to train the lessons for the more youthful children. Being involved with this software, I used to be able to connect to my church “circle of relatives,” and take part in new activities and groups. I started out to develop courage, awareness and electricity; a new feel of individuality. “Peer agencies offer young people’ first important socialization experience outdoor the area in their households” (OpenStax).

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The involvement of peer businesses made me need to be with my friends in preference to my family. Peer stress can also be called having a peer pressure any other character into doing something they would no longer usually do. In my middle teens, I used to be satisfied that I knew the entirety, and developing up felt just like the quality opportunity to have more freedom. I commenced feeling extra peer stress to healthy in, and conform to the norms in society. Peer stress started with easy matters, like going to look a movie past curfew, or a celebration my dad and mom banned me from. Basically, I just desired to have a laugh with my pals and match in, irrespective of the results.

As I started out to develop up, I settled down with my wife, as an Army Soldier. Unexpectedly my instructional dreams were positioned aside, as I supported her career and raised assist her with our four younger youngsters. As I commenced to have a family of my personal, I’ve found out that my friends do not have the equal have an impact on me as they once did; I might as an alternative be with my circle of relatives. I commenced to educate my youngsters to babble, stroll, play, percentage, and the thrill that existence has.

Conformity is conforming to the ideals, attitudes and behaviors to adhere to the social norms. Emile Durkheim have become a functionalist, and he modified into capable of connect that the shared behaviors and person behaviors differed, based totally on morals and the attitudes inside society (OpenStax).

“If I do not submit to the conventions of society, if in my dress I do not conform to the customs observed in my country and in my class, the ridicule I provoke, the social isolation in which I am kept, produce, although in an attenuated form, the same effects as punishment” (OpenStax).

Social blending with friends creates an effective social strength and verbal exchange. Durkheim believed that if one did now not agree to the social and cultural norms within their society they could be in social isolation. It’s far important in all degrees of existence to engage with friends because people gain social and emotional aid with humans that proportion the same values and pastimes

Agent of Socialization: School

Developing up in an own family of 7, my parents set the bar excessive with expectancies and dreams. I usually felt like a failure to my own family, as I did now not pursue schooling in advance like my families “norm,” but as an alternative settled down, and commenced a own family of my personal. Subsequent month I can be thirty years antique, and that I subsequently experience like it is my possibility to comply with my desires and academic dreams of becoming a nurse.

The years that I’ve been a stay at domestic mother, I’d no longer alternate for whatever.

As I get lower back out into the “actual global,” I have discovered what I need to accomplish to live to tell the tale in our present culture. The agent of socialization for school can be described as the theoretical angle of functionalism. As a functionalist, schooling and schooling is essential within societies, and cultural values resource in making treasured selections to higher one’s self. Within the U.S.A., schooling is valued within society and the benefits provide careers and trade talents. It is noted that functionalists examine “culture in terms of values” (OpenStax), and with education being especially valued within my society, it’s miles important for me to be triumphant with my instructional goals.

Agent of Socialization: Executive Chef

The executive chef is another significant agent of socialization. During my profession as an Executive chef, impersonal information can be mass-produced and distributed through the in the food industry. Examples of the food industry, televisions, the newspapers, the radio, and the World Wide Web.

In my younger years my siblings and I watched Disney movies and television on the normal. My favorite TV display became seventh Heaven and saved through the Bell. Both TV series had an influence on my non-public fashion feel; which include my hair styles and the clothes I selected to put on. While thinking about chef, I assume its miles critical to use a sociological imagination, as you are then able to view society as a stranger searching in. Wright mills changed into capable of join a character to culture by means of defining that and photo that our society is the reason for war and problems that stand up in our lives (OpenStax). It’s also vital to understand that way of life is based on relationships, behaviors and interactions inside society, so the use of a sociological creativeness can help recognize the relationships among chef and our society.


The four dealers of socialization that I’ve cited have affected me as an infant, thru my adolescent years, and into my adulthood. Socialization and conforming to societal norms has formed our Society into what it’s far nowadays. Our encounters with social agencies train us of our expectations within society. Sellers of socialization, along with own family, peer agencies, faculty, and executive chef, helps to reinforce values and societal norms.

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