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AJS Organizational Administration In Justice And Security

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In my paper I am writing about the Drug Enforcement Administration and the importance of this agency and the difference it has made within our know this agency is dedicated to putting an end to drugs in America. I will exam may aspects of this important and effective agency. The Drug Enforcement Agency it is a federal agency under the United States department of justice. This agency main task is to stop drug trafficking and distribution within the United States. The agency works with other agencies like Homeland security and the FBI also, they also work with Immigration and customs. Organizational design it is a step by step system and it identifies the various aspects of workflow and procedures structural and systems also to realign them to fit current business realities / goals. Organizational design is the process of creating or changing a structure of an organization to integrate people information and technology. Information technology has a set of tools processes systems and data communication. The organizational has many divisions and locations and it is more it is an official site of the US department of Justice. The Drug Enforcement Administration has many locations throughout America. The Drug Enforcement Administration they work with other agencies federal local and states. The Drug enforcement agency is very competent and relentless and always improving to make their agency the best at drug enforcement and bring in more people. The structure of an organization has a lot of influence on the behavior of its employees. Its groups and separate people graphically hierarchically or both. There are many types of organizational structures that are possible and the most successful ones are made with the knowledge of the way each structure are made with the knowledge pf the way each structure shapes behavior that includes work performance and also working relationships. Any organization can undertake rapid successful reorganization

The organizational design of the DEA is hierarchical organization with different levels of management powers and authority. A hierarchical structure is a functional organization structure. Corporations government are hierarchical organizations with different levels of management, power or authority. The effects of an organizational structure on behavior it can occur from several different sources. The way the reporting relationship are structured it can define who makes the decisions. Employee rewards like pay and promotions may be tied to their performance. The organized structure is the controlling factor in this situation. The organized structure is really designed for senior managers who usually makes the decisions about who gets the credit for any kind of a solution or a problem or solution is founded. Employee who are getting the work done they want to know that they are appreciated and trusted for their hard work. Employees they need to be recognized for their ideas and strategies that do work. management needs to also communicate better with their employees. The more they are recognized for their ideas and hard work the happier they will be in their jobs. Within a team with everyone sharing their ideas and strategies it enhances the team performance. The team will be able to make the right decision because of the sharing of information and ideas and to be willing to work together as a team. Video collaboration can also make it easier for teams to work together and share information and knowledge from a lot of different areas. A team can leverage the strategies capability with emotional intelligence it can help to play a major role in building a high- performance team. More communication with each team member a friendly environment loyalty and team member contribution in the decision- making progress. The team leader keeps the team motivated and address any concerns right away with each team member. Also, the leader of the team must stress the purpose and the goal of the team.

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The leader should develop a relationship and make sure the purpose is clear and ground rules are established. When the team trust their leaders and is ready to establish open communication when trust is gained then it will be easy to communicate with the team and it can become a high performing team with trust and open communication. Organizational structure it is very important in any organization because a business and organization they need structure within their organization to function and grow. An organization without structure there is very little clarity without structure. A business is sometimes referred to as an organization because there should be a flow of authority and leadership in which every individual should have a good idea of what they should do and whom they should supervise and exactly who they report to.

Organizational charts they can be viewed and shared for enhanced vision or clarity throughout the company or agency. A team or group can use strategies in order to figure out where their company is at and what is the best plan of action to take within the organization. an organizational structure defines how activities such as who does what task who coordinates and supervises are all directed toward achieving a well-organized business. A chart could be drawn up with a strategy or plan for the IT department to make sure it is performing in the right way. Teams they can share ideas and strategies with each other on how they can become a well- organized and structured team that will not only be capable of being a high- performance team but also outperforming other teams. It is important to be a well-organized organization and treat all your employees fairly but it is also important to be a well- organized team who understands what it takes to become a well-organized team and are willing to work together for the sake of the team. Well performing teams what I mentioned in my paper that’s how they become well performing why because they trust their leader and each other and they developed relationships with each other in order to become a well- organized successful team.


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