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Alcohol Use and Crime

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This article focuses on the connection or impact of alcohol use on criminal activity in the United States. In the article, the authors used data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) to highlight the main claim that alcohol consumption is strongly linked to criminal activities. In addition, the article’s subclaims indicate that most drinkers may be involved in property crimes and predatory crimes, while most of the participants are teenagers.

The reason, the authors suggest, is that alcohol affects people’s judgment, as well as their physical health. However, the ability of adolescents to manage emotions is weak, so they cannot make accurate judgments. To support this view, the author presents some evidence. Male and female drinkers, for example, are more likely to commit property or predatory crimes than non-drinkers, and up to 44.4% of offenders are under the age of 24 (Popovici, Ioana, et al. 532).

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The author’s research focuses on the relationship between alcohol and crime aims to help the U.S. government promote more effective public policies to reduce crime and promote economic growth, and provides some good advice. The article also helps the U.S. government identify major causes of crime and understand the effects of alcohol on people. The content of this article is mostly objective analysis of drinking and criminal activities. Also, each data used in this paper is based on repeated statistical data, thus improving the accuracy of the data. The article was also published in the last ten years, so it can avoid the inaccuracy caused by the age. In these cases, it makes the article more reliable, so it is an essential source.

I learned in this article that a great deal of criminal activity is caused by alcohol abuse, and that many adolescents are exposed to alcohol when they lack adequate judgment. Moreover, many people are out of control after drinking and beat people around them, the resulting crime problems are serious. My research project explores the link between the widespread use of alcohol and criminal activity, so I can use this article as my best evidence to support my argument. Through this article, I can prove that alcohol use is directly related to crime. Relative, I can use this article with ‘The Association Between Density of Alcohol Establishments and Violent Crime Within Urban Neighborhoods’ combination. It indicates that the establishment of drinking places will make people more likely to have access to alcohol and thus increase criminal activities.

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