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Essay on Alfred Hitchcock as an Auteur

The early famous French directors created a uniqueness to approach into the cinematic universe known as the auteur theory. It’s value after a lot of experience that was being advanced during the late 1930s by the well-known French film critics: François Truffaut, Christian Metz, and Jacques Rivette. They were willing to risk about everything to create and come across something that inspired them and the younger and developing generation of critiques by doing something new and let go of the...
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Alfred Hitchcock's Film-making and His Influence on the Film Industry

Alfred Hitchcock may be one of the most famous directors of the last century. The British film director was born on August 13, 1899, and produced more than 50 films before his death in 1980. It is undeniable that he changed the way audiences watch movies, for example, Hitchcock asked for the specific opening time of ‘Psycho’ and asked the audience not to reveal the end of the movie. First Films In 1926, Hitchcock married his film editor and screenwriter...
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Essay on ‘Vertigo’: Film Analysis

‘It is both interesting and revealing to look at how film characters are made recognizable and how we understand them, what our culture portrays as being representative of masculinity and femininity, and what this tells us about our understanding of gender, sexuality, and society.’ J. Nelmes (2011) ‘Gender and Film’, Introduction to Film Studies. Routledge. Use this statement as a basis for discussing two films from Term 2. How do your chosen films construct notions of ‘gender’, and how do...
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What Makes Alfred Hitchcock One of the Most Well-Known Auteurs?

One of Sarris’ three premises that make Alfred Hitchcock one of the most well-known auteurs and gives him a distinct style of film from other directors is his technical competence; with usage of mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and sound. Beginning the list, Hitchcock uses woman who are almost always blonde. For example, Marion Crane (‘Psycho’, 1960), Melanie Daniels (‘The Birds’, 1963), and Lisa Carol Fremont (‘Rear Window’, 1954). Hitchcock stated that he had a preference for blondes as they were less...
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What Makes Alfred Hitchcock an Auteur?

The word ‘auteur’ refers to a strong aesthetic found reoccurring in the work of a single director, in particular it can be found in the visual styles and motifs of his/her films. In Hitchcock’s long 54-year career in the film industry, making 57 films and hosting his own TV show, one thing can be established: his need to exercise control over all aspects of the film production, whilst a typical director would delegate and trust his colleagues in their fields...
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Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's Horror Movie 'The Birds'

Horror and thriller movies were born out of a need for us to confront fears and conquer something we do not understand. ‘The Birds’ directed by Alfred Hitchcock delivers the audience both of those two promises. The movie shows how something that is perceived as peaceful, such as birds, can turn into a terrifying presence at any time. The movie explains this through the main character of the film Melanie Daniels and the other characters she meets along in the...
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Essay about Master of Suspense: Sir Alfred Hitchcock

Thrillers and eggs are equally terrifying… Actually, according to one specific person, eggs are even more frightening. The Master of Suspense, also known as Sir Alfred Hitchcock, may be frightened of eggs, but he is famously known for his thrillers, such as ​‘Psycho’​ (1960), ‘​Rear Window’ ​(1954) and ‘​Vertigo’​ (1958). The purpose of this essay is to present some of his work, visions and style, and outline how Hitchcock changed the world cinema with his art. History Sir Alfred Joseph...
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