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Aliens And The Religion Of Raëlism

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Raelism is an interesting religion filled with aliens, cloning and sexual freedom. It was founded in Auvergne, France, September 19 1974. It was founded because rael saw a ufo come down from the sky and out came Yahweh. He stated that Yahweh’s face was full of love. Rael’s real name is Claude Vorilhon, he was born on September 30, 1946 and is 72 years old. Before he started this religion he was a singer and songwriter with actually promising music. He also had a promising career as a sports car and auto racing journalist and he also had his own magazine called the Autopop in 1971 but everything changed once he saw Yahweh. He became so entranced with aliens and the universe. He took Yahweh’s adviced and made a religion based on him so he could teach what Yahweh was telling him.

Everyone thinks Raelism is a cult because of what they believe in like aliens and cloning but in reality they are just people who believe in something just like we all do they don’t have a problem with what they think about and they think that it’s completely true so we shouldn’t laugh and judge them for what they believe in but it is a little weird that they believe in cloning and aliens but they do believe in sexual freedom which is really important to a lot of people.

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What do they believe in? Well, they believe that humanity is an alien experiment and humanity was the result of a genetic experienced by an advanced race of aliens called the Elohim. They believe in sexual freedom and reject any sexual stereotypes. They teach that love should be free and in no way shameful. Raelians believe in universal peace and understanding across humanity and that humanity must create perfect cloning technology just like the aliens. Rael suggested that they make a Geniocracy where only smart people can vote. The raelians don’t have a god, they only believe in aliens. They think that when babies are born they shouldn’t be brought into a religion and they aren’t born a religious baby.

Their baptism ceremony is where they take a sample of your DNA and transfer it to the aliens so when the aliens come for final judgment they can be seen as true Raelians and will be saved from them. They have monthly meetings in a park in California. They are mostly in California and in France mostly because that’s where it was originally founded. Raelism has only about 100,000 members and most of them were former mormons. Mainstream society sees them as a cult and outcasts because of the aliens but they do look up to them because they see love as anyone you want to love. They have 4 main holidays – Dec. 13th was when Rael had his first encounter with Yahweh, Oct. 7th was Rael’s second encounter with Yahweh where he was taken t9o the planet of our creators (Elohim). The first sunday of april celebrates the first human being made in a lab and on august 6th they celebrate the explosion of the atomic bomb over hiroshima as a new year. They also see his day as The Age of Apocalypse or also known as revelation. They believe that they can grow their religion by cloning themselves once they get the technology to do so. Raelism is also known as the Raelian Movement from how many marches they have to try to recruit people to their religion. They march around either in underwear and bathing suits, all white or completely naked. They march with blow up aliens and paint their skin green to show what they believe in.

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