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All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy Essay

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Making Sports and Games Compulsory for Students

It is a tragic fact that our education system is heavily loaded with academics. It is theoretical and bookish. Sports and games have not become an indispensable part of our curriculum. Even at home, the students remain glued to television and electronic gadgets. They watch TV programs for hours taxing their time and straining their eyes. The complete lack of activity and mobility is playing havoc on their physical fitness and health. The introduction of comprehensive assessment makes it necessary for them to participate in one activity or the other however a majority of students find ways and means of avoiding sports and games the only option left with education is to make sports and games compulsory for students. There is an old saying that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.There is no doubt about it. Let us learn from our great neighbor China Sports and games are compulsory in Chinese schools and they catch the prospective athletes and players while they are still in their classrooms. The results are fantastic. It has made China a superpower in international games and sports. India should do the same physical education, keep students physically fit and strong adventure sports like paragliding, hiking, mountaineering, rafting, and diving to make them bold and determined. There are many outdoor and indoor games that children can play. Outdoor games like Kabaddi, badminton, Kho-Kho, etc., and indoor games like ludo, snakes, ladder, and many other board games. The youth must not be allowed to rot in the drawing rooms. Immobility and inactivity don’t go well with school and college students. Sitting and studying in school for 6-7 hours makes us tired so we need at least 1hr game to freshen up.

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Games help us be active all the time. And they even help us to be physically and mentally fit. By playing games we sometimes even spend time with our family and know each other better. Spending time with family helps us to make our future decisions in a more effective way. and if we are not academically sound, we can also make a career in sports.

At the current time cases of obesity, poor eyesight, diabetes, and cardiac diseases have risen. Research has confirmed lack of games and sports is one of the causes. And these come under lifestyle diseases, which can be corrected by improving our lifestyle, by including sports and games in our daily routine. Games and sports have many benefits for children. They are undoubtedly the building blocks of the health and character of children. Their importance in the overall and holistic development of children cannot be denied. After playing any sports our blood circulation increases, which brings more oxygen to our mind, and this is how a healthy student’s brain develops. Nowadays parents are showing negligence in these issues which needs more focus. This attitude can be permanently changed only if sports and games are given their due place in our education. They should be made compulsory for students.

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