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In the last decade, the medical industry has seen a significant growth of complementary and alternative medicine. It is estimated that two out of three Australians have used a complementary or alternative medicine, (Andrew Bonney,2016). This can be attributed to their increased credibility, consumer desires for a more holistic approach to health, wanting to prevent sickness and disease and people wanting to feel more in control of their health due to other forms of western medicine not working. Complementary and...
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Background: The practice of Medicine of CAM use is found drawbacks, particularly among DM patients, the prevalence of ancient medication use in study conducted in African continent, was 80% and Northern part of Tanzania was 40.3%, this shows that in African countries particularly country like Tanzania the CAM use is culturally accepted, although there’s still few knowledge on prevalence, determinants and kinds of CAM used among diabetic patients, the obtainable knowledge solely covers the utilized ancient drugs in concert among...
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Humans ability to reason and use logic is clouded by the fear of uncertainty. The longing for concrete facts is what has created a world where uncertainty and faith are feared because they have become synonyms of ambiguity. However, this fantasized dystopian world eventually becomes dull and somber. When a person’s health has been compromised, the patient often is looking for anything that will make them whole again. To begin healing, the patient has two options, the first being conventional...
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Chiropractic care is always advised after a car mishap because it may assist get the backbone back into the right alignment after whiplash. If you have just been involved in a car misfortune and experienced pain because of your injuries, receiving supervision from a chiropractor could be helpful to you. Chiropractic adjustments can assist you to recover from many car accident damages and bring you back to living a more comfortable, more pleasant life. What Injuries do Chiropractors Treat? Due...
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The backbone of modern medicine’s success has long been attributed to an evidence-based paradigm; a direct point of difference when compared to the practices of homeopathy. In medicine all diagnoses and subsequent treatments are informed by a plethora of scientifically proven and reproducible studies (1). Under this paradigm, any form of treatment may be used for a given health related issue, as long as it’s mechanism of action can be explained and recapitulated scientifically. While some alternative medicines fit under...
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The developmental condition that I thought would be the most beneficial to learn to enhance my chiropractic career is muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is categorized as rare genetic diseases, that displays numerous symptoms, however, the main apparent symptom is loss of muscle function (Do et al. 2018). The abnormality that appears with muscular dystrophy is that abnormal genes interrupt the production of protein affecting the natural process that is essential to developing healthy functional muscle (Mayoclinic, n.d.). The several types...
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Acupuncture is a traditional form of medicine primarily used for pain relief that has been in practice for thousands of years. Although many people believe in it and its benefits, it’s a pseudoscience, meaning it does not qualify as a real science. Even after thousands of years of development and changes, it is still not an effective form of medicine. For one, it does not pass the hallmarks of science. There have been hundreds of studies conducted by scientists and...
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Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of medicine that is still used to this day to cure many different conditions. Some people believe that anything practiced medically must be scientific, however that is not always correct. Whether cupping therapy is a science, or a pseudoscience, is not yet proven. Cupping has been depicted as a special therapeutic method, but the evidence provided is controversial. Causation and correlation are a major factor of the medical method which often gets confused...
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As a healthcare professional, chiropractic medicine is a field that is often overlooked but holds immense potential for healing and improving quality of life. With a focus on non-invasive, holistic treatments, chiropractic medicine aligns with my personal philosophy of treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. In this essay, I will discuss my passion for chiropractic medicine, my relevant skills and qualifications, and the opportunities for growth and development within this field. Passion for Helping Others My passion for...
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According Center of Disease Control and Prevention, we have at least two million people who get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and it causes to 23000 people die every year in the U.S. That comes from that people tend to use a lot of description drug at any given moment. However, people have chosen the second way to prevent antibiotic-resistant and medicine side effects by using alternative treatment and alternative medicine since 1980, but some people are still incredulous about the effects...
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