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Ambition to Become a Member of the National Junior Honor Society

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Scholarship is a commitment to learning. Scholarship means academic study or achievement or learning at a high level. A good scholar is willing to spend lots of time in important reading and study, as they know the lasting benefits of a learned mind. Learning should be lifelong and continuous. Lifelong learning improves our understanding of the world around us and provides us with more opportunities. Going through the process of learning helps to develop valuable life skills, such as time management, organization, and discipline and also enhances reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. In relation to NJHS, this is the academic side of school. The ideal NJHS member should be diligent and careful about their schoolwork and should rise to meet all academic challenges. This pursuit goes far beyond the grades received in school. NJHS students should be curious and strive to see how the world outside of school relates to their schoolwork. Scholarship means always doing the best work possible. Scholarship is about enjoying learning new things, and also having the persistence and passion to understand difficult concepts. Through hard work and academic scholarship, we should strive to become more educated students and future leaders who are more capable of making positive and beneficial changes in our community.

I have many positive character traits that will benefit NJHS such as scholarship, perseverance, and responsibility. Firstly, I consider myself a good example of scholarship because I always strive for excellence. I always aim to be the best in academics. For example, I have taken honors classes in science, math, and english in both 7th and 8th grades and have gotten A grades in all of them. I also aim to take National Honor Society essays and AP classes in high school next year to challenge myself and reach my true potential as a student. I strongly believe that I should give my best in everything that I do, and my dedication to academic achievement will help me contribute to our chapter of NJHS in many ways.

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Another positive personal characteristic that I have which would benefit NJHS is perseverance. One example is when I also had to put in much effort and persevere in my algebra class this year. Some of the new concepts that I learned were difficult and required me to put in much time and effort in practicing and reviewing them. I never thought about giving up, as I knew that I had to do my best work. After some determination and focus, I was able to get it done and I did it to the best of my ability. Another example of when I showed perseverance in school was when I did my IRP science fair project this year. Completing an independent research project requires lots of time and study put into solving a real world problem. I put in lots of hard work and created a successful prototype which was able to solve my selected problem. After persevering to make a thorough and concise final product, my commitment and persistence paid off and I received an A+ as my final grade on my science fair project. My third and final character trait that will help NJHS is responsibility. I show responsibility at school and outside school as well. For example, I have taken honors classes in 3 subjects in both 7th and 8th grades. Being an honors student requires responsibility. I have always completed all my assignments and projects on time and with my best effort. I also strive to organize my time well and participate in class. With these positive traits, I look forward to new ways and opportunities to contribute to NJHS. However, I realize that I have some areas of personal growth that I need work as well. Successful personal growth requires the desire to improve and the willingness to strive to make changes. An open mind and the motivation to learn and grow are also important. Some examples of my personal growth would be developing a better growth mindset, managing stress more effectively, making better decisions, improving teamwork skills, embracing change more readily, and improving my time management skills.

One area of personal growth that I chose to expand on in depth is improving my time management skills. Time management is important for several reasons. Having good time management skills will help me prioritize tasks, plan ahead, set aside the time they need for projects and assignments, and make better use of that time. Good time management skills can help keep me on track and reduce stress. There are many clear and specific steps that I can take to achieve my goal of improving my time management. I have created a detailed plan to achieve my goal. At the beginning of the week, I can prioritize my work by making a list of my most important assignments to complete. Becoming skilled at prioritizing responsibilities will also allow me to complete my essential tasks more efficiently. I should also create a schedule that would effectively list each to do item and the amount of time that I need to complete it. Creating a schedule will save time by keeping me from wasting time and it will allow me to give enough time to each subject. Finally, creating a schedule will increase my concentration and will help me to distribute my study time properly for increased learning. Another method that will help me improve my time management is setting a realistic deadline, and then sticking to it. Setting deadlines a few days before the assignment or project is due will help me stay on track and will allow me to pull together a large project with less stress. Setting deadlines also avoids procrastination. By tracking time, it is possible to know how much time is left before the deadline of a specific project. This will help me to schedule my remaining time wisely so that I can make sure to complete all the parts of my project. Setting deadlines can prevent me from leaving assignments to the last minute, which will improve my quality of work and reduce my stress levels. Finally, avoiding multitasking will allow me to manage my time more effectively. Multitasking can decrease productivity. My productivity will improve when I am able to focus on one thing at a time. Spending my time focused on completing one task at a time will also help me reduce the potential for distractions. I will be able to do better quality work when I am able to focus and concentrate on one task.

In conclusion, in this essay I went over the importance of scholarship, my personal positive characteristics and how they benefit NJHS, and how I will improve in one area of personal growth.

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