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America Was Made By Immigrants

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Immigration to the United States dates all the way back to the 1500s with the British Colonists, leading to the South American and Mexican waves of immigration that make up most immigration patterns today. Immigration has changed throughout the history of the country most of the same problems occur. Being an immigrant in the United States has many problems. This may be due to how immigrants are seen and the potential effects immigration causes on the American economy. America was made by Immigrants America is what it is because of immigrants. There would be no America if it wasn't for immigration just because of everyone within the United States. Native Americans migrated from Asia. People come from many places in the world. Countries along with England, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, China, Germany, and lots of others have all contributed to populate America. Each wave of immigrants brings new thoughts and cultures because the people combine with different Americans. Immigration is genuinely a necessity but if uncontrolled it can additionally have devastating outcomes for the United States economic system and population. Therefore immigration is only desirable if it is restrained immigration. The government has tried to somewhat restrict immigration but many believe the laws are still too lenient. Nearly every other advanced country in the world is moving quickly towards a stabilized population or has already achieved it. The United States is moving towards this very slowly. If nothing is done to stabilize the immigration to in the United States many believe the population will continue to grow even faster because of massive immigration to the country.

On the other hand, false information about immigration can also be seen in less extreme cases. Similar to Trump’s thoughts, many American citizens argue that many of the immigrants come from Mexico and that they are causing the most problems. This is incorrect because the last time Mexico was the major source of immigrants was back in 2008, China and India have since then surpassed Mexico (Smith). As stated previously, studies have shown that the Hispanic population does not cause a lot of crimes and statistically, the Chinese or Indian population would be causing more crimes due to population size, proving this argument wrong. Another popular argument about immigrants is that they take jobs away from native-born citizens. While this might be true in some cases, one must also consider the previously stated fact that immigrants actually create job openings by opening up their own businesses. Once that is factored in immigrants taking jobs will be irrelevant because more job openings would be created. While many people tend to have untrue and discriminatory opinions on immigrants valid points have been raised by people who oppose immigration. The biggest argument has been that immigrants are using up the nation's resources. Many people worry that with the large influx of immigrants coming to countries like America they will be left with no resources as native-born citizens. A government’s job should be to accommodate the citizen’s reasonable needs. Once they realize resources are being consumed more than the production rate implementing new laws to produce more resources can easily be done. Also, legal immigrants pay taxes meaning the government receives more funds for immigrants are coming legally. With more funds, the government can provide for the needs of citizens better eliminating the fear of running out of resources. Another argument is that immigrants who are living in a country illegally wasting the government’s money.

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Immigrants influence the aspect of American life by shifting economic, political, and social policies due to their values and beliefs in these areas. This topic of influence raises public issues regarding whether or not the U.S. should limit immigration quotas. On one hand, immigrants enable the U.S. to compete in international competition and are one way to help alleviate labor shortages in certain demographic trends (Liebig, 2011). Immigration has impact economic trends by highly participating in the labor market and benefiting homeowners and landlords. Immigrants also influence diversity which enables people in the U.S. to be open-minded about other cultures. On the other hand, public opinions do not favor the coming of more immigrants due to their effect on the host’s values of freedom, and because housings and resources are limited. Immigrants also tend to connect within their social group which does not easily build a good connection with their new neighbors (Hoyt, 2009). Popular opinions tend to link immigration and crimes in a causal relationship. Immigrants, however, engage in less crime than their native-born counterparts (Reid, Weiss, Adelman, Jaret 2005). Despite the limiting resources and housing, the U.S. should not limit immigration quotas because immigration tends to have more positive influences on labor and housing markets, and diversity.

Many people disagree with allowing more immigrants to enter the U.S. due to economic downturns regarding limited housing and resources willingness to integrate into host societies and crime rates. Immigration creates a demand for housings which causes the prices to rise (Saiz, 2003). Homeowners and landlords raise prices because housing is limited. These price changes seem to not benefit natives who migrate or rent homes in these particular areas that attracted immigrants. Similar to resources, prices increase to meet the demands of people. According to Thomas Liebig (2011), public opinion does not favor acceptance of additional immigration due to the unfavorable outcome of immigrant’s willingness to integrate with host society such as learning their language and history. In some cases, xenophobia occurs when “immigrants have lower-skilled on average than the native-born population”. Immigrants maintain within their social groups which do not usually build good relationships with Americans (Hoyt, 2009). Several immigrants show disaffection towards the American people because of the discrimination that they faced. Public opinion tends to link immigration and crime rates in urban cities as a correlation. However, the crime rates of immigrants are lower than that of their native-born counterparts (Reid, Weiss, Adelman, Jaret 2005). This research also discusses how metropolitan areas that do have a large number of recent immigration populations are likely to promote securities. These impacts of public opinions tend to be convincing towards the government into lowering the immigration quotas. However, the impact of immigration on housing is more beneficial for homeowners and landlords, and immigration influences skills and diversity.

Immigration has numerous positive influences in the U.S through labor and the housing markets. Immigrants influence new skills that are useful to the U.S. For example, their language skills are needed for international commerce in particular and they have a high labor participation rate (Liebig, 2011). Due to their high labor participation rates, labor shortages are alleviated. Several immigrants are also self-made businessmen who own small stores or shops and they created jobs for various people who are searching for a job (Saiz, 2003). In addition, immigrants benefit the housing markets especially the places that attract them because they are willing to pay for the high rent and house prices. Similar to limited resources if demands are high and resources are limited, producers will raise prices for consumers who are willing to buy that resource. Overall immigration has positive influences on the economic shift of the country due to their skills that allow the U.S. to compete in the international market.

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