American Dream: Teenage Mothers And Undocumented Immigrants

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My, definition of the American dream is where everyone can achieve their goals through sacrifice and hard work. It used to apply to immigrants but it can now be referring to all. Two groups that have had problems completing the American dream are teenage mothers and undocumented immigrants.

The problem for undocumented immigrants is in the name which will lead to many problems as deportations, placement in detention camps, racial profiling and discrimination, and more. These stressful things can lead to negative emotions and behaviors including anxiety, fear, depression, anger, isolation, and lack of a sense of belonging. Also, not forgetting about the separation from their families can be traumatizing for children. There are still many short terms and long term effects of children being separated from their families some examples are crying, anger, Depression, anxiety, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, and anger. Some examples of long term are difficulty in school, difficulties in making relationships, acting out behavior, and many more.

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The second group of people who would find the American dream difficult is teenage mothers. A teenage mother are when a teenager who is under 20 is going through pregnancy. The cause of unwanted pregnancy usually happens unintentionally, but byto the university of Columbia “teen mothers are very likely to drop out of school because of their low ambition and dedication to finish getting their education'.'. They say “About 38% of teens who has a child before the age of 18 complete their highschool education by the age of 22.' This event means all means that a higher chance of teenage mothers will not graduate from high school, let alone get any education. They further instate “This will lead to having a job with very low wages or even unemployment, this leads to poor living conditions and not being able to keep a safe and clean environment for their newborn child.'

The child of a teen mother is very likely to live in poverty because of its mother's financial problems and will have to live in poor conditions. What we need to do to fix this problem so these people can achieve the American dream even with their setbacks is care. For the undocumented immigrants we need care for their opportunities and potential success, and many of these youth drop out of school and which will cause a continuing cycle of poverty. According to the APA “Those who do graduate high school find access to college limited, with few choices or funding opportunities. In extreme cases, some undocumented youth become so hopeless that they turn to suicide. Our society should value their rights, mental health needs and wellbeing because it benefits all of us in the long-term.” These children should be given the opportunity to achieve and succeed without being judged for being undocumented. Finally for the teenage mothers, less than one third of teenage mothers receive any form of child support, turning to the government for assistance.

Ways to help is to discuss goals and how teens might go about achieving them as a parent. Put them in programs to help pregnant teens remain in school or complete work from home. Putting these teens into parenting classes and help them prepare to financially support and raise their child so they can have a better future will help them achieve the American dream. A major part in helping these groups to achieve the American dream is social support. These people need support from their loved ones that includes family, friends, and others, with them they can help these groups thrive and work hard to become successful, it will help bring a sense of support and security, and all of this can help a person's mental health and future. Without social support many of the people in these groups could lead to a poor state of mind and not caring which route in their life they go through.

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