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American Values Essay

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People from all over the world are raised in certain cultures and participate in specific customs and traditions. They follow the same thoughts and the same traditions. They don’t always have the same idea, but at least they have natural humanity and simple social skills. American values and assumptions include all cultures. They engage and help each other. Americans value individualism, competition, privacy, equality, informality, the future, time, achievement, directness, and assertiveness.

Individualism in American Culture

The most significant aspect of American culture is individualism. Americans are inclined to individualism. They learn from childhood to be independent and they train themselves to live individualized lives. For instance, American parents teach their children to make decisions and take responsibility for counting their own money. They make personal choices. Americans have common phrases that reflect their individualism: “If you do not look at yourself no one else will.”

Competition as American Value

The next aspect is competition. People watch American culture follow it. American people enjoy grabbing people’s attention. Also, they like to compare who is smarter, richer, and faster. They always want to be in good shape.

Privacy as American Value

The next aspect of American values is privacy. Americans like privacy and consider it part of individualism. They say: “We need some time alone to organize our thoughts or spent time with ourselves.” There is a boundary that other people cannot cross. Americans are surprised by people who always want to be with each other. The Americans consider people who dislike privacy as weak and dependent.

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Equality and Informality

The next feature of American values is equality and informality. For instance, Americans believe every person is equal and should be given the same respect and esteem. Sometimes this is misunderstood by foreigners who do not understand that Americans did not respect the equality of nationality. Related to equality is informality. Americans like to be informed if they are invited to a party, they go in casual dress. Americans, in general, are informal in with people. They introduce themselves with a friendly attitude.

Future and Progress

The next aspect is the future, change, and progress. Americans consider that history cannot be changed, but it can change the future. They believe people can create futures. They can build their own futures with punctuality, and discipline. Moreover, they focus on the future instead not the past because they think if you do something with dedication, you will achieve something.

Importance of Times

The next aspect of American values is the importance of time. Americans always appreciate people who respect their time. They never waste time because they believe the time is money. With money, you can control and afford everything. Americans do not know desperate words; they work like a machine moving everywhere.


Finally, the last aspects are achievement, action, work, and materialism as well as directness and assertiveness. Americans work hard, and they believe in their efforts to achieve their goals. Americans have a devotion to their jobs and responsibility. Besides, they are enjoying doing something such travel or moving to another place. They are always in an active mood. Americans are sometimes materialistic. They think that it is natural and appropriate. Related it to achievement, action, work, and materialism. They are direct and assertive. Americans consider themselves open-minded and straightforward. They can communicate and deal directly and clearly.


To conclude, the article discusses that America is composed of different cultures. To avoid intercultural misunderstandings people who visit the United States must know about American cultural values and assumptions. These are individualism, competition, privacy, equality, informality, the future, change, progress, time, achievement, action, work, materialism, directness, and assertiveness. I recommend that a foreigner in the USA study American values and assumptions.

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