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An Essay About a Trip to a Museum

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Last week I had an opportunity to visit a famous art museum in Iowa. It was the Figge Art Museum in downtown Davenport. I’m not a fan of art but visiting a museum has always been an enjoyable experience for me. I wasn’t surprised to see all kinds of people speaking different language from different backgrounds and some from foreign countries. The building of the museum is awesome and a source of attraction. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

The building was divided into many according to the historical subjects and times. Each section has different exhibits. There is also a room for children to make art of their own. The new exhibits are excellent, inspiring and well-designed on the third and fourth floors. Across different parts of the museum, there are several types of works of art exhibited. There were different collections of art works displayed in the museum such as American art, French art, Greek and Roman art etc. The works of art contains different forms.

I had the opportunity to see many beautiful and fascinating works of art in the museum, but at the moment I'm going to talk about the following two pieces by French Artist: ‘The Little Cook’, 1858 by Pierre Edouard Frere and ‘The Breakfast Room’ by Pierre Bonnard.

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First, I’m going to talk about ‘The Little Cook’. This work entitled ‘The Little Cook’ was directed by Pierre Edouard. When I first looked at this work, it was hard to believe that it is a painting. This artist was born on January 10, 1819 in Paris and died on May 23, 1886 in Ecouen. He was a French painter and lithographer. He is the younger brother of the orientalist painter Charles-Theodore Frère. This painting was made in 1858. This canvas belongs to the realistic is a rural scene and it is a figurative painting. The technique is oil on wooden panel. This painting is a scene from the life of a little girl who is in a rustic village and engaged in various activities such as domestic work. In the foreground we see a little girl sitting next to the stove with ladle ready to stir the soup. In the background we see the vegetables next to the girl. At the back you can see the table on which the plates are on. The artist used dark color to signify the opposite of wealth. The eye is attracted to the little girl who wears a coffee dress and sits with a sad face. This work allows us to discover the work of art.

The second piece of art is ‘The Breakfast Room’ made by Pierre Bonnard. It is a painting as well as the first one. Pierre Bonnard was born on October 3, 1867 in Fontenay-aux-Roses (Hauts-de-Seine). He was fascinated to drawing and color very early on. At drawing, gravure, illustration, painting and different subjects he tries his hand: landscapes, still life, portraits. This painting was made in 1925 and it belongs to the impressionism. This is a figurative painting and a life scene, and an oil on canvas. We're going to see a person sitting next to a table and a child behind that person in the foreground. There's a fruit basket on the table in the second plan. There's a bouquet of flowers on a cupboard in the background. The artist used the colors in this painting: red, orange, and white for humans. These are colors of joy or happiness. The yellow color is associated with good mood in this painting. The eye is attracted by the breakfast in this painting. This scene is inspired by real life and it illustrates the link between the artist and real life.

It was a great trip to this museum. I have learned and had fun a lot. It was great and interesting looking at those beautiful, amazing work of art of artists. It is truly a museum for everyone, nice building with lots of wonderful exhibitions and nice variety of works. It is a good museum for our community.


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