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An Integrated Critique on Moral Principles and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Moral principle is a significant idea in human life. It is a core value of what is good and bad. Without morals, life can be so testing since everybody should act how they need without pondering the interests and government assistance of others. Our activities and actions influence ourselves as well as the people we encountered. Huge numbers of our professional choices include morals. Once we lie, we can lose somebody’s trust and subvert our honesty. On the off chance that we utilize poor materials or workmanship at work, we can risk the wellbeing of others. If an individual has great good character, this is a direct result of his ideals and morals. As an employee, great good character is basic to the business representative relationship, worker confidence, and the development of the organization. Also, no matter where you work, whether it is a small company or a big company, there is a need to live and follow by moral principles. Similar to what happened to Enron and other businesses that they did not adhere to moral principles so that they were bankrupt. Companies have to meet financial expectations, they additionally have moral responsibilities. Everyone, from the bottom to the top management, must meet these responsibilities.

In a PowerPoint presentation of Dr. Jose Mario B. Maximiano gives an in-depth discussion about the different types of moral principles in business ethics and the issues regarding corporate social responsibility. Paramount in the slide of PowerPoint is the author’s view regarding the importance of applying the moral principles in every organization. The information on these principles can assist an individual in making discerning decisions. This suggests the comprehension of profound quality is separated from everyone else is very insufficient without understanding the rule rules in regards to them. Notwithstanding their opposition, these standards despite everything assume an important job in managing a person to settle on choices on what is good and bad. Based on the presentation, there are six moral principles. First, Human Dignity in the priority of Labor Over Capital; second, Respect for Basic Employee Right; third, Social Justice; fourth, Social Dimension of Private Property; fifth, Option for the Bottom of the Pyramid; and lastly, Earth Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

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The first ethical principle emphasized how important human beings are in the organization. The Author insists the principle applies regardless of whether capital is owned and controlled by public companies or private companies. So the priority of labor over the capital that all these who work should make certain that all they do is directed to benefiting labor itself humans rather than capital. Most importantly, it is the capability that any and each company has a responsibility, to make sure that its employees are being enabled by using their labor to emerge as greater human, to enhance their human fulfillment. This principle matters because in reality most companies, their priorities are capital over labor. However, they do not even think that without labor, money, land, and machinery are useless. This is the principle of human dignity – but, as our route in the direction of searching at this, we think about the biblical idea that people are made in the image of God.

Respecting employee rights is now not simply a touchy-feely way to hold your employees contented and happy—it is the law. Businesses need to recognize these rights to keep away from being sued for workplace harassment, discrimination, pay discrepancies, and etcetera. In connection with respecting employees, rights are social justice. The word “social justice” has come to be simply as distinguished as “human rights.” What is social justice exactly? It is genuinely wondering of fairness inside society. That applies to equity in wealth, opportunities, basic needs, and more. It is elevated over the decades, and now you will hear the term in discussions about gender, race, and the environment. Moreover, social justice is a topic that some people may additionally find uncomfortable. By touching on problems like race, gender, and income, it is effortless for people to grow to be shielding and resistant to change. That said, social justice has become increasingly more vital in our world. Diversity and equality are ideas that sincerely cannot be ignored. But by using pursuing social justice and working to make these thoughts greater prominent in our society, we can heal many of the divisions that are plaguing our country.

Another moral principle is the Social Dimension of Private Property. Now, how does justice relate to personal property? Everyone has the right to own, possess, or dispose of any property. With this moral right, no one can take your property due to the fact you are the rightful owner. However, this personal property is a conditional right. It is conditional right because the natural right to private possession is not absolute. The right to personal and private property has evolved, as it has become a necessity for the modern-day social life. Exceptions to this right, however, are possible if demanded through a higher law like, for example, when common good and public interest demand it. By advantage of the inherent prioritization of rights, property right is not unlimited. The right to private property is not absolute, for it is a proper conditioned using two factors: one, our personal needs, and second, higher needs of the community.

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