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Analysis of Characters in the Most Dangerous Game

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The next day in ship trap Island, Rainsford woke up with dizzy eyes, as he lay in Zaroff's fine silk bed. Rainsford began to get aware of the thoughts of what happened yesterday with Zaroff's death. As he got out of bed, his nerves were still buzzing a lot from last night. Rainsford was very proud of surviving in the wild, and from a serial killer, Rainsford just keep getting this creepy feeling off his mind, of how did Zaroff come to this Island, and who was he really. With this questions keep roaming off his head, while he knew that he would not get an answer to it.

After that Rainsford started looking around this rich man's room, which had beige walls, golden-colored furniture, and a lot of animal heads. Rainsford never ate like a king, but as he stood in Zaroff's kitchen, the glory of the food taunted him. In Zaroff's kitchen, there was a starving child’s dream of different jams, fruit, and every sweet that a child will dream of. He had picked a few foods, and a lot of sweets, like a little child, will do from Zaroff's storage food, and walked to the long white shiny dining table, and Rainsford ate in silence for once.

After Rainsford finished eating his food, he got up, and started to think about what was behind do doors that were locked next to Zaroff's bedroom. Rainsford got curious and started to go through every door, every room in silence, Rainsford stop in the middle of some room when he heard a strange noise coming from one of the doors. It was not a human, but Rainsford heard something alive, and so he stood still like a hard rock in the middle of the room earring for any more noise, when Rainsford didn’t hear anything, he just keep walking around Zaroff’s house. As he walked around Zaroff's house he got a feeling of anxiety that he was never going to get off this Island, and his crew members just forgot about him.

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“There is no time to think about that right now,'' said Rainsford. The only thing Rainsford needs to do is to find a way to contact the yacht first or perhaps a machine that sends out Morse code. Rainsford started to look for a vast room of controls, and there it was, he walked in the room and saw panels, machines, windows, cables, and plugs.

Finally, Rainsford found the Morse code machine that he was looking for, and so he started up the machine and entered his ship station, he entered three dots, three dashes, and three dots again, and he hit enter. Rainsford said to himself, “What can I do now, just sit and wait?” and he said, “No,'' I am a man that doesn’t wait around for someone to rescue me”.

Rainsford got up and passed an interesting-looking wheel, and a panel with black and blue squares and finally he came across this big black wall with a big red button that said “Don’t push.

“ Rainsford knew that he should not push that red button, but his curiosity had him push the red button anyways. Then the black wall went up and there were eight huge black shadows with blue eyes and sharp white teeth and Rainsford did not have time to think what to do, so he found himself in the floor with blood around him as he faded away and he heard Whitney voice, then everything went black.

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