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Analysis of Competition and Diffidence as Causes of Quarrel on the Example of Sierra Leone's 'Blood Diamonds'

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Thomas Hobbes discussed about three principals’ cause of quarrel in his paper called ‘Relations Among Sovereigns’. For example, he mentioned ‘competition’ for the first option, ‘diffidence’ as second, and third would be ‘glory’. Competition is defined as the activity or condition of competing. Which can be physical and valuable argument or actual war between communities or even each country. At the same time, the competition will consist of a tense atmosphere that affects each country or community. Word ‘diffidence’ sounds similar to ‘different’, so people might get confused about both definitions. However, diffidence means modesty or shyness resulting from a lack of self-confidence. So, any country has shameful history or happening and it makes public to get shy about the fact, it would be their diffident moment in the history. Glory is something high renown or honor won by notable achievements or something takes great pride or pleasure in. Mostly, any country or community has achieved any victory from war or international trade, they will be glory about their works. Today, I would analyze about the competition and diffidence of Sierra Leone.

An example of ‘competition’ within Sierra Leone would be the ‘blood diamonds’ which was formulated in 1990s. In fact, not only Sierra Leone, but also the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, and Angola are involved in this event. The name of ‘blood diamonds’ were decided by the United Nations. A conflict of diamonds is originated from areas controlled by forces against to justifiable and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military in struggle to those governments or in contravention of decisions of the Security Council. Basically, these illegal diamonds trading was causing the conflict, civil against to human rights. During Sierra Leone’s long-running diamonds conflict, the diamonds were sent to neighboring Liberia, where the former president Charles Taylor used the proceeds to finance weapons for rebels. While blood diamonds was happening, so many people had to suffer an endless work to harvest the diamonds. Even million people have lost their lives as a result of conflict of blood diamonds and at Pauling atrocities have occurred from hacking off of arms and legs in Sierra Leone to terrible massacres in Angola to just widespread destruction. People who had to suffered from blood diamonds couldn’t reward themselves anything. They only got trauma for their rest of life. People these days don’t recognize the behind story of diamonds elegance and artistry. To conclude the competition, blood diamonds was the competition between the countries have valuable heritage but weak power to protect themselves verses the countries don’t have any precious heritage but have countless power to bother the country have one what they don’t have.

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The reason the victim country of Sierra Leone and the rest of countries as like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Angola, were not gone through the hurtful history just because they wanted to experience that. Sierra Leone was British’s colony until 1960. Even though they could escape from the colony’s period, they couldn’t avoid blood diamonds' happening. Conflict diamonds damage this process and lead to violence and suppression of basic human rights and freedoms. Even though Sierra Leone and the other countries couldn’t figure out anything except accepting the slavery is not something that they should be shameful about.

Blood diamonds is the history that people these days shouldn’t forget. Even though people in the jewelry stores and customers who looking for diamonds might or might not know where the diamonds are coming from. Any country would have the moment of competition and diffidence to achieve their desire or to face the difficulties of their power. But none of them would be shameful for any country because history will be remembered as history.

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