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Analysis Of Energy Generation From Exhaust Of Automobile Using Peltier Thermoelectric Generator

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Authors investigated the application of thermoelectric generators for the power production by consuming the left-over heat from the exhaust of the automobile. Thermoelectric generator works by capturing exhaust’s and waste gas stream on its device and produced and output of small D.C. electric current as per the temperature difference across heat exchanger (Bell 2008). Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) is similar to a warmth motor which converts the heat energy into electric energy and it works on the seebeck impact principle. Authors presented an idea in this research for using thermoelectric plates for fumes gas for car exhaust 4 stroke engine.

Thermoelectric generator works on the temperature difference in thermoelectric module that creates electricity by using seebeck effect principle. When hot fumes goes to TEG, the charged particles of semiconductor (in the TEG) diffuses from hot side to the cool side of exchanger, which create net charge, producing electrostatic potential while warmth transfer. The material of thermoelectric are consisted of n-type and p-type semiconductor. Thermoelectric cooler works on Peltier impact which means that when current flows through it, transfer heat from one side to other which makes other side become cool.

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The generator high temperature module is connected to warmth sink with propose that it will stay at surrounding temperature while the other side below the room temperature. Semiconductors with distinct electron densities are needed and put electrically in arrangement and thermally in parallel to one another. Bismuth and Antimony alloys are being investigated as the semiconductor for TEG application (Bell 2008). Authors identified the major components of TEG which consists of Heat Sink or Thermal Fin, Thermoelectric module and thermoelectric shield. Thermal Fins comprises of metal with high thermal gradient value. Thermoelectric Module is also known and Peltier module which is used for converting high temperature heat into electric current. Thermoelectric shield also provided in the application for the protection of product from damage because of rise in temperature. Ceramic is uses as Thermoelectric Shield.

Authors stated that the most noteworthy advantage of frameworks for TEG is that they are not having any moving parts, which increases the life cycle of this device. Mishra and Sharma (2018) stipulated that TEG doesn’t utilize refrigerants in its activity there are many refrigerants that have very harm effect on environment. These advantages make TEG more reliable with less moving parts and environmentally friendly. As per study, one thing to note Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) is as slow progression technology with very low output of conversion up to 5% only.

To conclude, authors highlighted that the generation of electricity by using TEG is having solid scope of stream rate and temperatures. Difference of temperature in the hot and cold intersection of thermoelectric generator increases as it increases the motor speed, which makes the better power and hot temperature proficiency. Authors highlighted that for better efficiency, we must use High heat production by using heat exchanges as it highly improve the framework control yield and weight drop. As per study I believe there are many items that not presented in the study about the actual operating model of this module. There is a lot of research gap that can be filled by using a prototype design of this generator for actual 4 stroke vehicle.


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