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Analysis of Main Political Parties of Canada and of Their Voting System

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Executive Summary

The main purpose of this assignment is to explore the main political parties of the Canada and also their voting system. This assignment will cover the topics about the right of people to vote and what information to think when voting. What are the political values to think when choosing the political leaders? Besides this, this report will also cover information about the current issues that are affecting the Canada. If we focus on Canada, there are four main political parties:

  • Conservative party of Canada
  • Liberal party of Canada
  • New democratic party
  • Green party of Canada

Furthermore, there will be more detailed information about the backgrounds and policies of these political parties in the assignment.

1) Elections Canada Website:

A) Importance of Vote: Vote is the right of every person. Everyone can vote to anybody by their choice. There is government in different locales of the country like Federal, Provincial and Municipal. Voting is a method for a group, in order to make a decision usually following discussions and debates. From my point of view, I think voting is important because:

  • It is the most important way to make your voice heard.
  • Voting will gives you the opportunity to be the part of decision making.
  • As we know that every vote counts, it provides the financial assistance for the political party or candidate.
  • The word ‘every vote counts’ means that our elected candidate can do a better job.
  • Vote is also the moral duty of every person to make the nation better.
  • It make you more engaged and informed citizen. For example: Municipal elections have the significant role in our daily life like housing, transport options, education and cleanliness.
  • A good leader will make sure that the next years will be more productive.

As we can see that there are number of reasons for voting, it is the responsibility of each person to vote.

B) Politics means the different activities that are related to the governance of a country. the study of government; that piece of morals which has to do with the guideline and legislature of a country or express, the conservation of its well-being, harmony, and success. The main politics issues are following:

• Domestic policy issues:

  • Gun Control: As we all know that gun violence is increasing day by day there is the need to put the restrictions on the gun purchasing.
  • Muslim Surveillance: Because of the terrorism, there are more questions on the surveillance.
  • Drug Policy: Nowadays, as we know that Cannabis is legal in Canada but there are also other drugs like cocaine. Government has the need to put the restrictions on the overwhelming of the drugs because drugs has the bad effects on youngsters.
  • Social Security: Should government increase the age of retirement.

• Economic Issues:

  • Paid Sick Leave- This means that is businesses are required to pay during the birth of child and there is a lot of argumentation on this.
  • Taxes: This is also a major issue because here in Canada there is tax on everything. Most of the money earned from the job goes to pay the taxes.
  • Bills and mortgage: Most of the money earned goes to pay the bills. Houses are so expensive and it is very difficult to afford a house especially in GTA area.

• Environmental Issues:

  • Climate Change: Government should increase the environmental regulations to protect the environment from climate change.
  • Renewable energy Sources: These must be popular among the people so they will use more these environmental friendly sources.
  • Oil drilling: There are also consequences about the drilling of oil in the seaside because this can be a danger to sea life.

• Healthcare Issues:

  • Dental Coverage: Dental expenses are high as compare to the other medical services.
  • Drug Price Regulation: The government should regulate the prices of health care drugs and medicines.

2) Discovering Elected Representative:

  • Federal Riding: Ontario
  • Provincial Riding: Brampton
  • Ward: 9
  • MP: Maninder Sidhu
  • MPP: Gurratan Singh
  • Municipal councillor: Gurpreet Dhillon

Impressions about the elected officials:

Maninder Sidhu: He is the liberal candidate for the Brampton East. He is living in Brampton from last 30 years and he is husband, father, and entrepreneur. He has the passion to make Brampton a better place. He has a graduation degree from the University of Waterloo and he has a brokerage business at the side. Maninder has the determination to help young people here and find more success. He feels humble and grateful to stand as the liberal candidate.

Gurratan Singh: He is born in 1984. He is the MPP candidate in the Brampton east from the New Democratic Party. He is also the brother of federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. He has a degree in Liberal arts course from the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and later then he goes to the York University. He has spent near about 10 years in serving the Brampton communities through pro–bono legal advice, youth mentorship, organizing and advocating for young people.

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Gurpreet Dhillon: He was born in Windsor, Ontario and then raised in Brampton. Gurpreet Dhillon he is a father, husband and a youth leader. As a Councillor, a portion of Gurpreet’s accomplishments incorporate effectively expanding the city’s business development by 25,000 occupations, a reasonable seniors’ travel pass, and having every single recorded vote presented online on increment straightforwardness and responsibility. Dhillon has established ‘Councillor Dhillon’s Drop-in Basketball’, which is made as a free youth activity, to keep kids off the boulevards and out of packs through game. Gurpreet unequivocally puts stock in the requirement for a more attractive, equivalent, and moderate society in which everybody can succeed.

3) Federal Political Parties:

In the last federal elections of October 2019, there were 20 parties registered for the federal elections.

Canada’s Fourth Front: For our assignment we choose this political party because it is not well-known. Mr. Partap Dua is the leader of the company and the main motive of this company is to reduce the cost of living in Canada. The main focus of this political party are:

  • Creating more jobs to improve the future of our educated youth
  • Revamping outdated policies of the three main parties
  • Improving retirement benefits and economic security for seniors
  • Curbing the rising cost of living
  • Improving the welfare of indigenous peoples of Canada, farmers and veterans

4 Major Parties:

  • Conservative party of Canada
  • Liberal party of Canada
  • New democratic party
  • Green party of Canada

The platforms for the major parties are:

Conservative Party of Canada: Andrew Scheer is the leader of this political party. This party was founded in 2003 on the principles of peace and freedom. The gathering sits at the middle right to the conservative of the Canadian political range, with the Liberal Party of Canada situated focus to focus left. In the last elections of October 2019, Conservatives won 121 seats making their strong position in the House of Commons. The main aim of the Scheer is to decrease the tax rates so that common people will be free from the burden of tax. This thing makes a good image of the party in front of the people.

Liberal Party of Canada: It is the one of the oldest and long surviving party of Canada. It was founded in 1867 by George Brown. Justin Pierre James Trudeau is the leader of this political party. In the 2015 government political decision, the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau had its best outcome since the 2000 political race, winning 39.5 percent of the famous vote and 184 seats, increasing a dominant part of seats in the House of Commons. Notwithstanding, in the 2019 government political race, they lost their share, winning 157 seats, yet despite everything they remained the biggest party in the House with the minority government. The main policies of this party implementation of pension plans, Education loans, Health care benefits and Multiculturalism.

New Demographic Party of Canada: This party was founded in 1961. Jagmeet Singh is the current leader of this party. He was born on in Scarborough, Ontario. The main belief of this company is to create more affordable housing and the mountain pipeline. This party also have the motives of lower cellular charges and the plans to fight the climate changes.

Green Party of Canada: It is a French federal political party founded in 1983. This party mainly supports the democracy, nonviolence, social justice, sustainability, respect for diversity and ecological wisdom. Elizabeth May, she is the party leader. This party focuses towards the environment, which is personally I think is a good thing. Currently, this party is also focusing towards the Kinder Morgan Pipeline because that pipeline is the threat to the environment.

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