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Analysis of Retirement Planning: Inclusion of Inflation Factor in The Calculation of Retirement Expenses

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Inflation is the change in overall costs for merchandise and services. The most commonly used measure of inflation is the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which tracks the weighted average of prices of many consumer goods and services. Economists have found that if the rate of inflation increases, nominal interest rates will usually increase correspondingly. Therefore, economists generally use real (inflation-adjusted) rates and greenback amounts in analyses. The standard presentation of the normative life cycle model has each quantity and rate in inflation-adjusted terms, because the theoretical basis of the theory is maximization of the utility of real consumption over one’s lifetime. The best % of financial gain to avoid wasting during a specific year ought to rely on the important pattern of financial gain within the future, present assets, and real interest rates, not on the rate of inflation.

If inflation remains low, it will not be too challenging to think about amounts in nominal dollars 10 years in the future, but for a young worker, nominal amounts during retirement would be difficult to comprehend. For very long time periods, the nominal accumulations possible with financial investments are misleading to average people, for instance,

The periods of very high inflation have been related to wars and energy crises: World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and energy shocks in the 1970s. In most of the past 50 years, there have been some countries experiencing very high inflation and other countries experiencing deflation. In 2007, annual inflation rates in the World Bank database ranged from -10% to 35% (World Bank 2015). Expectations for future inflation are influenced by recent patterns. In a metropolis survey of economic planners Associate in Nursingd educators found general agreement that an rate of inflation of four-dimensional per year ought to be used for retirement coming up with, a rate roughly equal to the 5 year moving average at the time of the survey. It is plausible that the same survey in 1983 would have had a far higher agreement rate of inflation, perhaps near the five year moving average of 9%. Since the year 1992, the inflation rate has been below 4%, and the five year moving average as of 2015 was 1.7%.

What factors are related to the inflation rate?

Over the long run, a nation’s inflation is the result of political decisions, and one motivation to push the inflation rate higher is the belief that somewhat higher inflation can increase employment. In addition to the thought that additional inflation would possibly stimulate the economy, the existence of an oversized national debt could lead on to pressures to let inflation increase. To the extent that an income tax system is not indexed to inflation, increases in the inflation rate will bring in more revenue without a direct increase in income tax rates. For instance, with low inflation rates, taxes received from capital gains are relatively low, but with high inflation, capital gains will be much more heavily taxed. A country might also let inflation increase to ease the burden of paying down the national debt, especially if a high proportion of the debt is held by foreigners. Inflation rate to 5% per year of U.S. could help reduce the burden of the federal debt, at the expense of holders of the debt in China, Japan, and other countries. There are long term costs to such policies, and perhaps it is unlikely that political turmoil in the United States would lead to inflation rates being persistently higher than the 2% to 3% range of the 1995 to 2016 period, but it is possible. Analysis of inflation rates around the world (World Bank 2015) shows that of 180 countries with inflation rates reported for the period 1995 to 2014, over 24% had mean inflation rates for that period of 10% per year or higher. The maximum 20 year mean was 412% per year, and even some countries in Europe had mean rates over 25% per year.

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The effect of changing demographic on retirement planning

Among the factors associated with retirement planning plans, age, education level, gender, and house financial gain area unit characterised as vital demographic factors toward individual retirement preparation.


Age has emerged as an important and consistent factor in human behaviour towards retirement planning. Age can help to guide pre-retirees and individuals in ground work process of planning lead to attitude and perception changes on retirement and also help to raise retirees and individual retirement confidence. Besides, concluded that individuals are more motivated to take action for retirement as their age and income increases. The planned retirement age is guided by reinforcement given from constant visit or review on the information needed for planning. It can be concluded that age and other demographic variables such as educational level, household incomes and size are inter-related to guide pre-retirees in groundwork process of planning. The average individual tends to retire 3 years before the expected age and the different between expected and preferred retirement age are: chronological age, work condition variables, perceive of income adequacy as well as attitude towards retirement.

2-Education Level

The sources of information will influence individual’s attitude, decisions and intention towards retirement planning and the information of education can also help individuals to explore more regarding their retirement planning. In addition, the effect of education level can be serving as a motivator or guidance for individuals to start the retirement planning preparation. Individual tend to be more driven to concern on retirement coming up with preparation yet as take action for his or her retirement once increase in the age and also the education level. Furthermore, people might expertise and come through higher confidence level in their retirement coming up with life after they have teaching level. Men WHO had received teaching level attended be a lot of assured and do higher in their retirement coming up with compared to people that had received lower levels of education level. Hence, the amount of education and confidence found to be absolutely connected. On the other hand, in general, because of limited education which had been given to them in the past, older women are found less likely to have higher education. The result of education on ladies’s retirement makes women to be having less information and fewer monetary literature on retirement and conjointly retirement coming up with. Women now participation in retirement planning preparation increases as they receive higher education. People who extremely educated have a tendency to possess and receive more finance information on retirement coming up with compared to those that area unit less educated.


Instead of age and education level can moving on retirement coming up with. Gender distinction is additionally a major predictor in retirement planning studies. The major prestigious issue for early preparation in retirement coming up with thanks to men and girls are typically can suppose and act otherwise in term their views and expectations. Men are found to be better prepared and ready for their retirement planning compared to women. They generally found to be a lot of economically and psychologically weak in retirement planning and area unit influenced by many factors like restricted economic accessibility, pension scheme, low wage, gender prejudice yet as choice of career possibility in their intention towards effective coming up with. Several previous findings discovered that people in spite of men or women WHO area unit a lot of financially literate, richer tend to be more tolerance to risk as well as attitude towards retirement area unit among vital factors in affecting a personal call in coming up with for retirement and obtain skilled help in retirement coming up with. Gender difference do not bring any effect to the decision making but the likelihood of both genders’ behaviour on professional retirement help-seeking are the same, however, women involvement rate in seeking help from professional are slightly higher compare to men if they are given a chance. They a lot of seemingly to hunt monetary recommendation from consultants and skilled and people ladies WHO have higher monetary information and literature tend to try to to higher and a lot of prospering in their retirement planning. Majority of the women do not have any idea and plan to do their retirement planning and most of them only depend on the support from their friends and family throughout retirement age due ladies area unit less equipped with monetary information and financially literature compared with men. On the other hand, gender difference and marital status have significant relationships when come to investment decision on retirement planning. These factors can generate totally different level of assets distribution among ladies and men in retirement coming up with. Men and women do not think, perceive, and act for retirement planning in the same way. Men are likely to go for their own individual choice perspective while women tend to adopt life course perspective when it comes to retirement planning. Besides, men suppose and understand retirement as another stage of life within the future whereas ladies build less prediction on future life stages.


Income level is perhaps another important variable. Income is important in the sense that one’s must have enough money or wealth resources in order to make retirement preparation. Individuals preparation on retirement income varies from one another. Identifying adequacy of income during retirement age is not an easy task. In addition, among other socioeconomic aspects, most of the time the attitude towards help-seeking from professional towards retirement planning is partially influence and control by income factor. The applied mathematics analysis shows that individuals who have higher financial gain square measure additional motivated to seek professionals facilitate concerning investment-related call, but the people who come from lower income group which had less financial gain square measure less likely to look for skilled assistance on retirement investment choices. For this reason, income can be considered very much associated to the retirement income source. Attitude and behaviour towards retirement are influence by income in general. Income is a critical and essential measurement in some matter relating to retirement especially when in retirement education program and professional financial help-seeking Income will definitely impact on the financial education schemes topic that employees square measure trying to find. This study known that employee tend to pursue differently in varieties money education out there supported monthly financial gain. Workers who come from higher income group are more preferable on financial education on estate planning while workers with lower levels of income more preferable on financial education on debt clearance, mortgage purchasing and budgeting.

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