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Analysis Of The Appearance Of NCBL (National Community Basketball League) In Malaysia

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National Community Basketball League (NCBL) is one of the oldest and biggest leagues in Malaysia. In the year 2005, National Community Basketball League (NCBL) was build up with the modest start of eight groups. NCBL is making an alliance that attracts spectators and participants. National Community Basketball League (NCBL) formerly known as the Non-Chinese Basketball League (StatSports Locker Room, 2016). The presence of NCBL is to build up the non-Chinese standard to wind up better or be at the same standard as the Chinese community (Sportsplay, 2017).

This event is authorized by the Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA) (Michael, 2018) and NCBL presently is one of the most seasoned and greatest group and they have the biggest number of groups in all the league in Malaysia (NCBL, n.d.). NCBL has become a national community league and was additionally observed as a method for enhancing the standard of players who might one day represent Malaysia in major competitions. MABA president Datuk Lua Choon Hann was satisfied with the participation of the non-Chinese group in the competition. “We hope this league will also be a development platform for non-Chinese players to improve and excel like famous non-Chinese player Dr. Mohd Shadzwan, who is currently representing Malaysia in the sport,” he said (The Star Online, 2017).

Besides, league patron Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah was extremely empowered by the great reaction to the competition and he hopes that the league will be a platform to develop more non-Chinese players and change the public mindset that basketball in Malaysia is only played among the Chinese (Michael, 2018).

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However, given the continuing significance and tension around racial issues in this society, professional basketball goes up against unavoidable racial importance. The portrayal of blackness in basketball happens amidst a more noteworthy procedure of racial development, connecting thoughts regarding race with the race-based institutional arrangement and social relations. NBA tries to exhibit race in manners that are acceptable and notwithstanding energizing and encouraging to a white fan base (Diamond, 2008). And now, basketball had broken down barriers where everyone can play together regardless of race. Basketball gets to remove all the stigmas, stereotypes, and all the suspicions. Regardless of what competition or games had started, race never was an issue (Kelley, 2011).

However, the racial issue is not easily solved, and they still exist in society. For example, the latest news stated a boys’ basketball group from Kings Mills recreational basketball team was prohibited from playing on school grounds and expelled from the class for racist and sexist jerseys (Mayhew, 2018b). The coach of Kings Mills, Walt Gill said the names on the jerseys, which included “Coon” and “Knee Grow,” were varieties of the players’ surnames. Furthermore, Goodyear reaction back that “Coon” is a racist term and not a variation of (the juvenile’s name). Goodyear also could not believe that any adult would want to argue or try to attempt to legitimize this behavior (Mayhew, 2018a).

National Community Basketball League (NCBL) can be called as a brand. Brands are basic for making business value, and the sports business is no exception. Solid brands direction customer loyalty and premium costs, comprising important resources that drive organization income and development. They are integral to numerous games business exchanges, particularly sponsorship arrangements and product merchandising. Besides, the core of branding lies on trademarks (Rozario, 2019). The reason behind the trademark is an identification of a birthplace that empowers a customer to perceive a product of a specific organization. Trademark insurance is accessible for specific names (NCBL), images (MABA logo), devices, or words that will be utilized regarding a good or service (Fowler, 2015).

The brand positioning is an attempt to create, change, or encourage particular pictures about a brand in the minds of consumers. Recognized for assuming a crucial job in by and large brand management and marketing success, brand positioning is a key reason for marketing activities and product strategies (Crawford, M. and Benedetto, 2003). Effective positioning creates brand preference that impacts a choice to pick a particular brand over competitor brands (Pham & Muthukrishnan, 2002). By having brand positioning, it helps to provide the persuasive sales tools to the business development team needs to support and close more sales (Frederiksen, 2017). Positioning strategies are not the selective protect of consumer-packaged goods brands yet to be powerful and decidedly impact a potential customers perception for this situation for a fan, sponsor or broadcaster, a brands positioning must be unique, credible, and relevant (Fowler, 2015). However, NCBL involves in brand positioning which is one of the elements in the IMC. This is important because this can be another way of sport development that increases the diversity of people involved in certain sports.

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