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Analysis of the Myth on Perseus

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Years ago, Poseidon, Gods Zeus, and Hades joined and obliterated their parents, the Titans, and they had help from Kraken. Afterward, they divided the world among themselves Zeus took the skies, while Hades was left with the Underworld upon being tricked by Zeus. Poseidon took the seas, and Shortly after, the Gods created the mortals, whose faith fueled the gods’ immortality. As time passed, mortals began to wonder and soon resisted their creators, angering the Olympians.

Many, many, years after, a fisherman finds a coffin adrift in the ocean, which discovers an infant, Perseus that was alive, and his mother Dana that was dead. The fisherman, named Spyros, and his wife, Marmara, raised Perseus as their own son, alongside their daughter. Years after, The child grew up, and with his family was fishing when they watched men from the city of Argos destroy a statue of Zeus and declared war on the Gods. Mad at this desecration, the Gods unleash their Furies who’d attack the soldiers and destroy that fishing vessel. Only Perseus would survive and is found by a group of soldiers.

Hades threatens to unleash his monster against Argos unless Andromeda is offered as a sacrifice. Before leaving, he reveals that Perseus is a demigod and the son of Zeus.

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Perseus, Io, Suleiman, Draco, and his remaining soldiers, Solon, Eusebios, and Texas, cross into the Underworld. The men enter Medusa’s temple while Io remains outside because she’s a female. Medusa kills all three of Draco’s men quickly. Suleiman and Draco both put up a good fight against the gorgons, sacrificing themselves in the process. Perseus finally cuts off her head by using his shield to see her with his back turned. As he leaves the temple with Medusa’s head, Calibos appears behind Io and stabs her. Perseus and Calibos fight whereupon finally accepting that he is a son of Zeus, Perseus picks up the Olympian sword and stabs Calibos, who with his last urges Perseus not to become a God.

Before dying, Io urges a reluctant Perseus to leave her and save Andromeda and Argos. Then she dissolves into a golden ethereal vapor. Pegasus appears and Perseus mounts the flying horse and hastens back to Argos as the Kraken is released. The people of Argos seize and bind Andromeda to offer her to the Kraken. Meanwhile, as people die in the Kraken’s wake, the balance of power on Olympus shifts. Hades reveals he does not require the faith or worship of mortals (as Zeus does), as he has learned to survive on their fear. Hades then effortlessly subdues the weakened Zeus.

Perseus rescues Andromeda, who is now the rightful Queen of Argos. Andromeda asks Perseus to stay by her side as King, but he declines. Perseus also refuses another offer of godhood from Zeus, who then proclaims that if Perseus is to live as a human he should not be alone and revives Io.

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