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Analysis of the Nature of Man: Argumentative Essay

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Through countless actions man has proven themselves to be the most dangerous and evil species to ever walk on this planet. Man rules the world, dominating millions of living things, they are immoral egotistical animals known as humans. Man has been starting chaos and have brought death to earth since the big bang and later morphed themselves into the society we know of today. Humans will do anything sinister to keep their society and beliefs that they hold so dear. Man took a once peaceful wholesome planet and shape it into a cruel world to fit their evil instinct. The human species evolved from fierce animals, willing to do anything to survive and reproduce, it is a natural instinct to annihilate anything that prevents those actions. These roots embroidered inside of mankind is what encourages 7.5 billion people to revert back to cruel urges and take part in depraved behavior. Man is more inclined to take part in evil behavior due to evidence supported by history, society, and theology.

To specify, even in the early stages of human life, where uninfluenced minds are not yet corrupted with society’s ideas and they’re free to assemble unbiased ideas and thoughts, we are still known to act selfishly. To further explain a new mother learns she is going to have twins; however, in the next time she visits the doctor she’s informed that she will no longer need double of everything For, one of her unborn greedy fetus is hogging up all of the blood flowing to the shared placenta and has used all the nutrients key to the others survival, simply murdering their deprived sibling. The killer noticed the lack of nutrients for both or the abormaily in their twin and reverted back Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory to survive. “As is so often the case with fetal loss, genetic abnormalities (such as extra chromosomes) are probably to blame in most cases.” Not only are preborn-babies known for their awful behavior but infants and toddlers are noted to lie for various different reasons. “Children might lie to: cover something up so they don’t get into trouble, to see how you’ll respond when you hear them lie, to make their story more exciting or make themselves sound better, to get attention, even when they know you know the truth get something they want” These small bits of bad behavior lead to the evil acts that humans partake in. Another main factor contributing to the evilness of humans is the fact that parents constantly need to teach their children how to behave. If humans were naturally inclined to take part in good behavior then, even from a young age, there would be no reason to discipline their behavior due to the fact that is would all be affable. However, parents find themselves scolding children for fighting and inflicting pain on others instead of praising them for assisting and caring for others. Due to the fact that their child is not born good but born with the evil instincts of man.

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In their life Christians are taught that to achieve of a pure heaven bound soul you must be a “good” person. The Bible confirms that “the lord is good and his love endures forever”, with this being said God is the true definition of good. On the other hand, their definition of evil can be separated into two groups: natural evil and moral evil. Natural evil is made up of purely evil human actions that deal with the intentional suffering of other like murder, genocides, and wars, and more unpreventable things such as incurable diseases, birth defects, and natural disasters. Moral evil is more composed of a disobedience to God, like sins. That is believed to be accompanied by things like vanity, dishonesty, greed, land violence. Christians believe that mankind is evil and, just like Adam and Eve, are more likely to take part in inherently evil behavior. Due to the original sin, where Adam and Eve disobeyed God, it is believed that everyone is born with sin since the defiant couple were the first humans created. Regardless of what anyone has done in their life everyone is brought into the world that has sin in it, they are separated from God until baptized closing the gap and providing salvation. Christians believe everyone should obey to the rule of God to decrease the likelihood that they will be to be linked to evil. In regards to the common concept of heaven it is obvious that Christians believe that humans act more out of self preservation than they do purity since they are all threatened with the eternal hell. If it was truly thought that humans possess a more gospel disposition in life than there would be no need to threaten their sins with hell because simply no sins would be committed.

In the United States there are certain rules that regulate its occupants actions and enforce punishments when broken, laws. Laws are set to maintain a balanced order and understanding of what is morally allowed. Most power consumed countries have laws in order to reduce corrupt actions like murder or violence. If it was believed that humans are more inclined to take part in healthy helpful activities and behavior then there would be no action guidelines that are laws. The same concept may be applied to police officers and governments. It is obvious that people don’t trust one another and predict that other will act cruelly; therefore, we appoint police officers to maintain control and protect us from ourselves and governments to protect us from other nations. This simple conception that no one is in the clear of others ignorant actions, since foreseeing that is impossible, leaves us to assemble groups and organizations to lessen one another’s disastrous conduct. To add to this topic of law and governments, history also supports the evil nature of man. According to statistics, “the United States has been at war 93% of the time since originally founded in 1776 after the colonies won a war to declare freedom.” Man has gone to war multiple times instead of trying their hardest to resolve the conflict without violence. Man jumps to their evil violent instinct of war. The evilness has always stemmed from wanting more, in history most of the time more land or money. No one is ever satisfied with what they have leading them to act brutally just like man has all these years it again comes down to the survival of the fittest.

In short, man is more inclined to engage in evil behavior due to the science of human sociology, Christian theology, laws, and the blood stained history books we add to everyday. Nowadays people would rather sit at home and listen to twisted versions of first world problems on the news instead of making a difference and trying to abolish the real wrongs in the world. The forces of good should respond by bonding together to accomplish a common goal, defeating evil. For ignoring the problem will only aid in its growth. For years, humanity has turned away from the issues of our world but together the forces of good can and will end any traces of evil. All in all, man has been proven time and time again to be full of hatred, however this does not mean that combating good against the corruption, won’t work to destroy it.

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