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Analysis of the Roles of Men and Women in The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

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I believe that the roles between the men and women in the story the sun also rises are similar in certain aspects but could not be any more different. In the story the men in the story throw themselves at lady brett while she couldn’t care less who was interested in her.she was in control of who she fell for. As for the guys in this story, they all were seeking attention from lady brett and they acted as if they were nothing if they did not have her. The men in the story basically revolve around lady brett because everything that they did was to impress her and gain her attention because they felt as if they did not have her they were nothing.

As for some similarities in the story, both lady brett and the men carry themselves with toughness and integrity . she carries herself very independently almost as a man would do. She shows that she does not need love but she wants it . lady brett knows that she is beautiful and men throw themselves at her but she doesn’t pay them any mind.

What I feel that Hemingway is trying to sa say about sexuality in the post-war world is that sexuality shouldn’t play a big part on how people’s views are.I believe hes trying to say that just because you are male or female shouldn’t determine what is ok or not. He portrays lady brett as someone who doesn’t really care for relationships and just wants her needs met. She knows that she can get any man she wants and lady brett also knows she can get whatever she want. Men usually play the role as the ladies man and they usually play the role as if they don’t really care but in this case the roles are flipped. Also you can tell that post-war Hemingway is showing how much love people wanted back then after the war.

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Hemingway is most mindful of the character’s security in the city. Every one of the characters go back and forth however they see fit. Paris portrayed in The Sun also Rises is a vacationer’s Paris of the twenties. Bistros, cafés, inns, are the setting. The state of mind and frame of mind of the characters is that of individuals in the midst of some recreation. They set out to what individuals like to do in the midst of some fun they need to have relationships, they drink, go fishing, and experience new sensations.The bistros and bars Hemingway depicts have extraordinary significance.

Hemingway attempts to pass on an inclination for the of city and the glow of everyday living. So as to influence the reader to respond positively, he should make him at ‘home’; he should influence him to comprehend why certain Americans rejected habitation in the US and picked Paris.

The cafe is a spot to move out of the real world, to escape from an earlier time. Individuals would prefer not to talk or consider it. They live for the present, continually looking for new sensations.their discussion is diminished to eager banter about their ventures. What’s more, this discussion, just as their activities, is to a great extent a matter of posture and signal.

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