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Analysis of ‘What Goes in the Ocean, Goes in You’ Advertisement

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Have you ever wondered how consequential oceanic pollution and excessive use of plastic is?How would you like it if you were given rubbish for dinner? Good morning, the administration of Brisbane state high school, I am Rachel. Today, I will be presenting the most effective advertisement of all, “what goes in the ocean, goes in you”. ‘What goes in the ocean, goes in you’, is a powerful and vivid ad from the Surfrider foundation. The purpose of this is to make the administration of the BSHS and it’s students be more conscious of the oceanic pollution around them and to make us question how severe the oceanic pollution around us is and how we can prevent this from happening, which is by recycling or minimising plastic around us as much as possible. This advertisement is strongly compelling , through the use of visual metaphor, Hyperbole, and statistics/facts. It allows the administration of BSHS and it’s students to understand the detrimental effect of excessive use of plastic and littering at the sea-shore.

From afar , we can see a delicious sushi that looks trendy and appetising , waiting to be devoured. However, when examined more carefully, it can be noted that the sushi is actually made out of plastic and litter. How would it make you feel if you were to go into a sushi shop ,and instead of delicious ingredients waiting to be purchased and devoured , it is wrapped with straws and plastic? This may cause us to feel repulsed, disgusted, or bewildered. The foundation strategically manipulate our feelings, by stimulating the emotional trigger that influence how we judge or make a decision in order for us to question ourselves of our actions and morals towards oceanic littering and our use of plastic. The Surfrider foundation uses the sushi to emphasise that littering in the ocean will automatically end up in our food if we continue to neglect this situation. The foundation indicate this in an indirect way through the food we eat, to make us aware of the how much destruction we have caused through our use of litter and littering in the oceans, and what are the potential consequence if it continues.

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‘What goes in the ocean, goes in you’ is written in bold blue letters. The use of hyperbole is being expressed in this confronting text. It exaggerates that everything in the ocean goes in you, although that is not true in reality. The foundation wants to makes us feel aware of how the situation of oceanic pollution and our imprudent use of plastic is much more critical than we had imagined, and it will effect our current lives if we don’t take-action immediately. It makes a personal connection with us, suggesting that the cause of the oceanic pollution is from us, therefore, we will take -action, by recycling and minimising the use of plastic around us and be aware of littering in oceans , or face the consequence if we let the situation continues.

This confronting statement is immediately validated by a statement of facts and statistics. This increases the trustworthiness from us, as many people will start to believe in something that the advertisement is trying to persuade once statistics and facts are mentioned, as it increases the credibility and reliability from the audience, since facts are rational and true.

This advertisement successfully achieved their purpose, making us question our own morals and actions towards oceanic littering, while also informing us the serious threat of our environment , posed by oceanic littering and excessive use of plastic. All this elements are all carefully arranged to meet the main purpose of the ad, which is to make us recycle and minimise our use of plastic so it doesn’t end up on our dinner-plates in the future. In conclusion , this advertisement would be most impactful to our whole school environment, as it motivates students to address the severe environmental situation we are currently facing and take-action for it.

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