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Analytical Essay on Habits of Successful Students: Goal-Setting and Study Plan

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Habits of successful people that will transform your life.

  1. Set goals
  2. Take responsibility for their action
  3. Great self discipline
  4. Observe with Self-development
  5. Risk takers


  1. Choose three of the habits and discuss why they are important for student success.
  2. Identify additional habits that students need and explain why they are important.

1. Three important habits for successful students.

To be successful in university students need to have some habits . The most important thing to be successful student is to work hard and to know from the beginning how to measure you success to achieve your goals. This essay will focus on few habits of successful student in the first part and identify additional habits and find out what they are important in the second part. Quality of habits determinate students to be a successful in their life. “The future belongs to the competent. Get good, get better. By the best’ said Brian Tracy . Developing good habits and being motivate are important for students to have success in future .

Set goals

To be successful students need to have their own goals , their own dreams and pursue them. According to Earl Nightingale “ People with goals succeed because they know where they are going,” Goal settings are important for students because they help to solve immediate problems and also to gain confidence and ambition, to set a clear path, to build sensitive of responsibility, to provide opportunity for success, to separate wishes from reality, to increase self-awareness, to improve decision making skills . Planning ahead help to reach the goal and motivate students to learn.

In addition to planning , attitude is important factor to succeed in study or career and to achieve goals , even if they are for short term goals or long term goals. In the word of R Federer “You have to believe in long term plan you have bit you need the short term goals to motivate and inspire you.” Short-term goals is it something that students want to achieve in near future ( today , next week , next month) like a take a class, finish your assignment in time , studying for assignment . Long terms goals is it something that the students want to achieve in the future, require time and planning and take more than one year to pursue it. Can include graduation, building a career, but involve and social relationship with other (family, hobbies). Usually the long term goals guide the short term goals , such doing good at exams and become steps by reaching the long term goals.

All successful students know exactly what they want, they are writing plans and work for their plan daily. To can become better in your study learn and read continuously , attend the class , take notes . Another perspective on this is about time management. When you set your goals and have it in your mind the subconscious will work to achieve it. Michelle Obama said “ One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.”

Take responsibility

Successful students take responsibility for their actions and accept it. Responsability means control , ability to do something well. “ Education’s responsibility is to replace an empty mind with an open one’. Malcom Forbes. It is important to consider that taking responsibility for learning means that the student are responsible for their life like a student . Another perspective on this is active classroom participation . This skill help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and plan what they need to improve or to find a different style of learning who is more suitable for them. Taking responsibility help students to decide what they want to achieve , to change their habits , their attitude , to be more motivate to face challenging and develop problem-solving skills.

In addition to this students need to be honest , working hard for project or assessment and trying all the best they can and not cheating . Even if the assessment is not very good take responsibility to work harder next time. “When you are cheating you are telling yourself that you are simply not smart enough to handle learning “ A guide for successful students , I. Steward and A Maisonville. Successful students do not play a victim role or put the blame on someone else , they need to stay motivated and focused to find a solution for all the problems . Taking responsibility is not mean failing , just adjust the attitude to do not happened again. “Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently”. Henry Ford. Take responsibilities make student able to manage their study . A good study plan help students to gain independence.

Risk takers

Successful students take risk! . According to RF Kennedy “ Inly those who dare to fail greatly can over achieve greatly “. Successful students prefer to take a risk regardless to think at fail. Like that they develop confidence, learn more and find new opportunities and rewards. In addition to this to take risk help students to find solutions, to challenge , to take decisions and evaluate the risk. By taking responsible risk you can try new things constantly, find new adventures and you can have a feedback and action on it. When a student ask for help is taking a good risk and he is not thinking that he is less competent. Another perspective on this is student can have advise and guidance from teachers or colleagues. Risk can be good , bag and beautiful. Taking beautiful risk students take action and have a positive contribution for learning.

However not all students take risk. This students miss opportunities to receive feedback on their skills and strategies to increase their knowledge and improve their skills. This is the biggest reason to do not find a success. The fear to fail inhibe them to engage in intellectual risk. Sometimes the students are thinking if their answer is correct or not and do not take the risk to ask teachers to don’t look like they are less competent. They prefer to search by themselves and maybe they can not find the answer. Like that they miss the opportunity to find quickly what they want to know , losing time to do research.

Even in school, now , teachers prepare young people that is important to take a risk to can build your trust, your confidence, to develop skills of reflection and judgement because this is helpful for their future. Students need to learn how to take risk and reward to take the best decision . This is a part of learning and progression.

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“Risk! Risk anything! Care no more of the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest think on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth! “ K. Mansfield This proves that is important for students to take risk.

2. Additional habits for successful students.

Time management

Time management is an important skill for students to master. “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focus effort “ in P.J. Meyer view. Firstly a good time management help students to prioritize task. By planning time , students are able to finish their assignment in time or staying on track and organized during the exam period. Students need to plan ahead, to set time that they need for assignment and use this time better. Secondly advantage of a good time management is that students become more confident , learn effectively and avoid procrastination problem.

It is also important for students to know how to study. SQ3R is it a method of reading developed to help students to read faster and study better , to absorb information and to fix it in mind . This concept presents five essential techniques to use it for reading : survey , questions , read , recite and review. Survey means to go quickly on the chapter to have some background about topics and to pick up the general information . The second technique help to make students curious and increase comprehension by turning the heading in a question. The third one is read , concentrate to find out the answer and to identify the main idea and take notes. Next one ,recite loud in your words what you read and the last one is review , look after notes to find out important information after finish reading one chapter.

In C. Paine view “ If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes “. Students need to use some tips to master time management : create a a schedule time, understand how to use time, set goals to check progress, break large projects in small one , take breaks, build better habits and routines, optimise study time, find a suitable study place. This provides that is important for successful students to know how to manage their time.

Study plan

Create a study plan is it important habit for successful students. Firstly , getting organized engage students to study by making a learning plan. Secondly, is it useful for student to have a study plan because this help them to finish assignment in time or to finish their learning for exams and to be concentrate at what it needs to be done. And finally, students get organized with study , work , family and social life. For online lessons is it also important to have a study plan because the students should be self-discipline and they need to have self-determination to complete their study. Students need to personalized they study plan according to their knowledge , , specific needs , classes and learning style. In the word of D. Carnegie “ Am hour of planning can save ten hours of doing “.

It is also important to consider some tips to create a study plan. Plan schedule to have enough time to finish you assignment in time . Schedule weekly plan to cover all the material for study . Analyse personal study habits and learning because some students can study for long blocks and another one are more effective when they are studying for 30-45 minutes and take some breaks to refresh the brain. As well create a daily schedule for studying. Evaluate how much time is necessary for commitment: studies, review, classes and allocate time for work, family, social life. Take notes and review notes regularly help students to improve their memory and ask questions is the best way to learn better. Study zone should be a quiet environment , to be clean and without unnecessary things to distract attention . In R Collier view “ Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out’ . This evidence demonstrate that is it important that students to have a study plan.

Mental health and wellbeing

To be successful in university students need to put effort to keep themselves healthy. Research shown that is very important for students to have a healthy diet and to do regular exercises because both are interrelate and bring a lot of benefits for students to succeed. In the word of Keyes , 2002 achieving life balance as “flourishing “ and this will bring a lot of advantages to students: getting involved in activities, building strategies to help , manage and reduce stress, taking care of health, setting goals. It is also important to consider to plan time for wellness by monitoring nutrition and monitoring physical activities . Exercises increased energy and focus by pumping oxygen to the brain and students have a higher academic performance ( better perform class participation , higher test score ,improve the quality of study time , improve mental focus, decrease stress) .

In addition with this health food has a big impact on students performance. It is important to drink a lot of water and to have a healthy nutrition to optimise brain function. This improve mental focus and quality of study time. Because students make effort to master they spend a lot of time studying they need to be able to focus and this depend on their physical and mental health. Negative effects of not eating healthy: increase weight, increase fatigue, difficulty concentrating, risk of depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, poor academic performance. This proves that is important for students to make time for exercise , to have healthy meals and sleep at least 8 hours per night.

Taking notes

To be successful at university students need to take notes. For this students go prepare for class, pay attention and concentrate to can focus at the lesson. It is also important to improve their listening skills to don’t write down all the lesson, just essential notes and focus on the main points that lecturer make . Good notes taking are helpful for students in-class because help them to focus and better understand the main concepts and because improve active listening, comprehension and retention. Post-class benefits of taking notes : save the time to study class material and can create a great resource for creating outline and study. In the word of Pyle (1992) spending more time on scribbling than watching defeat the purpose. This prove that students should be selective when they are taking notes.

There are few methods to take notes and every student should use the one who is suitable for them. The first one Outline method is about taking notes using bullets, phrases to can be accessed easier after class. Second one is Mapping Method and the main topic is write in the middle and subtopics around . The third one ,Charting Method, uses columns for different topics. Fourth one , Sentences Method , uses sentences to organize main idea with headings. The last one, Cornell Method use one column in right to write notes , another one for questions and at the bottom one to summarise the main points of the notes. Every method for taking notes has advantages disadvantage and that way is it important that every student to find the best one . Taking notes is an essential habit for students to succeed in university.

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