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Analytical Essay on Teenage Suicide: Literature Review

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Teenagers, youngsters, or adolescent suicide is known to be among the dominating reason for death among youth globally and is the main reason for preventable death for all ages (Gallagher & Miller, 2018). Major difficulties that continue to be understood are enhancing descriptions related to various phenotypes of teenager suicidal behaviour that may lead them to take this step. In the current article, we have endeavoured to summarize the concept of teenager suicide with the help of relevant literature and by exploring different theoretical models that surround both intrapsychic and environmental factors that might have varied the developmental trajectory of individuals with that teenager suicide. Moreover, this article provides the connection of empirical findings with actual life experiences and a brief reflection of how the study guided the research design which resulted in a confirmation of one kind of etiological factor related to teenage suicide.

Literature Review

Suicide is a form of demise when a person dies on purpose. There are hundreds of people who die on regular basis due to disease and accidents but suicide is considered to be one of the major leading reasons for death nowadays especially in teenagers and adolescence age (Parkhurst, et al., 2016). There could be numerous circumstances that led a young person to commit suicide mainly due to irresistible hopelessness or frustration which makes them devastating to the community, friends, and family. According to a study conducted by Lamis (2015), explained that it can be seriously difficult to recall how it felt to be a teenager and being u luckily caught in that dark area between the time of our adulthood and childhood. Certainly, teenage is a period of great possibility, but it furthermore can be a period of worry and stressful life. It has been surveyed the teenage period has ultimate stress and pressure to match in socially, to accomplish better academic goals in this time, and to behave responsibly for upcoming events of life (Stanley, et al. 2016). As note by Turecki (2016), teenage is moreover a period of developing sexual identity and connections with a serious need for liberation that frequently conflicts with the expectations and rules generated by others which interrupted the teenage period for many.

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More circumstances directly affect teenage life which governs them to take some disastrous steps of suicide. As explained by Eddleston (2020), there are some noticeable issues with teenagers, for instance, they encounter unwanted mental health problems like depression and anxiety and more worst problems like insomnia or bipolar thoughts. Some teenager has to face numerous difficulties with their relations like having issues with their personal love life, or going through a family separation, parents divorce, or unwanted financial problems, and being bullied at schools, all these situations bring a greater risk for them to think about suicide. In a recent study by Gallagher & Miller, (2018) the suicide deaths especially among the youth and teenagers are trending high, with an alarming abundance of children who are even younger than 13 years of age committing suicide every year. Suicide-relevant statistics, frequently under-reported and incompatible across jurisdictions, restrict both international and national comparisons and evaluate to great quality, current data to inform policies and interventions. Moreover, they glimpsed at interchanges between risk and protective factors both of which are associated with suicide results to educate people about one of the ecological models proposed by them for the resilience of suicidal consequences in teenagers. This type of suicide is now leading towards a major worldwide dilemma. Noted rates for teenage suicide attempts are much more in the developed countries which have concluded it to be one of the serious public health issues for future generations.

As stated by Rezaeian (2018), in contribution to the considerable public health issue of teenage suicide, the World Health Organization (WHO) circulated ‘Preventing Suicide: A Global imperative’ (2014), this provides few actionable steps concerning formulating a wide-ranging multispectral method for the prevention of teenage suicide. This prevention was considered to reduce the suicide rate up to 10% by the end of 2022 (McLoughlin, et Al., 2015). For younger children and adolescents suicide proceeds to be a directing reason of mortality all over the globe and continues a main public heal concern for all. The highest prevalence of adolescent suicide for genders is noted in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia while it is the next leading reason of mortality for people in the USA especially for teenagers of ages 15 and 19 years. Youth suicide percentages were identified to decrease considerably during this interval in 2014 when the review revises the field of teenage suicide exploration with a limited emphasis on current epidemiological trends by age, ethics, and gender.Â

Moreover in the study by Smith (2012), there is a useful strategy of theoretical typologies in producing new hypotheses respecting suicide prevention and risk. But there is no single typological model that comprehends every teenage suicide; relatively, typologies work as a beginning point for the teenager’s suicide-related risk assessment and strategies of prevention, and extra models of suicide might be formulated for specific-risk groups to notify following targeted interventions and preventive efforts. The author also recommends that future research must be structured on previous empirical and theoretical models to delineate the topologies related to teenage suicide.

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