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Analytical Essay on The 26th Amendment

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“If we are old enough to fight then we should be old enough to vote” was a popular slogan during March 23rd, 1971 through July 7th 1971. This slogan gained popularity for the right to vote at 18 years old. The Constitutions 26th amendment has a very interesting origin, views, and the effect is outstanding.

The origin of the 26th amendment started in the 1950’s during the Vietnam War and people were being drafted to serve their nation. People as young as 18 had to serve their nation. 18 years old wanted change to the Constitution. They wanted to vote at age 18 because they thought if they could fight then they could vote. People started peaceful protest to make change the election and Constitution. Also their were court cases for the 26th amendment. Than In July 7th 1971, The 16th amendment was added to the Constitution.

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The 16th amendment in the Constitution allowed 18 years old the right to vote. Now 18 years old could vote. 18 year olds have a american right! 18 year now could fight for their nation and vote. Over the years 18 - 21 years old were voting more.

Now the result of this amendment led young voters vote more and more over the presidential elections. According to this graph by Pew Research Center the young voters have affected the elections by a tremendous amount. In 2008 we have seen the biggest voting gap between young voters and old voters. About 66% of 18-29 years old voted for Obama, and 45% of 65+ years old have voted for Obama too. Not only that young voters have voted more in 1972, 1976, 1984, 1996, 2004, 2008, and 2012. The 16th amendment In the Constitution have made a enormous impact.

The 16th amendment in the Constitution has/is had a interesting origin, meaning, and analysis. Giving young people the right to vote at 18 years old. These people had to fight for their right and nation to vote and as a result they got the right. Think about what would happen if the 26th amendment was gone, think about how that would’ve impacted the elections?

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