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Analytical Essay on the Achievements of Han Dynasty

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The Han Dynasty was very important, the Hans made some very important functional inventions that helped them with their everyday things, some of which we still use today. The Han Dynasty was lived from 206 B.C. all the way to 220 A.D. The Han’s territory was double the size of the Qin’s territory and extended all the way to the edge of the Himalayan mountains. The person who started the Han Dynasty was Liu Bang. Liu Bang was born a peasant, he won out all of his rivals and in 202 B.C. he became emperor of china. After this he began the Han Dynasty, Liu started a civilization with very good government that wasn't strict and one that was easy to follow. Shi Huangdi's had a very strict government and Liu was against it so he made one that was easy to follow and not strict. Liu was a very strong ruler and participated greatly in overthrowing the Qin Dynasty. This very good lifestyle lasted many years until in 140 B.C. Liu Bang’s great-grandson Wudi took over as king. Wuidi started when he was 15 and ruled for about 50 years. Wudi’s name meant warrior, he was a warrior emperor and helped greatly in the battles. Wudi along with everything else made improvements to the great wall of china. Wudi passed away in 81 B.C. and it all just broke down from there, the government got weaker, and the society got weaker until a couple years later it all just became many different kingdoms. The Han Dynasty was very important and another achievement they had was all of their inventions.

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The Hans had many achievements and a lot of inventions but only some of which we use in the modern world. The biggest and most useful invention was paper. Paper was made out of thin wood pulp and the hans would carve it to write. Another Han invention is the wheel barrel. The design of the wheel barrel has not changed and the purpose has not changed although the design has gotten a lot simpilar and they are made out of metal now to make them more sturdy. Hans created one of the most used things in the modern day which is medicine. Medicine is very important because you take it when you are sick and it is very common to be sick. Most medicine is still made the same way you just mash up herbs and a bunch of other things and then mix it up and wala you have medicine. Hans also made a container to hold the medicine made out of carved wood. An invention that the hans had was the compass. The compass had the same function but I don’t think the had magnets but they still used it for the same purpose. The adjustable wrench you wouldn’t think the Hans made but they did. They made the adjustable wrench, they had the design but it wasn’t used for the same reason. The wrench was used for measuring instead of loosening and tightening drill bits. Also, it was made out of wood. The improvements from then to now is now it is way more sturdy and it is made out of metal. In late Han times, the suspension bridge came to be. The suspension bridge was used for farming to bring tools and grain across. It was made out of thick wood that floated. One of a more durable inventions Hans had was the rudder. The rudder was made out of iron and helped steer ships for fishing.

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