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Analytical Essay on the Beauty Norms: Perception of Model’s Body Image

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The ideal of feminine beauty is the socially built notion that physical attraction is one of the most important assets of women and something that all women should strive to achieve and maintain.That being said, beauty standards are set by the society; unwittingly, many of us tend to judge women’s beauty mainly from their physical appearance. Moreover, the Ideal beauty is an entity admired, or possessed traits attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection. In our own society, and others that are considered well developed, the standards have changed over the years. There was a time in our country, for example, when the standard of beauty for women was a larger body size than it is today. Ninety percent of women and young girls do not feel represented in the fashion industry or media, and the imagery they consume on a daily basis makes them feel disgusting and less than. The movie “Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image” examines the industries and obstacles responsible for this body image crisis and showcases the dynamic leaders fighting for more diversity of size, race and age. The film lets viewers see the truth behind the beautiful pictures magazines or tv show in the fashion industry, and also how actually affected the women and young girls generation nowadays.

The Straight/Curve provides an empowering look into how to make real change in model magazines or tv show in the fashion industry, due to these changes can have lasting effects on how women and girls see themselves. In the fashion industry, shows and news about celebrities are often doctored and crafted to get a high number of views, so in order to get a numerous views the productions have to carefully in editing create perfect model. However, the perfection of model in the internet affect experience a disconnect between model’s body image and the reality of their shape and size. The bigger the gap between what they think they look like and what they actually look like, the more likely the viewer struggle with a negative body image. This negative perception of themselves can affect our behavior and hold them back from social interaction and feelings of security and happiness. Some want smaller thighs, bigger breasts, or flatter stomachs. Women use celebrities and socialites as their role models. According Cedar Crest College in the movie : “In a time when our students are spending more time with media than ever before, it is crucial that they redefine beauty and reject the unrealistic standards of perfection. Straight/Curve begins this redefinition by taking a critical look at the narrow definition of beauty in the fashion industry.

Viewers will leave this film feeling energized to look at themselves and the mediated world around them differently and the impenetrable fashion industry may also join in critically reassessing its values” (Cedar Crest College). Students are people who are easily affected by negative effects on the internet without awareness about the real social, and it is hard to define the real life totally different from what they see in the internet, following their role model and let that be the women’s goal. It’s not just traditional media that places teens under pressure to be thin and beautiful. Social media issue in the movie perhaps have an even more powerful effect on your teen’s body image. The problem is, a “perfect” body doesn’t really exist, at least not in the way it is defined in the media. Photos are often edited to make models thinner or to enhance their features. So, chasing the “perfect” body can end only in disappointment. This leads to poor self-esteem, which can impact all other aspects of life. As a result the women with an extremely negative body image often become obsessed with parts of their body they dislike. This obsession leads to eating disorders, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders that greatly affect a person’s health and quality of life. The pressure to be thin. Research in the movie has linked the exposure of images of underweight air-brushed female bodies to unhealthy eating habits and decreased self-esteem,so poor body image can lead to even more serious consequences. For instance a 2009 study Overweight status, self-perception found that girls who were unhappy with their appearance were at a significantly higher risk for suicide.( Dhaval Dave)

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The norm beauty does not only affect the young girl and women in social, it also create pressure on the model in model magazines or tv show in the fashion industry. “Fashion models are presented to the world as the perfect images of beauty and glamor, the very standard to which every woman should aspire.” (Zainab Salbi). Excessive editing has made the models far different from what they are, perhaps they will receive people’s criticism or cruel comment for their shape, size, colour, height. In the real life, social influence in model magazine refers to the way in which individuals change their body image to meet the demands of a social environment. In the movie, the model appearance-related social pressure plays an important role in the development of a negative body image and self-esteem as well as severe mental disorders during their job. Fashion models indulge in the pressure of public opinion on their appearance that is far from reality. There is perhaps no pressure discussed and scrutinized more than the pressure on models to maintain or lose weight. Many well-known fashion models appear unhealthily thin, and super-skinny models are in high demand from clothing designers, who often feel that having a thin model who won’t fill out the clothes allows for a better presentation and focus on the clothing itself. The pressure for models to keep their sizes down as low as possible can extend to others as well. The modeling industry is often singled out by those concerned with the rates of eating disorders, and the distorted body image many young girls have. Models’ overall looks are constantly under heavy scrutiny. While models of all ethnicities and facial features can be found on the runway and in advertisements, some agencies and designers have specific features in mind, and many models feel pressured to keep a youthful look.

At the end the movie which have a good ending the most I was actually interesting, There’s a whole movement towards curvy-girl confidence and feeling great about the size, shape, and skin colour after they saw their real pictures in prohibition. Being proud of your body is one thing, but being comfortable and confident enough to publicly show that was the satisfied of model big size in the fashion industry. Moreover, the women and young girl in the movie are openly loving their bodies for what they do for them to make they confidence and happy and how they look without the fear of being judged by another. They realize When they take care of themselves, whether their body physically changes or not, their outlook on life is renewed. They are looking through a different lens because they decided to more love themselves .While we all may have our days when we feel awkward or uncomfortable in our bodies, the key to developing positive body image is to recognize and respect our natural shape and learn to overpower those negative thoughts and feelings with positive, affirming, and accepting ones. Although both men and women experience body image issues, women are more likely to admit negative self-perception.

The Straight/Curve have a strong support to motivate people’s awareness about beauty norms, especially the young girls and women have changed the outlook after understanding the real-life fashion industry. The special meaning of the film conveyed theme to all ages, genders, and cultures are equally at risk for body image issues, there are traditionally different triggers and appearance-related pressures depending on one’s gender. The body positive movement is making great strides to promote size diversity, body acceptance, and a healthier body image for all ages, genders, races, abilities, etc. It is important that we continue to embrace body diversity by recognizing all bodies as good bodies.

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