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Analytical Essay on the Industrial Revolution: Causes and Lasting Effects

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During the IR there were several developments in which caused work to shift from an agriculture based society to manufacturing and producing goods this change had short term and long term effects on society. The industrial revolution began in the 18th century within England. The revolution impacted how goods specifically clothing and fabrics were produced.

The most important cause of the industrial revolution was rapid increase of new inventions specifically innovations in textiles, one of the first being the flying shuttle in 1733 this device enabled one weaver to make a width of cloth it had previously taken two to make. (Cited in intriguing history 4/09/19) the spinning jenny which was patented by James Hargreaves followed this greatly increased the amount of production of cloth however the yarn which was produced was not strong enough so more development was needed. Because of the innovations the technology was no longer able to be held within smaller buildings and were moved into larger factories often found near rivers close to urban areas this caused workers to be needed and led to urbanisation Work in the industrial revolution began to evolve more around textiles within urban areas. People who originally lived in smaller rural communities which was most people, quickly began to move to cities for work. This change had a massive impact on society with 80% of people moving from rural areas to bigger cities this caused living to be cramped and unhygienic. And started the trend of majority of the population to begin living within urban areas today.

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Before the industrial revolution Britain was mainly a rural based society with both women and children of the families staying at home doing spinning and weaving. This was changed because of the industrial revolution and more and more jobs being created due to innovations within textiles and other factory type production the introduction of machinery caused many new jobs for not only the father of the families which was done traditionally but gave opportunity for other members of the families such as the wife and children. Sometimes however because of the increasing demand for production and the sudden increase of population it led to longer periods of working hours for children. But this was changed when an act was passed restricting the working hours for children. The IR also got rid of other jobs. Skilled workers which included handloom weavers and craftsman were replaced.

The industrial revolution had lasting effects on society both short and long term this specifically impacted manufacturing and food production explicitly within the clothing and fabric industry. This set the trend of factory work within urban areas which caused majority of the population to move to cities and led to mass urbanisation this caused poor hygiene and disease.

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